Rapid Prototyping Services

Bring your ideas to life with the power of our advanced technology and on-demand services. With rapid prototyping, get your preliminary product and evaluate the product development process. At Kemal, rapid prototyping processes reply on.

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Our Rapid Prototyping Capabilities

It is a unique process of creating a model or prototype with computer design to evaluate the product development. With Kemal, you can get superior quality error-free prototypes crafted with advanced technology and expertise. As a leading service provider, we prioritize functionality and speed to ensure you make an informed decision. We provide a wide range of options, consultation, and post-production services for a seamless customer experience throughout the prototyping process.

We manufacture prototypes by using injection molding process within weeks under the supervision of proficient engineers at advanced facilities. Our rapid injection molds are cost-effective, with faster design iterations to ensure a high-quality final outcome.

Get CNC machining with the latest computer-controlled equipment and precise design. Our team designed complex prototype parts within a few days with rigorous quality measures.

We create 3D plastic and metal prototype models of designs with specialized 3D printers under strict quality control. Kemal aims to manufacture high-quality, affordable three-dimensional products with the finest material.

Rapid die casting is a process to manufacture casted parts for short runs. With specialized equipment and expertise, we create premium-quality pieces with standard thermal and physical properties.

Why Choose Us for Rapid Prototyping Services

At Kemal, we offer exceptional quality customized rapid prototyping of various parts. Whether you are looking for CNC machining, 3D Printing, or die-casting prototyping, we ensure the prototype parts are made with the best quality material under expert surveillance.


We offer no minimum order quantity (MOQ) policy to fulfill customers’ demands from prototyping to low-volume production. With the fastest turnaround, we ensure you get your prototypes cheaply.

Consistent High Quality

With quality control certifications, we follow a rigorous inspection process to ensure the products are manufactured with consistent industrial quality and precision. We perform dimensional verification to ensure error-free production.

Strong Manufacturing Capabilities

Kemal is a one-stop solution with strong manufacturing capabilities and quality manufacturing processes. From prototyping your designs to production and final assembly, Kemal is a one-stop solution for all manufacturing needs.

Fast Lead Time

To meet the on-demand production, we provide the fastest lead time of within 7 days with production specialties, such as advanced equipment, qualified technicians, and tracked development process.

Warranty & After-Sales

We offer reliable warranty services to ensure you are satisfied with the quality and functionality of delivered products. Moreover, with one-on-one assistance, we provide after-sales services for product troubleshooting and improvements.

24/7 Engineering Support

If you need assistance choosing materials, surface finishes, and design optimization, Kemal is your top choice. We provide 24/7 engineering support to ensure you select the proper tooling and material for your production.

Our Rapid Prototyping Processes

From quotation to final production, acknowledge the seamless order process at Kemal. Our qualified team ensures you get your plastic molded parts within the provided lead times.

Upload a CAD File

You can send us your design details and specification via the instant quotation platform. Our team will get back to you with the necessary information and cost estimation after review.

Get Quote with DFM

After reviewing your design details, our experts start with a detailed design for manufacturability (DFM) report to help you make an informed decision with high-quality and cost-efficient production.

Manufacturing Begins

Once you review your quote and place your order, we'll start the manufacturing process. We also offer finishing options.

Parts are Shipped!

Our digital manufacturing process allows us to produce parts in as fast as 10 day.

Rapid Prototyping Materials

We source rapid prototyping of more than 50 plastic and metal materials.



Aluminum is famous for producing quick and accurate rapid prototypes due to its high strength. It is a reliable option for CNC machining, and casting prototyping.



Copper is a profound prototyping material used to manufacture heat and corrosion-resistant parts. It can be formed or machined into different complex shapes due to its flexible nature.



Brass is well-known for machining compatibility and durable performance. It can withstand chemical damage and climate stress. With exceptional electricity conductivity, it is widely utilized in electronic and automotive parts manufacturing.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is corrosion-free and highly resistant to making a durable, high-strength prototype. It is convenient for machining, welding, surface polishing, etc., to meet your demands.



Polyoxymethylene (POM), a semi-crystalline thermoplastic, is another popular material widely used for the smooth appearance and rapid prototyping of parts with mechanical attributes. It is a resistant and machining-compatible material.



It is a thermoplastic material with a wide range of applications. If offers you excellent rigidity, impact resistance, and accessible molding nature. ABS is cost-effective and easy-to-use material for prototyping.



Nylon is also a thermoplastic with the best mechanical properties. You can use this material for 3D printing and injection molding as it is lightweight, sturdy, and easily fabricated material.



PPSU is a top-priority temperature-resistant polymer compliant with FDA. Due to its high stability, it is specialized for harsh environments and chemical stress. PPSU is a perfect material for hazardous or climate impacted applications.

Types of Rapid Prototype

From 1995, we have produced prototypes for various industries including medical, automotives, aerospace, construction, and other industries.

Faster parts through Kemal Manufacturer

Get your parts CNC machined in 5 days.

From Rapid Prototyping to Production

Rapid Prototyping

Swift Prototyping With our cutting-edge instant quotation platform and robust manufacturing capabilities, we are able to deliver outstanding prototypes in record time. This allows you to quickly test and validate your prototype parts, accelerating the time to market.

Bridge Production

Bridging the Gap We understand the importance of bridging the gap between the design phase and the actual launch of your product. Our highly skilled engineering team is here to provide invaluable design recommendations to optimize your production parts, ensuring practical solutions that meet your specific requirements.

On-Demand Production

On-Demand Manufacturing Our comprehensive on-demand production service guarantees unrivaled precision and quality in all our products. Leveraging our advanced manufacturing process, we are able to achieve efficient production rates, enabling us to provide just-in-time delivery for all your production parts.

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It is a process of creating a small preliminary product to test and verify the final product’s performance, appearance, and design. It is commonly used to identify malfunctions and errors for easy rectification before mass production.

You can use this efficient solution to reduce production errors, development costs, and high-production investments.  

Yes, absolutely. Whether you need clarification about your products’ design and after-production functionality, rapid prototyping is the easiest yet cost-effective option. It primarily points out design flaws with first-phase testing. Moreover, expert teams also forecast the performance of products with extensive verification.

Therefore, it is a practical methodology for an accurate product development process.

Rapid prototyping offers a range of benefits in the product development process to validate the design and accomplish the operational demand of the customers. Here are the following advantages of using the rapid prototyping process;

  • Minimum lead time
  • Reduced manufacturing costs
  • Minimizing risks of failure and incorrect performance.
  • Identifying potential flaws and issues.
  • Cheap testing and evaluation

If you are confused about how your products will perform or whether your design is efficient or not, rapid prototyping is the way to go for you. It helps you to verify your concept design with a cheap prototype. The process is essential to test the design usability and effectiveness. However, most of the businesses also use prototypes to conduct market research.  

Moreover, you can consult experts of rapid prototyping companies to provide insights before full-scale production.

The lead time for rapid prototyping depends on many factors, such as specification, customization, or design complexity. At Kemal, we offer a maximum of 7 days lead time for manufacturing your prototypes according to your demands.

We provide a DFM report and mold flow analysis to help you make the best possible decision for your productions.  

Rapid prototyping is often confused with 3D printing because of their related concepts. However, these two processes are entirely different. Rapid prototyping is a broad concept of manufacturing a small product prototype for testing and client review.

On the other hand, 3D Printing is a type of rapid prototyping that features a three-dimensional representation by depositing layers. It is a standard method for creating prototypes for different industries such as medical, automotive, and electronics.

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