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At Kemal, our dedicated team of creative, strategic, and engineering experts is ready to take on your mission-critical projects in the most efficient ways. From prototyping to productions, we’re leading the rapid prototyping revolution.

Professional. Passionate. Persevering.

We are a team of creative professionals who come to work every day dedicated to helping you reach your business goals. With vast experience, expertise, and skills, we adopt the right processes to meet your rapid prototyping, mold manufacturing, plastic injection molding, CNC machining, and contract manufacturing needs.

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International Team

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International Team


Jason Lee-Mold-Manufacturer-Plastic-Injection-molding

Jason Lee

CEO & Founder of Kemal

Jason Lee delivers premium precision machining with a vast experience in various manufacturing needs, from prototyping to mass production. His expertise in complex geometrics, high aesthetic demands, and experience in advanced technologies allows him to deliver various on-demand manufacturing services.

I myself never do what is easy to do. So does Kemal. Do the hard work instead so we build our unique edge and no one else could ever compete against us.

Rita Woo


Kemal delivers high-quality precision machining with an incredible range of manufacturing capabilities. From prototyping to mass production, we help manufacture products with complex geometries and high aesthetic demands. Our skilled experts and advanced technologies allow us to deliver an extensive range of on-demand manufacturing services.

We see flaws that may not be seen with the naked eye, which moves us to take the extra mile in preventing this from happening again.

Meet The Team Behind

Jason Lee


Treat everyone as a perfect score. Rely on self-driven today, to embrace a better tomorrow

“God helps those who help themselves”


Rita Woo


Strong team worker and Excellent organization ability,I believe that I can bring the greatest benefit to my clients through my profession.

Maxine Gan--Mold-Manufacturer-Plastic-Injection-molding

Maxine Gan

Marketing Manager

Dream what you want to dream, go where you want to go, and be what you want to be because you have only one life and one chance to do all the things you want to do.

Henry Li

Program Manager

It has been five years since I came to this company. From school to work, I have studied and grown a lot in Kemal. It’s just the saying that “Knowing something of everything and everything of something”.I believe I will go further and further in this career

Jack Zhang

Jack Zhang

Project Manager

Honesty is my best policy,I believe no gains without pains and heaven never helps the man who will no act.

Gary Liao-Mold-Manufacturer-Plastic-Injection-molding

Gary Liao

Engineering Manager

Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood.

Alex Woo

Manufacturing Manager

When all doors are shut and you have nowhere to go, that is when you go within. Every crisis is an opportunity and you are the beginning.

Perry Peng-Mold-Manufacturer-Plastic-Injection-molding

Perry Peng

Injection Molding Manager

In the foreign trade industry for a year and a half. Meet so many customers from many different countries, enjoy the conversation. For foreign trade, only never give up will have hope, “fill the heart with hope, will be invincible.”

Leslie Liu-Mold-Manufacturer-Plastic-Injection-molding

Leslie Liu

Senior Technical Engineer

Surround me with people who challenge me, teach me, and push me to be my best self.

Linda You-Mold-Manufacturer-Plastic-Injection-molding

Linda You

Sales Manager

Surround me with people who challenge me, teach me, and push me to be my best self.

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