Rapid Prototyping and Production for Consumer Products Parts Manufacturing

Custom injection molding services for plastic prototypes and on-demand production parts. Get a free injection molding quotation and design feedback within hours.

Why Choose Kemal for Consumer Products Manufacturing

Working with Kemal for various consumer goods production, prototyping, and other processes entitles you to several benefits that bolster your business.

Competitive Prices

We offer the best price ranges for bulk and customized orders. You can avail instant price quotations and free costing feedback. As a reputable name in consumer products manufacturing, we give prime value for your money.

Fast Cycle

We immediately give product quotations and manufacture within days so expect at least 50% reduction in the manufacturing cycle with us at Kemal. With extensive experience and high-end technological solutions, you get high-quality products in just a short span of time.

Precision Parts

Kemal is equipped to support the highest technological and skills requirements in precision manufacturing. We have streamlined facilities, state-of-the-art technologies, and equipment such as 3D printing and CNC machining, to manufacture precision parts, and skilled professionals with international certification.

Professional Support

To deliver premium consumer products and automotive parts, the Kemal team takes pride in their roster of professionals. The team includes experienced engineers, and skilled professionals and toolmakers certified to work under DME, LKM, and HASCO standards. Kemal’s facilities are also topnotch and are sufficiently geared to bolster professional support. 

Industry Leading Quality

With various ISO certifications, more than 20 years of experience, competitive production and quality control system, expect an industry leading quality from Kemal. From processing raw materials to a complete turnaround from rapid prototyping to finished products, you get to experience optimum quality with us at Kemal.

Worry-free After-sales Service

You would not even have to worry about warranties and after sales customer service. At Kemal, we take full responsibility for our products’ quality after production. Hence, we let you sign quality warranty for each product so that you can be ensured that everything works well.

CNC Machined Consumer Products Prototype

Kemal championed the rapid prototyping of a high-end complex aerospace engine with high tolerance requirements. Despite the strict part assembly demands and complicated turbo blade programming, Kemal’s 5-axis CNC machining capabilities created a turbo engine that meets all industry demands.

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Prototyping and Production Solutions for Consumer Products Industry

To ensure quality automotive parts manufacturing, we follow rigid stages to ensure product performance and durability. In meeting our manufacturing goals, the following are our production stages for the consumer products industry.


In this stage, we help you create models and prototypes of your design, guided by your specific product requirements. Depending on the specifications, we make use of cost-efficient materials to create parts similar to that of your design. This gives you prototypes with detailing from the simplest part to ones with the most complex geometrics. After we develop the prototype, you can have first-hand metrics and functional testing of the model.

Engineering Validation and Testing (EVT)

Iterate easily and quickly on precise functional prototypes to ensure all performance requirements are met.Our functional prototypes help you identify every design risk and easily mitigate these risks. This may require several iterations to ensure the prototypes meet all functional requirements and performance metrics.

Design Validation and Testing (DVT)

This stage gives you a final feel of your prototype. A wide-range of materials and finishes are integrated during this phase. Parts with end-use functionalities are now fully incorporated in this stage for market testing. Final performance and appearance validation also takes place in this stage.

Production Validation and Testing (PVT)

After initial market and final functional testing under the DVT stage, final changes and mitigation happens in the PVT stage. Here, solidifying the production system and the entire supply chain for the final products are done. Rapid delivery of production parts also commences under the PVT stage.

Mass Production

The final stage is where high-end, quality custom parts are manufactured. Precision machined parts, and rigorous inspection and quality control are employed to ensure quality, production yields at faster lead times and using cost-efficient tools and materials.

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Aerospace Manufacturing Capabilities

Take advantage of our professional manufacturing services throughout the production cycle, from prototyping and design validation to functional testing and product launch. We deliver high-quality and precise flight-worthy components with fast turnaround and at low costs. With our quality control process, you can be sure of getting parts that meet your unique requirements.
Milling, turning and post-processing
Laser cutting, bending, post-processing
Prototypes and production tooling

Materials for Consumer Products

Each consumer product comes with a specific specification which in turn requires a specific material. Kemal comes with a diverse range of materials and finishes to best serve your needs. Here are the top materials which we use in our prototyping services.



Being a ductile metal, it is considered as one of the best materials for machining. It is one of those materials with a good strength-to-weight ratio, making it applicable for various prototyping projects.



When it comes to electrical and thermal conductivity, copper is a superior material. Its plasticity makes it one of best welding materials out there. It is also highly ductile, and corrosion-resistant, making it a good choice for prototyping and 3D printing.


Titanium Alloys

Made from titanium and other chemical elements, titanium alloys are known for their high heat resistance, excellent strength, and corrosion-resistance. These properties make them a popular material in consumer products industries.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

For cost-efficiency with supreme quality, durability and flexibility, stainless steel is a topnotch material to choose. Made with chromium and carbon steel, its lightweight character is sought after in a wide range of applications.



There are a lot of thermoplastics choices that make good materials in machining and automotive parts prototyping. Among the more popular ones are POM, an engineered thermoplastic used mainly for precision parts; polycarbonate, known for its rigidity and good machinability; ABS, the most common thermoplastic with high impact strength and high heat resistance.



Another very popular material for 3D prototype production is nylon, specifically the Nylon 12. It has a distinct flexibility, stretchability, and durability, allowing snap-fit assemblies. As such, it is recommended for highly detailed models and for those to be used in extensive function testing.



This material is composed of various plastics and polymers. Like nylon, it is a favorite material in 3D prototyping because of its durability and flexibility. With this, it is also commonly used in highly detailed models and for soft prototypes.


Silicone Rubber

Made of both organic and inorganic compounds, silicone rubber possesses good chemical stability, fine electrical properties, high heat and cold resistance, and corrosion-resistant. These and more make silicone rubber a good choice for rapid prototyping especially for smooth molds.

Consumer Products Applications

There is a wide array of consumer product applications that are made possible by rapid prototyping. Since the name of the game has shifted into custom-made, highly detailed precision parts, Kemal remains to be a powerhouse of dependable range of products and services for the following applications:

Consumer Goods

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Custom Parts for Consumer Goods Industry

From houseware to cosmetic packaging, Kemal has been accelerating prototypes, achieving flexible manufacturing solutions, and other business-oriented processes. We are capable of accurate and precise 3D printing, CNC machining, secondary processes, injection molding, rapid prototyping, and much more. Kemal can accomplish any consumer goods production, prototype, and other processes that meet your goals while staying within your requirements.

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