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Automotive manufacturers can expect several benefits that can bolster business and increase profit margins when working with us.

Competitive Prices

You get superior-quality auto parts at a competitive price without compromising on quality. We manufacture parts from rapid prototypes to bulk automotive parts manufacturing and analyze your auto parts using state-of-the-art processes. You get your concert into life with a 50% reduce lead time.

Streamlined Production

Our streamlined production provides auto parts using the fastest manufacturing sources for accelerating market demand. Our wide range of auto parts and manufacturing capabilities enables our customers to scale from 3D printing automotive parts to CNC machining Automotive parts with us. We have quality services for all stages of production.

Fast Cycle Time & Design Freedom

You can get automotive parts with fast cycle time and get design freedom. Our CNC machining automotive parts fulfills the most challenging demand in the industry. We instantly provide customer support and answer your queries, ensuring fast cycle time as soon as possible. Kemal experts and the latest technology deliver automotive parts with more design freedom and tight precision.

Professional Support

We offer professional support 24 hours and our after-sale services make us the best partner for your business. Our customer help center is always eager to assist you in any trouble and ensure the satisfaction of our valued clients. Our expertise employs the best and latest practices to meet international standards.

Industry Leading Quality

We provide high-quality, precise and ensure every automotive part meets the customer’s demand. You get your products as per your desired dimensions and perform excellently.   Kemal offers high-quality and top-notch CNC machining Automotive parts regardless of design complexity or material usage.

Worry-free After-sales Service.

Kemal takes responsibility for the quality of each mold. That extends as far as signing a mold quality warranty with customers for each tool.

Prototyping and Production Solutions for Automotive Industry

The production of prototypes and their testing is essential to check the functionality and performance of the final automotive components. Here are the main prototyping and production solutions for the automotive industry.


Automotive prototypes are the main important components of the whole automotive engineering technique. These prototypes help the engineers manufacture the final products that fulfill the requirements. The manufacturers can determine the possible number of errors, materials, functionality, and structure, through these prototypes. Above all, it is beneficial for testing the safety of the final vehicles.

Engineering Validation and Testing (EVT)

After the production of the automotive prototype, it undergoes engineering validation and testing. It is performed to check whether it meets all the specifications and requirements for the final automotive component. It also determines whether or not it can fulfill all the objectives and needs of the users. If it meets all requirements, changes can be made to produce the final product on time and save money.

Design Validation and Testing (DVT)

Design validation and testing is a series of testing processes. It is performed to ensure that the prototype matches the design and features of the final automotive component. This testing uses various surface finishing treatments and materials to validate and evaluate the component’s performance, appearance, and function.

Production Validation and Testing (PVT)

Production Validation and Testing is the last testing stage before initializing the mass production. During this testing, advanced manufacturing and quality control capabilities are utilized to prepare the design of automotive components to manufacture on a large scale.

Mass Production

After testing, the final automotive components are manufactured on a large scale. Large quantities of similar components are manufactured in simultaneous batches. Thus, it not only reduces production time but also saves money. All the final products must have greater accuracy and precision to make them ready to deliver to the customers.

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Right Materials for Automotive Product Development

You get an unlimited choice of materials to make Aerospace components. We manufacture automotive parts utilizing a wide range of materials. Here are some common materials used to manufacture durable aerospace parts.



Aluminum alloys are an excellent choice for manufacturing components in the automotive industry due to their higher strength-to-weight ratio. It is commonly utilized in large crush zones of various vehicles, which helps enhance their performance and safety. Aluminum alloys are also recyclable because automotive sheets manufactured with Aluminum can be recycled after their useful lifespan.



Copper is a strong and rigid metal extensively used in automotive industries.    It offers high ductility and malleability, vital for the excellent functioning of automotive parts. It shows higher corrosion resistance, ensuring the durability of components.


Titanium Alloys

Titanium alloys show vast applications in the automotive industry, exhibiting greater strength and low density. They offer corrosion-resistant properties and manufacture parts that remain unaffected by the adverse effects of corrosion. It helps increase the efficiency of vehicles by reducing fuel consumption.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

The excellent properties of stainless steel make them ideal for automotive manufacturing components. It is a very strong and hard metal that prevents the breakage or bending of the manufactured parts. It has high durability because of its high strength-to-weight ratio.



Several properties of magnesium make it a fantastic option in the aerospace world. The main benefit of magnesium is its lighter weight. Due to its lightweight nature, it is extensively used for manufacturing various components. It is a stiff metal with higher strength that protects components from breakage.



Thermoplastic is an absolute metal offering a wide range of applications in the automotive industry. This durable metal is highly resistant to chemicals. It provides greater flexibility and can be easily moldable. It is environmentally friendly and can be recyclable.



The central fact that makes nylon a perfect option for manufacturing automotive parts is it costs less. It is less expensive than the other metals and can be used to manufacture various valuable components. It is a very strong metal having good strength. 


PC (Polycarbonate)

Polycarbonate (PC) is a thermoplastic with high toughness, excellent impact strength and good machinability. Can be optically transparent.

Applications of CNC Machines in the Automotive Industry.

CNC machines are bringing major changes in the automotive industry by manufacturing high-quality, precision automotive components. These parts exhibit greater accuracy and meet the requirements for outstanding performance.


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Custom Parts for Automotive Industry

Over the years, Kemal has been working with automotive brands in building auto parts, prototypes, and low-volume production of vehicle products. We have designers and engineers utilize quick-turn manufacturing and automated DFM feedback to achieve an optimized design that mitigates the risks and expenses of manufacturing. Kemal can further enhance your capabilities in responding to market changes with our mature supply chain.

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