Top CNC Machining Service Companies in Spain

Top CNC Machining Service Companies in Spain

CNC machining is a technology that enables you to transform even the most complex product designs into a reality.

Compatible with metals and plastics, it’s ideal for producing durable and highly precise parts for various industrial needs. But the options are endless, and it can be an overwhelming task to find a suitable company.

Here’s a list of best CNC machining companies in Spain, renowned for their expertise and workmanship quality. If you need a trusted manufacturer in Spain or looking to purchase high-quality CNC machines for production, our list will help you.

1. Talleres MAF

Talleres MAF

  • Business Type: CNC machining services
  • Location: Barcelona, Spain
  • Year Established: 1985
  • Key Products and Services: CNC machining, metal casting, and metal stamping

Company Background and Advantage:

Talleres MAF specializes in CNC machining and the manufacture of mechanical components for the railway industry in Spain. Its machining services include production of parts from scratch and partial machining for casting and stamping products.

Talleres MAF houses machining centers equipped with 3, 4, and 5-axis machines powered by chip removal technology. With over 30 years of experience, it offers innovative and high-quality solutions for its customers.

You can also get wire welding services and electrical products like connectors and housings from them.


2. Mipesa Grupo Empresarial S.L.

Mipesa Grupo Empresarial S.L.

  • Business Type: CNC machining services
  • Location: Valencia, Spain
  • Year Established: 2017
  • Key Products and Services: CNC milling parts, CNC turning parts, and sheet metal works

Company Background and Advantage:

Although Mipesa Group was established in 2017, it was a unification of MIPESA MECANIZADOS, one of the first CNC machining companies in Span, and SAPEMI MECANIZADOS, a supplier of sheet metal works.

With long-standing expertise and equipped with the latest technologies, it can manufacture parts with complex geometries efficiently.

The company has special expertise in prosthesis machining and has achieved the UNE EN ISO 13485 certification to cater to the medical sector quality standards.




  • Business Type: Manufacturer of CNC machines
  • Location: Vitoria- Gasteiz, Spain
  • Year Established: 1950s
  • Key Products and Services: Bed-type, moving column, bridge-type, and gantry machines

Company Background and Advantage:

ZAYER is a leading company engaged in producing and exporting CNC milling machines and machine centers. It has distributors worldwide and offices in Italy, Brazil, and China.

The company caters to many performance-critical industries like aeronautics, hydroelectric, railway, and wind energy. It also invests in R&D to develop better machining technologies.

Over the years, the company has bagged multiple awards for its excellent products and innovative capabilities.

ZAYER follows a strict quality control process and delivers highly efficient, dynamic, and durable products that help manufacturers produce precision parts with ease.


4. Tecnomecánicas Shine SL

Tecnomecánicas Shine SL

  • Business Type: CNC machining services
  • Location: Girona, Spain
  • Year Established: 1982
  • Key Products and Services: CNC machining and mechanical welding.

Company Background and Advantage:

Tecnomecánicas Shine provides CNC machining, assembly, and machinery construction solutions. The company undertakes orders related to prototyping and small to medium-volume production.

It is accredited with ISO 9001, so you don’t have to worry about subpar quality standards.

Tecnomecánicas Shine’s decades of experience help it design and execute parts according to its client’s requirements with a high-level of accuracy.

It houses fully-equipped machining centers and a testing and quality control department to provide a comprehensive service.


5. Mecánica Curiel

Mecánica Curiel

  • Business Type: CNC machining services
  • Location: Barcelona, Spain
  • Year Established: 1972
  • Key Products and Services: Laboratory equipment, dispensers, test tools, and special valves

Company Background and Advantage:

Mecánica Curiel is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of different products including, instruments, small-scale machinery, mechanical tools, special valves, and prototypes using precision CNC machining technologies.

So, if you want any specific tool or part done for your business, their expertise will be an asset.

The company’s machine park houses a range of conventional and latest machining centers capable of handling the complex needs of its clientele.

Mecánica Curiel is also dedicated to making its production activities sustainable and recycles its waste and used materials.


6. MPG Machining

MPG Machining

  • Business Type: CNC machining services
  • Location: Lurreta, Biscay, Spain
  • Year Established: 1995
  • Key Products and Services: CNC milling, CNC lathing, internal and external grinding

Company Background and Advantage:

MPG Machining was established to cater to the CNC machining requirements of the industrial and automotive sectors.

The ISO 9001-accredited company also has clients in food packaging, aerospace, and defense sectors. It is equipped with advanced CAM and CAD technologies to manufacture intricate parts flawlessly.

MPG Machining also has a good quality control system and uses a variety of tools like 3D MITUTOYO machines to ensure every unit meets the specifications accurately.


7. InduPlast


  • Business Type: CNC machining services
  • Location: Barcelona, Spain
  • Year Established: 2004
  • Key Products and Services: CNC machining, stereolithography, fusion additive printing, and 3D scanning

Company Background and Advantage:

InduPlast is one of the top CNC machining companies specializing in manufacturing custom plastic parts. It has the expertise and tools to machine technical parts using engineered plastics, elastomers, thermosets, and metals.

In addition, the company offers a range of additive manufacturing solutions, including 3D printing and 3D scanning.

It aims to help its clients replace conventional materials with robust and long-lasting engineered plastics. The company has worked with companies in food, automotive, pharmaceutical, agriculture, construction, and many other industries.


8. CMA


  • Business Type: CNC machining services
  • Location: Valencia, Spain
  • Year Established: 1934
  • Key Products and Services: Precision CNC machining and welding

Company Background and Advantage:

CMA started its journey with the production of parts and accessories for the railway industry.

Since then, the company has grown and expanded to offer quality CNC machining services for many other sectors like aerospace, energy, oil and gas, and naval. It has a quality control process according to ISO 9001, EN 9100 by SGS, and 15085-2 CL1 by TÜV standards.

CMA offers a comprehensive range of solutions for its customers, such as in-house design, reverse engineering, machining, and welding. It has offered its solutions to leading brands like Samson Ringo, Talgo, and ITP Aero.


9. CNC Bárcenas

CNC Bárcenas

  • Business Type: CNC machines manufacturer
  • Location: Ciudad Real, Spain
  • Year Established: 2009
  • Key Products and Services: CNC milling machines, 5-axis machining centers, CO2 laser machines, and CNC cutting machines

Company Background and Advantage:

CNC Bárcenas is a manufacturer of high-quality CNC machinery and 3D printers. They have standard models available for sale but customers can also request custom-made machines with the required features.

The company’s robust CNC machines are well-suited for heavy-duty purposes in demanding industries. Its cutting machines are specially designed to work with carbon fiber and fiberglass.

In addition to free technical support, you can also purchase tools and parts needed for the maintenance and repairing of the machine.


10. Frexboc


  • Business Type: CNC machines supplier
  • Location: Barcelona, Spain
  • Year Established: N/A
  • Key Products and Services: Moving head CNC lathes, turning and milling centers, and large-dimension lathes

Company Background and Advantage:

Frexboc is a supplier and distributor of CNC machines and related tools for CNC machining companies in Spain. It’s a dealer of reputed brands like MYLAS, MCM, Indaas, and SAIKAR.

You can get advice and support related to purchasing machines, setting them up, and preventing maintenance. The company’s technical team will also provide after-sales support if necessary.

If your budget is low, you can also consider buying second-hand CNC equipment from Frexboc.




While the above list we have provided covers some of the top CNC machining companies in Spain in no particular order, there are many more options for you out there.

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