Best 10 CNC Machining Service Companies in Sweden

Best 10 CNC Machining Service Companies in Sweden

Aside from its breathtaking views, Sweden is also home to key industries such as mechanical engineering, defense, glass, and mining, among others.

In Scandinavia, Swedish machining companies are popular because of their advanced and comprehensive set of machining services, and distribution of precision machineries.

If you are looking for the best CNC machining service companies in Sweden, we feature in this post the ones which you should check out.

From their company profile to key CNC products and services, here are some Swedish CNC machining service companies to look out for.

Best 10 CNC Machining Service Companies in Sweden

Sweden has some of the most specialized CNC machining service companies. Working with specific industries, here are ten of the best CNC machining service companies in Sweden.

1. ABB AB Machines

ABB AB Machines

  • Type of Business: Manufacturing
  • Location: Vasteras, Sweden
  • Year Established: 1893
  • Key Products & Service: Measuring and analysis equipment; automation systems; CNC machining services

Company Background and Advantage:

Believe it or not, ABB AB has been around the Swedish industry market for 130 years and counting. With more than 25 workstations and offices around Sweden, ABB AB is dedicated to creating sustainable energy supply and automation systems in Sweden.

To generate these, they employ advanced machining services including CNC machining. ABB AB makes use of their own software in precision machining, creating ABB trademark in the Baltic and Nordic region.




  • Type of Business: Manufacturing
  • Location: Bollebygd, Sweden
  • Year Established: 2012
  • Key Products & Service: precision cutting services; precision machining; CNC machining; 3D prototyping

Company Background and Advantage:

Over the last decade, Finepart has been a reputable partner of the energy, oil and gas, and engineering industries in Sweden.

The company primarily offers precision machining in the form of CNC milling, turning, and grinding. It is also engaged in laser cutting and the production of waterjet machining.

Its exclusive partners include brands such as Gaston, Hager Electro, and Elitkomposit.




  • Type of Business: Manufacturing
  • Location: Kungsangen, Sweden
  • Year Established: 1975
  • Key Products & Service: Coating; surface treatment; CNC machining

Company Background and Advantage:

Microprecision is your one-stop-shop for all your machining needs. With over 40 years of expert service, they have given Swedish manufacturers the leverage in creating trademark products made from steel, metal, and plastics with the use of CNC milling, turning, and mechanical assemblies.




  • Type of Business: Manufacturing
  • Location: Morrum, Sweden
  • Year Established: 2003
  • Key Products & Service: filling equipment production; glass fiber texturizing; CNC machining; precision machining; automation systems

Company Background and Advantage:

When it comes to developing, designing, and manufacturing machines, equipment, and robotic systems through precision machining, MachineTech is a reliable Swedish company to check out.

They offer one of the most high-end and technologically advanced services for automation systems.

MachineTech is engaged in the use of CNC lathing, milling, and turning, varied precision cutting machines, microparts production, welding, deep hole drilling, and tools upgrade, and maintenance.


5. SMT


  • Type of Business: Distribution; Manufacturing
  • Location: Frammestad, Sweden
  • Year Established: 2020
  • Key Products & Service: Assembly of CNC machines; CNC machining

Company Background and Advantage:

Although relatively new in the field of CNC machining, SMT has proved to be a reliable distributor, and assembler of trusted CNC machine brands.

Since 2020, they are considered as one of the most trusted suppliers of CNC machine brands such as Cheto, Schaublin, Zierch, and Leadwell, among others.

Alongside this, SMT also offers CNC machining services using trademark CNC machines such as the SMT SwedTurn and SwedMill.


6. CNC Quality

CNC Quality

  • Type of Business: Manufacturing
  • Location: Karlskoga Sweden
  • Year Established: 1992
  • Key Products & Service: Series components; prototypes; precision machining; CNC milling and turning; precision cutting

Company Background and Advantage:

Based in the Swedish region of Karlskoga, the defense capital of Sweden, CNC Quality is an engineering company engaged primarily in precision cutting and machining to produce series components and prototypes.

The main industries that the company supports are the aviation, defense, glass, mining, and automotive fields of Scandinavia and the Nordic region.

One of the company’s key advantages is their 12 machining stations equipped with CNC controlled systems for better precision and quality standards.


7. XMachines


  • Type of Business: Manufacturing; Distribution
  • Location: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Year Established: 2013
  • Key Products & Service: CNC machines; precision cutting; CNC machining

Company Background and Advantage:

XMachines is the new name of the Swedish company Pullmax, established in 1938.

Since 2013, under the new company name and management, XMachines has been one of the leading distributors and manufacturers of CNC machines in Scandinavia. They supply the region with trusted CNC machine brands such as NKO, and Loewer.

XMachines also markets their own trademark product, the X97, and offers other special services such as prototyping, precision cutting, and CNC machining.


8. WoodMizer CNC

WoodMizer CNC

  • Type of Business: Manufacturing; Distribution
  • Location: Ostersund, Sweden
  • Year Established: 1982
  • Key Products & Service: Planing machines; CNC machines; precision machining

Company Background and Advantage:

WoodMizer is an Indiana-made brand who found its way to Europe in 1990. As the name suggests, WoodMizer is engaged in the woodworking industry, creating a seamless processing of wood and logs to final products.

In the passing of time, WoodMizer expanded its services, now offering planing, milling, turning, and other machining services for other industries.

As a matter of fact, they now manufacture and produce their own precision machines for European industries.


9. CIDAN Machinery

 CIDAN Machinery

  • Type of Business: Manufacturing; Distribution
  • Location: Gotene, Sweden
  • Year Established: 1907
  • Key Products & Service: Metal finishing; precision cutting machines; CNC machining; automation softwares

Company Background and Advantage:

CIDAN is a home-grown brand, established in Sweden in 1907. Ever since, the company has been specializing in the production of machineries, industry equipment, and metal finishing services.

In the 2000s, CIDAN embarked on automation systems and precision machineries such as CNC machines, laser machines, recoiler, and decoilers, among others. They also offer trademark software to develop automation systems for clients.


10. Scandinvent


  • Type of Business: Manufacturing; Distribution
  • Location: Vasteras, Sweden
  • Year Established: 2002
  • Key Products & Service: Precision machining; CNC cutters; CNC machining

Company Background and Advantage:

Scandinvent is a trusted name in the stone cutting industry. As such, it is in close collaboration with engineering and construction industries in Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.

To support the growing demand for precision stone cutting, Scandinvent makes use of their own CNC cutters and precision machining equipment. Aside from this, they also distribute used yet quality cutting machines for startup companies in Sweden.


Wrapping Up

When it comes to diverse yet specialized CNC machining service companies, Sweden is a good area to explore.

As featured here in this list, there are a multitude of home-grown brands which only prove that Sweden has been a lowkey industry niche for the longest time.

Thus, if you are looking for reliable, trusted, and experienced CNC machining service companies, Sweden is an area to consider in the Scandinavian region. Surely, Sweden never disappoints, especially when it comes to CNC machining services.

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