We support a number of surface finishing services for CNC machining, injection molding, 3D printing, and more, aiming to bring your parts or prototypes to life.

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I came to know about Kemal from a colleague as they were praising the company's CNC and plastic mold manufacturing process. I ordered for custom injection molded product. They provided complete support and professional reporting throughout the process. I'm truly delighted that I chose Kemal.





Kemal mold is one of our plastic mold supplier with fast responce and good service. Their engineers visit us every year, help to solve mold problems and improve routine maintenance. The cooperation between us is very pleasant.





Kemal mold support us small MOQ injection molding production and PVC medical device production in cleanroom. They quick response and one-stop service help us save a lot of investment in new plastic product development. Kemal plastic is a honest plastic mold partner of us.


William Scott



We were finding a one-stop solution for our injection molded products for medical purposes. With their quick quote service and consultation, they seamlessly handled the entire process from mold manufacturing to final production. I'm glad we partnered with such a professional company.

Abdullah Al Sawae

Abdullah Al Sawae


Hi, Rita , Yes we pick up the product and it looks great! Thank you for your quick support in getting this done . We will be in contact shortly for future orders.




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