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Kemal have extensive manufacturing capabilities that let us meet various prototyping and contract manufacturing expectations. Our team adopts all the resources, tools, and strategies required to achieve your unique manufacturing needs.

Robust Support for Quality Products

At Kemal, we care about your satisfaction. This is why we harness our resources, experience, and expertise to produce the best quality designs for you. Our expert engineers have over 13 years of experience in design and the production of super-quality molds and are passionate about implementing their experience to ensure your product passes the quality test.

Here are the factors we consider to produce designs that meet the best-quality standards.


Custom Manufacturing On Demand

We create customized designs on demand to meet your specific needs. You can decide your desired manufacturing volume and other processes based on your goals.

Kemal Factory

Mold Manufacturing

We provide superior-quality injection molds based on our clients’ requirements. With high-speed plastic injection machines and innovative technology solutions, we offer the best resources to deliver premium mold manufacturing processes.

Finishing: 20+

Part Accurancy: 0.01mm

CNC Machining

Low Volume Manufacturing

We have a wide range of choices for low-batch manufacturing requirements. From vacuum casting to CNC machining, and plastic injection molding, you can choose the option that works best for you. Our low batch manufacturing capacity is between 20-500 with a lead time of 10 business days.

Capacity: 500+

Lead Time: 15 business days

Plastic Injection Molding

High Volume Manufacturing

Our resources and capabilities allow us to accommodate high-volume manufacturing, ranging from injection molding to sheet metal fabrication and other processes that fit your needs.

Capacity: 1000+

Lead Time: 25 business days

Quality Control Can be Witnessed Everywhere

Kemal takes pride in our strict quality control standards applied throughout each section of our production process. Our expert quality auditors pay close attention to detail, inspecting each product for inconsistencies.

IS09001:2015 Certified Factory

Our factory holds an ISO 9001-2015 certificate— a proof of our commitment to quality.

Strict Manufacturing Standard

Our facility complies with established manufacturing standards like the DIN-2768-fine and DIN-2768-medium to deliver premium-quality custom-made parts.

Well-vetted Suppliers

We work closely with reliable suppliers for high-quality materials.

Advanced Testing Facilities

We maximize our testing machines, including profile projectors, CMM, and 3D scanners, to scan materials and products to meet specific requirement standards.

Rigorous Quality System

We conduct a series of rigorous quality checks to determine and ensure our products’ quality. A series of quality control measures also allow us to identify defects early to make quick adjustments.

Complete Quality Report

Our detailed quality reports keep you updated about your products’ status from start to finish, enabling you to track your projects’ progress and make suggestions where necessary.

Real Humans, Here to Help

We are here to offer you the expertise and support you need to achieve your design goals. With a responsive support team and expert engineers with rich experience in navigating complex design issues, we give you the prompt support you need to troubleshoot issues and get the result you desire.

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Project Management

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