What does plastic injection mold design checking list include?

A) Mold Assembly Design Checking
01) distance between tie bars
02) insulation plates
03) mount mold on injection machine (total, cavity and core side separate)
04) locating ring cavity and core side (Ø)
05) guide pillar longer than inserts
06) enough support pillar for B plate
07) machine: opening width, enough movement ejector package possible
08) mold marking
09) mold label
10) how many […]

What is the SPI 101 Class Mold?

Mold life is one million or more than one million shots. It is the SPI-SPE standard, long time running mold with the highest quality steel and treatment.

Mold General Specs
1, Need detailed mold design for assembly and parts drawings.
2, The lowest hardness of moldbase material is 280 HB. (DME # 2 / 4140).
3, The cavity […]

What are the Advantages of Outsourcing Your Plastic Injection Molding Projects from Kemal?

A complete team of experts is needed to produce customized plastic parts with high quality, fast delivery, and competitive price. There will be many problems in internal production, and the efficiency is very inefficient. The actual production process is much more complicated than we see on the surface. And a lot of time, labor, […]