Low-Volume Manufacturing

Low volume manufacturing for custom parts from prototype to production. Timely delivery of premium quality components at an amazingly affordable price. Enhance low energy and fast timing during the various stages of low volume production.

On Demand, On Time Manufacturing for You

Kemal got you covered on all low volume manufacturing needs. Based on our years of experience and expertise, we will efficiently execute all your projects concerning low volume production. Thanks to an unlimited supply chain network of workshops for different manufacturing techniques, you can rest assured that you’re getting the fastest delivery of the best products at an amazing wholesale price. Moreover, our experienced engineers and experts will proffer the best solutions and design modification suggestions to ensure you have the finest end product.

Fast and precise CNC machining through the use of state-of-the-art 3-axis and 5-axis equipment and lathes.

Custom injection molding service for the manufacturing of competitive pricing, high-quality plastic prototyping and production parts in a fast lead time.

From an assortment of cutting tools to different fabrication equipment, we can produce large volumes of fabricated sheet metal.
Utilizing sets of modern 3D printers and various secondary processes, we effectively turn your design into tangible products.
Our selection of surface finishing options like polishing, powder coating, and painting ensures that we handle all your production needs under one roof.
Our selection of surface finishing options like polishing, powder coating, and painting ensures that we handle all your production needs under one roof.

Why Choose Us for Low Volume Production

We offer the best low volume manufacturing services for various production parts. Ensure the timely delivery of the best quality and high-value recommendations and professional advice from our team of experts.

Instant Quotation and Automated DFM Analysis

Thanks to our new and advanced quotation platform , you instantly get your quotation and DFM analysis. The updated machine learning algorithm process tons of information in a short period and gives us all the needed information about your orders.

Consistent High Quality

We use high-quality input materials and maintain a high level of process stability to ensure reproducibility. We strive for continuous improvement to improve our manufacturing of goods, processes, and delivery capability.

Strong Manufacturing Capabilities

To meet your low volume production needs, we provide and support extensive manufacturing capabilities. For low volume CNC machining, injection molding, 3D printing, and other services, our goal is to bring your prototypes or parts to life in best possible way.

Fast Lead Time

We have a state-of-the-art in-house production supply chain and staff strength that helps us meet and exceed your expectations on delivery time and quantity. We ensure that all our deliveries are within schedule.

Established Supply Chain System

Our leading suppliers help us receive materials for consistent production while ensuring every product is at affordable costs.

24/7 Engineering Support

Our team of refined and experienced experts is always available for professional advice and recommendation on your orders, improvements, and preferences.

Our Low-volume Manufacturing Capabilities

First Article Inspection

On request, we also offer a first article inspection for low-volume orders that exceed a price of 5000 USD or 50 units.
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Offer first article inspection
We offer first article inspection services for batch production.
Draft contract
We review on the project and contact customer for detail information.
Produce sample
We produce sample parts according to FAI agreement and deliver to you.
Full-scale production
The full-scale production starts and finishes production within lead time.
Request inspection
You request first article inspection for a project that meets our FAI requirements.
Sign contract
You sign the FAI agreement provided by us and agree on our Terms and Conditions.
Receive sample
You receive and examine the parts, inform us of full-scale production may begin.
Receive products
You receive your prototypes or production parts on the required lead time.

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A customer’s words have a more substantial impact than a company’s claims – and see what our satisfied customers have said regarding how we fulfilled their requirements.

Start Your Project in Simple Steps

From quotation to final production, acknowledge the seamless order process at Kemal. Our qualified team ensures you get your plastic molded parts within the provided lead times.

Low-Volume Manufacturing

Request Instant Quote

Order a set of prototypes through our online platform where you can send your designs that we can verify to be prepared for production in seconds.

Low-Volume Manufacturing

DFM Report

To execute the project feasibly, we provide a DFM report to review your design and identify any flaws and errors before starting the production process.

Low-Volume Manufacturing

Mold Design & MoldFlow

The predictive model process analyzes molten material behavior within the mold. The advanced mold flow analysis ensures high-quality and precise molded parts.

Low-Volume Manufacturing

Mold Tooling Production

We use preferred material for mold tooling production to provide premium-quality and tailored mold tooling that perfectly fits your application’s specifications.

Low-Volume Manufacturing

T1 Sample Inspection

We deliver T1 sampling for inspection and review before mass production. The process ensures error identification and precise manufacturing of the plastic part.

Low-Volume Manufacturing

Low Volume Production

Our manufacturing experts will get in touch within 24 hours with a quote, providing details and cost of production to give you peace of mind.

Low-Volume Manufacturing

Strict Inspection

At Kemal, we follow international tolerance standards and rigorous quality control inspection to meet the highest excellence and fulfill your provided specifications.

Low-Volume Manufacturing


With our efficient production and capable logistics, we help you get parts from our sets whenever you need, all at fixed prices. Feel free to request batch shipments of parts or set a fixed schedule.

Gallery of Low Volume Manufacturing Parts

Take a look at our previously developed production parts and get your inspiration on your low-volume manufacturing.

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