Best 10 CNC Machining Service Companies in Italy

Best 10 CNC Machining Service Companies in Italy

CNC machining is one of the best technologies for producing prototypes that excel in precision and aesthetic appeal. It’s a subtractive manufacturing process that keeps waste low and is considered a sustainable technology.

If you are looking for the best 10 CNC machining companies in Italy, our list will be useful to you. It covers both CNC machine manufacturers and precision CNC machining service providers for you.

Most of them also have a good online presence, making it easy to request a quote and place your custom order!

1. Belotti Spa

Belotti Spa

  • Type of Business: Manufacturer of CNC machines
  • Location: Suisio BG, Italy
  • Year Established: 1979
  • Key Products and Services: TRIM series, SKY series, NESTING series, and NOVA series of CNC milling machines

Company Background and Advantage:

An experienced company like Belotti is a good choice if you are looking to invest in high-quality CNC milling machines. It produces reliable and industry-grade 3-axis and 5-axis CNC machining centers that’s compatible with many plastic, composite, and alloy materials.

You can also get their support with regards to setting up, preventing maintenance, and the supply of original spare parts in the event of a breakdown.

In addition to CNC machines, Belotti also provides robotic automation systems if you are looking for a capital-intensive product line.


2. Biglia Spa

Biglia Spa

  • Type of Business: Manufacturer of CNC machines
  • Location: Incisa Scapaccino AT, Italy
  • Year Established: 1958
  • Key Products and Services: Universal turning centers and multi-axis bar turning

Company Background and Advantage:

Biglia has a long-standing fame as one of the top CNC machining companies in Italy, thanks to its world-class CNC machines. It has the capacity to produce over 500 machines per year.

Machines are developed by a team of highly-qualified experts who also carry out continuous quality control checks from the start to end.

Biglia’s products are popular because of its multifunction turning centers, housing the entire process in one unit. That way, you can carry out your precision CNC manufacturing services easily.


3. Andimec


  • Type of Business: CNC machining services
  • Location: Ozzano dell’Emilia BO, Italy
  • Year Established: N/A
  • Key Products and Services: High-speed milling, 5-axis milling, 3D-shaped milling, and laser engraving

Company Background and Advantage:

Andimec is a part of Dico Group, a leading supplier of machining solutions in Italy’s Packaging Valley with over 40 years of experience. With outsourced machining being the company’s speciality, you can expect a flawless execution of the most complex designs from them.

Whether you want a prototype made for testing or a small or medium-sized production order completed, the Andimec team will do it for you. The company also takes quality seriously and operates according to ISO 9001:2008 standards.


4. Gabrieli Group

Gabrieli Group

  • Type of Business: CNC machining services
  • Location: Brescia, Italy
  • Year Established: 1962
  • Key Products and Services: Part design, automatic turning, and mechanical machining

Company Background and Advantage:

Gabrieli Group is a subcontractor of precision CNC machining services and is equipped with state-of-the-art machines to provide a quality output.

You can get the full range of services from them, from design and analysis to packaging and delivery. Gabrieli can undertake small and mid-volume orders and primarily works with firms in the automotive, hydraulic, sanitary fitting, door hardware and renewable energy sectors.

The company has the ISO standard certification and a dedicated metrology room.


5. RGF


  • Type of Business: CNC machining services
  • Location: Sesto Fiorentino, Italy
  • Year Established: 1986
  • Key Products and Services: Machining brass bars, tubes, and plates

Company Background and Advantage:

RGF exclusively focuses on the production of metal accessories used in footwear and leather bags using CNC technology. These include the clasps, O rings, clips, and buckles, to name a few.

It’s highly capable of producing intricately designed metal pieces with accuracy and attention to detail. From prototyping to machining and finishing to polishing, RGF’s team will handle it all.

Its services are geared towards high-end fashion brands, and it has a comprehensive quality-control system to check whether each unit meets the specifications.


6. Officina Meccanica Ornago

Officina Meccanica Ornago

  • Type of Business: CNC machining services
  • Location: Milan, Italy
  • Year Established: 1965
  • Key Products and Services: Vertical turning, 5-axis CNC machining, parallel machining, and milling-boring

Company Background and Advantage:

Officina Meccanica Ornago has supplied CNC solutions for manufacturers in Italy and overseas for over 50 years. It is renowned for its high-quality production of medium and large-sized components like water turbines, gas turbines, valves, tyres, and cams.

It carries out an ISO 9000-certified process utilizing some of the advanced CNC machining centers. Clients can request a free quote or bespoke advice from the company’s experts before proceeding with the order.


7. CRP Meccanica

CRP Meccanica

  • Type of Business: CNC machining services
  • Location: Modena, Italy
  • Year Established: 1970
  • Key Products and Services: CNC machining, sand casting, direct metal laser sintering, and reverse engineering

Company Background and Advantage:

CRP Meccanica is a CNC machining manufacturer with expertise in producing complex metal and composite parts for motorsports teams and companies.

Accredited with EN 9100:2018 and ISO 9001:2015 certifications, it also offers solutions for aerospace, marine defense, and many other industries.  CRP Meccanica has a well-resourced CNC machining department and automated processes to complete orders faster, efficiently, and with minimal errors.

Additionally, it also has a quality control unit to ensure every part produced meets the technical specifications of its demanding clientele.


8. Limentra


  • Type of Business: CNC machining services
  • Location: Bologna, Italy
  • Year Established: 1980
  • Key Products and Services: Drilling, CNC machining, and 3D printing

Company Background and Advantage:

Limentra has over four decades of experience providing CNC machining services, especially of large parts. With a fleet of 3-5 axis CNC machines, it can work with a range of materials like steel, stainless steel, Hardox, Weldox, aluminum, and engineered plastics.

Using the advanced CAD-CAM systems, the company can produce parts with complex geometries with tight tolerance rates. Another strength of Limentra is its capabilities for manufacturing gripping, positioning and mounting equipment.


9. Prussiani Engineering

Prussiani Engineering

  • Type of Business: Manufacturer of CNC machines
  • Location: Sant’Alessandro (BG), Italy
  • Year Established: 1991
  • Key Products and Services: CNC machines for granite, stone, and ceramic

Company Background and Advantage:

Prussiani Engineering develops and produces CNC machines that can work with stone, ceramics, granite, and many other sturdy materials. The company heavily invests in research and technological innovation to build highly-efficient and versatile numerical control machines.

Milling machines are only one type of product they offer, and you can also purchase waterjet machines, slab polishing machines, sinkhole machines, and many more from them.




  • Type of Business: CNC Machining Services
  • Location: Pisogne, Italy
  • Year Established: 1991
  • Key Products and Services: CNC turning, milling, and assembly of parts

Company Background and Advantage:

In addition to quality CNC machining solutions, GBM SRL provides consultancy, and feasibility analysis solutions for manufacturers in automotive, aeronautical, military, medical, hydraulic, and tire industries.

Its precision machining services are certified with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN 9100:2018 standards.

The company also has eco-friendly practices in place, such as solar panels and low-energy consuming bulbs, to reduce the carbon footprint of its activities.




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