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At Kemal, our team of skilled engineers is committed to delivering the best custom-made, creative, high-quality prototypes, mold manufacturing, injection molded parts, and CNC machining for your needs.

We Make New Things Possible

Our founders launched Kemal in 1995 with one clear goal: to provide startups and established businesses with customized, high-quality parts on demand. From molding to prototyping, 3D printing, and CNC machining, we make premium-quality designs accessible and streamline your production processes from start to finish.

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Our Vision

As a reliable paradigm and parts manufacturer, we aim to become the most sought-after online manufacturing company for product designers and engineers worldwide.

Kemal Factory

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the production of designs efficient with innovative digital manufacturing solutions. We want to facilitate product accessibility and offer seamless manufacturing services to our clients.

Why Choose Kemal

Equipped with the production capabilities and manufacturing experience that global brands need, we want to give clients the necessary leverage to produce industry-defining products.


Our proprietary instant quoting system delivers accurate quotes within seconds, while our streamlined production ensures that your custom parts are available when you need them.


As your partner in fulfilling your global market demands, we also offer professional technical support that you and your customers can rely on.


Quality in production and service is at the forefront. Securing an ISO 9001:2015 certification, we ensure quality products from start to end.

Highly-Equipped Manufacturing Workshops

Our cutting-edge, first-class services guarantee exceptional all-in-one solutions for your prototyping, injection molding ,CNC machining, and 3D printing needs. All production processes are operated in our self-owned factories, enabling us to provide highly monitored procedures for quality products. We also partner with trusted suppliers for readily available premium-quality materials.

Our Milestone

We are changing the way digital manufacturing works with our innovative solutions. Here’s how we’ve made an impact in the last 30 years.

1995-Passionate Beginnings

Kemal was launched by our founder, Jason. We started as a small mold-making workshop in Hong Kong, China, and expanded to be among the leading digital manufacturing companies today.

2000-Learning from Setback

In our experience, we realized that having a design that stands out to thrive in an ever-competitive market is critical because offering the same designs as other companies have drawbacks. We learned from our setbacks and created a clear positioning that distinguished us from the rest.

2005-Bouncing Back from Setback

As Kemal’s domestic plastic mold manufacturing grew, the company experienced a notable boost, leading to the establishment of Shenzhen Kemal Precision Mould Co., Ltd.

2006-Growth and Expansion

Kemal has been making plastic and injection molding for customers globally for ten years and got approved by ISO9000.

2008-Expansion Continues

We established our USA office and equipped it with an ISO cleanroom for medical service injection molding.

2015-Growing the Team

We occupied up to 6500 square meters, with over 180 staff consisting of 30 experienced engineers and 80 skilled tool makers. We also adopted HASCO, DME, and LKM standards based on our customers’ requirements.

2022-Rapid Growth

With over 28 years of experience, Kemal has long-term business cooperation with customers from Germany, the USA, the UK, France, Israel, Iran, Australia, Canada, Russia, and 80 other countries.

Meet Our Leadership Team

We are a team of skilled and passionate professionals committed to serving you. With over 30 years of experience in rapid prototyping, mold manufacturing,injection molding and CNC machining, our leadership team has all it takes to help you achieve your prototyping, 3D printing, and CNC machining goals.

Kemal Sales Team

Smooth Communication

We provide regular updates and responsive feedback from pre-production to post-production. We thrive on clear, empathetic communication that ensures your needs are met.

Kemal Team

High Efficiency

We are always available to provide efficient production services, saving you time and cost while delivering the best results.

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Our engineers and project leads have the technical know-how to handle and provide the best result for your prototyping, mold manufacturing , and injection molding needs.

Meet Our Professional Team

We are a team of creative professionals who come to work every day dedicated to helping you reach your business goals. With vast experience, expertise, and skills, we adopt the right processes to meet your rapid prototyping and contract manufacturing needs.

Jason Lee


Jason Lee-Technical Manager

Jack Zhang

Project Team

Jack Zhang-Project Manager

Gary Liao-Mold-Manufacturer-Plastic-Injection-molding

Engineering Manager

Gary Liao-Engineering Manager

Mold making


Rita-Financial Manager


Manufacturing Team

Alex-MFG Manager

Maxine Gan--Mold-Manufacturer-Plastic-Injection-molding

Marketing Team

Maxine Gan-Marketing Manager

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See how the experts at Kemal take on the challenges presented by each project and how we use our production capabilities to overcome them.

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