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Why Choose Kemal for Medical Device Manufacturing

Enjoy a host of benefits by partnering with Kemal. We can help you propel growth and innovation through high-quality medical devices and parts.  

Competitive Prices

We offer the most competitive rates for medical device prototyping and production in the global market. Our low MOQ is favorable for companies with a limited budget.

Professional Support

Whether it’s selecting the right material for your requirement or a customization request, our experienced team members can help you. We are ready to assist you any time of the day.

Precision Parts

With cutting-edge technology and decades of expertise, our team can deliver medical device parts with acute precision. We are capable of meeting tight tolerance requirements of the field.

Industry Leading Quality

We follow ISO-certified practices and use industry-grade materials to manufacture your products. Exceptional quality medical device prototypes and parts are a guarantee for our customers.

Fast Cycle

Our rapid prototyping capabilities help us deliver orders within a short turnaround time. From price quoting to delivery, our entire process is well-streamlined for fast and efficient service.

Worry-free After-sales Service

We are dedicated to offering you the best possible service, and it extends to post-purchase too. If you have any concerns regarding the order, get in touch with our customer support team.

Prototyping and Production Solutions for Medical Device Industry

Reliable solutions for new product development in the medical device industry. Get expertly engineered custom prototypes and production parts with outstanding performance and durability. Our solutions span various production stages to meet your manufacturing goals.


Prototyping is important for the development of efficient medical devices. It is the first step in assessing the pragmatic side of your design. We can transform your innovative ideas into functional prototypes for concept testing and evaluation. Our experts will analyze your design and recommend the best AM technology and material for the purpose. If you prefer cost-effective prototypes, we can help with it too.

Engineering Validation and Testing (EVT)

Engineering verification tests help you determine if the prototype meets your expectations in terms of functionality. With high-precision prototypes, you can identify design flaws and tolerance gaps that hinder the expected performance of the product. We can make critical design adjustments faster and more efficiently, thanks to our sophisticated AM systems. Many products go through multiple alterations at this stage.

Design Validation and Testing (DVT)

We can help you validate your product’s design feasibility to ensure it can function well in the required medical environment. Through experimentation and optimization, you can perfect the prototype to achieve the best performance. We are equipped with a wide range of designs, materials, and finishes to cater to different requirements in the medical field. We can create parts that are ready for production.

Production Validation and Testing (PVT)

Following the feedback received from the previous stage, you can make final changes before the pilot product line is ready for production. We have strong quality control procedures to identify potential issues and risks and optimize the production process. Our team will work closely with you to finalize the product and improve the manufacturing process to meet your demand.

Mass Production

It’s time to scale up your production with our advanced medical device manufacturing process. Our large manufacturing capabilities support a very high output volume. Combining our decades of expertise and the latest technology, we cut down production time and costs significantly. Our foolproof system will ensure every unit produced meets the expected quality and performance.

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Right Materials for Medical Device Product Development

Depending on the requirements of your medical device parts, our machining processes are compatible with a wide range of materials. We have a long list of production-grade metal and composite materials that meet the demands of the medical industry. Check out some of the commonly used materials for aerospace components.



Aluminum alloys display an impressive weight-to-strength ratio. They are lightweight, versatile, and cost-effective options. They also showcase excellent chemical resistance and are great for products that demand extreme durability.



Copper is ideal for activities that demand thermal and electrical conductivity. Its antimicrobial property makes it a safe choice for medical device manufacturing. Copper is also highly ductile and malleable.



Titanium alloys display superior corrosion resistance and mechanical strength. They are tough as steel but only have a 60% density of steel. High biocompatibility makes titanium alloys a top choice for medical devices.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a corrosion-resistant material that combines extreme strength, hardness, and high ductility. It is great for surgical instrumentation. Stainless steel generally has a minimum of 10% chromium by weight.



Thermoplastics are a robust material that displays impressive stencil strength, rigidity, and chemical resistance. They also can be remolded and recycled easily with no effect on their physical properties.



Nylon is incredibly strong and durable, with great mechanical properties. It is very flexible, allowing you to print parts with thin walls. Nylon also displays high resistance to impact, abrasion, and chemicals.



Thermosets are known to be very hard and rigid, with good resistance to deformation. They are brittle in nature and cannot be re-made once molded. Thermosets are a low-cost material that can withstand heat.


Silicone Rubber

Silicone rubber has excellent elasticity and flexibility, making it great for molding complex geometries. It is durable, tear-resistant, and available in varying degrees of hardness. Silicone rubber also displays good thermal stability.

Applications in the Medical Field

Our advanced production capacity and expertise help us cater to different requirements in the medical industry. Some common applications of our solutions are:

Medical part

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Custom Parts for Medical Devices Industry

We are experts at providing precision-machined prototypes and end-use parts for different segments in the medical industry. Leading companies worldwide utilize our services to benefit from high-quality medical devices for their clients. Kemal is your one-stop medical parts manufacturer for customized solutions.

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