Rapid Prototyping and Production for Aerospace Parts Manufacturing

To iterate your rapid prototyping designs faster and manufacture complex and precise aerospace parts manufacturing, Kemal’s on-demand production has helped thousands of clients implement solutions for aerospace parts manufacturing.

Core Benefits for Selecting Kemal for Aerospace Parts Manufacturing

Kemal guarantees high-quality aerospace parts manufacturing at an affordable price. We understand the demand of the industry and make your job easy. Offering custom parts and fewer logistical hurdles make us an exceptional outsourcing choice.

Contact us for superior advantages at a friendly budget plan and bring your ideas into reality. Some main features which make us the best one are:

Strong Manufacturing Capabilities

We used advanced technologies and the latest methods to ensure accuracy and high-precision parts manufacturing. Kemal- a leading aerospace parts manufacturer, has strong manufacturing capabilities and a quality management system to provide excellent performance and accurate dimensional specifications.

ISO Certified Company

Kemal is an ISO 9001-certified and one of the leading aerospace parts manufacturing companies. We have extensive experience in aerospace parts manufacturing and provide various full-service products, making Kemal prominent in the aerospace industry.

Tight Tolerance Aerospace Parts

You can get custom aerospace parts with tight tolerance and high precision. Our special tooling, dimensional inspection, and high-quality standards are enough to maintain quality. The industries require a tight tolerance and high precision replies on Kemal for its parts manufacturing.

Successful Track Record

Kemal has a successful working track record to ensure you world-class services for aerospace parts manufacturing. With the completion of more than 20,000 projects globally, we have served various industries such as pharmaceutical, food processing, medical, automotive, consumer parts, and consumer electronics. We can only beat ourselves in quality and production management.

Fast Cycle Time & Instant Quotation

You can get instant quotes for your aerospace parts manufacturing and get your desired parts with a fast lead time. Our team of experts and in-house technologies make quick and fast delivery for all projects possible. Kemal provides aerospace parts with up to 50% reduced cycle time without considering the size of the project.

Worry-free After-sales Service.

Kemal takes responsibility for the quality of each mold. That extends as far as signing a mold quality warranty with customers for each tool.

CNC Machined Aerospace Turbo Engine Prototype

Kemal championed the rapid prototyping of a high-end complex aerospace engine with high tolerance requirements. Despite the strict part assembly demands and complicated turbo blade programming, Kemal’s 5-axis CNC machining capabilities created a turbo engine that meets all industry demands.

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All-in-one Solution for Aerospace Industry

Reliable solutions for new product development in the aerospace industry. Get expertly engineered custom prototypes and production parts with outstanding performance and durability. Our solutions span various production stages to meet your manufacturing goals.


Prototyping is a standard process in aerospace industries, used for designing a prototype that matches exactly the final aerospace component. It is mainly used to estimate changes in the component’s design. It is also done to evaluate the aerospace components using 3D visualizations. Moreover, it gives an idea about the quality of the model’s surface. This process allows the production of high-quality components in reduced time and without money wastage.

Engineering Validation and Testing (EVT)

Engineering validation tests are mainly done in the aerospace industry on the prototype designed to manufacture a final component. It is performed to ensure that the basic unit can achieve the design’s specifications and goals. In other words, it is done to ensure that the design fulfills all the requirements. EVT mainly includes:

Design Validation and Testing (DVT)

Design validation testing is mainly characterized by optimization and experimentation. This test acquires detailed product design information while going toward the first mass production line. It comprises the following testing area.

Production Validation and Testing (PVT)

Production validation and testing is the final and last phase. It is done right before the production of mass begins. It is characterized by fixing complex tooling. It means no more changes are made in the production mold or the product’s design.

Mass Production

Mass production is also designated as continuous production or flow production. The constant production of a significant amount of product marks this stage. The production is done utilizing either automation technology or assembly lines. It facilitates the manufacturing of massive quantities of similar final products.

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Aerospace Manufacturing Capabilities

Take advantage of our professional manufacturing services throughout the production cycle, from prototyping and design validation to functional testing and product launch. We deliver high-quality and precise flight-worthy components with fast turnaround and at low costs. With our quality control process, you can be sure of getting parts that meet your unique requirements.
Milling, turning and post-processing
Laser cutting, bending, post-processing
Prototypes and production tooling

Materials for Aerospace Components

Depending on the requirements of your aerospace parts, our machining processes are compatible with a wide range of materials. We have a long list of production-grade metal and composite materials that meet the demands of the aerospace industry. Check out some of the commonly used materials for aerospace components.



Aluminum alloy is an ideal material for manufacturing aerospace components due to its lightweight. It offers exceptional machinability, durability, and high flexibility, making it a perfect choice for aerospace industries.



Titanium alloy is known well as it exhibits low thermal expansion and greater specific strength. In addition, it is resistant to cryogenic embrittlement and heat. These properties make it perfect for manufacturing a wide range of aerospace parts. Besides these properties, titanium alloy possesses poor manufacturability.



Nickel alloy is an excellent material used for manufacturing aerospace components. Its excellent features and properties make it a perfect material to meet the component’s requirements. This alloy has greater hardness and admirable erosion, corrosion, and wear resistance.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel shows vast applications in the aerospace industry as it is resistant to high-temperature oxidation and corrosion. It is known for maintaining its mechanical properties, such as tensile strength under various temperatures.



POM is an engineering thermoplastic used in precision parts requiring high stiffness, low friction, and excellent dimensional stability.



ABS is a common thermoplastic with all-around good mechanical properties, excellent impact strength, good heat resistance and good machinability.



PMMA is a transparent rigid plastic often used as a substitute for glass.


PC (Polycarbonate)

Polycarbonate (PC) is a thermoplastic with high toughness, excellent impact strength and good machinability. Can be optically transparent.

Surface Finishing for Aerospace Parts

Get high-quality surface finishing for your aerospace components to improve the aesthetic qualities of your products. Our superior finishing services also improve the corrosion and wear resistance of these parts while improving their mechanical properties.

Linear pattern with uniform texture

Grainy texture that reduces machining marks

Wear-resistant, compatible with all metals

Dark, attractive matte finish

Uniform finish, with excellent resistance to wear

A glossy, corrosion-resistant finish ideal for cosmetic parts

Affordable anodizing option, improves wear and corrosion resistance

Uniform directional grain and glossy finish

Uniform matte finish, excellent wear and corrosion resistance

Thick, durable layer resistant to abrasion, corrosion, and chemical damage

Uniform directional pattern with a surface roughness of Ra 0.8 μm or Ra 32 μin

Thin, protective film that offers superior corrosion resistance and enhances adhesion

Aerospace Applications

Kemal aerospace parts can meet the need of a wide range of aerospace parts to perform unique applications. Our aerospace parts manufacturing skills and production capabilities help many companies accelerate manufacturing.

Aerospace Parts Manufacturing

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Custom Parts for Aerospace Industry

Brands and businesses in the aerospace industry rely on our manufacturing solutions for their unique requirements. From prototyping to mass production, we create parts that comply with industry performance and safety standards. Our extensive gallery shows precision-machined aerospace prototypes and production parts.

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