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Are you seeking the best-quality injection molding services for rapidly custom plastic products? With our fast quotation service, get free injection molding quote and design feedbacks from experts.

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Our Injection Molding Capabilities

Kemal custom injection molding is the perfect solution for your quick-turn plastic parts production and prototyping demands. We provide top-quality injection molded parts at a cost-effective price with minimum lead time. At Kemal, we have advanced manufacturing facilities equipped with precise machinery to produce consistent parts from the same mold. Besides this, we offer a free consultation service on every order. Our expert will guide you on product design, mold design, surface finishes selection, and convenient shipping methods.

Our designing and manufacturing experts manufacture top-notch economical custom injection molds using advanced equipment. We can manage different tolerances as per your demand.

To produce a standard quality thermoplastic part, our plastic injection molding process features precise machinery and operations to transform molten plastic resin into a tailored plastic part.

Our overmolding technique involves bonding plastics, metals, and rubber over each other with a resistant and durable chemical bond. With improved strength, we provided the fastest assembly time.

It is a custom injection molding process where thermoplastic is molded around the pre-built part, to produce a high-strength final product consists of multiple materials.

Our Injection Molding Processes

From quotation to final production, acknowledge the seamless order process at Kemal. Our qualified team ensures you get your plastic molded parts within the provided lead times.

Request Instant Quote

You can request an instant quote from our quotation form. Our expert team will reach out to you within 24 hours to provide consultation throughout the process.

DFM Report

To execute the project feasibly, we provide a DFM report to review your design and identify any flaws and errors before starting the production process.

Mold Design & MoldFlow

The predictive model process analyzes molten material behavior within the mold. The advanced mold flow analysis ensures high-quality and precise molded parts.

Mold Tooling Production

We use preferred material for mold tooling production to provide premium-quality and tailored mold tooling that perfectly fits your application’s specifications.

T1 Sample Inspection

We deliver T1 sampling for inspection and review before mass production. The process ensures error identification and precise manufacturing of the plastic part.

Low Volume Production

After the trial phase, we provide low-volume production service to ensure precision with efficient machinery under expert surveillance, saving time and cost.

Strict Inspection

At Kemal, we follow international tolerance standards and rigorous quality control inspection to meet the highest excellence and fulfill your provided specifications.


Our team securely packages your plastic molded parts before dispatching them to avoid damage. We have partnered with logistics to schedule timely delivery at your place.

Kemal Injection Molding Capabilities

We have incorporated cross-docking with top-notch quality control to streamline the efficient and safe shipping process. Our cross-docks conduct a thorough inspection at our offices in China before delivering orders to their final destinations. With a cross-dock facility, the QC inspectors also offer additional services to meet your standards.

Maximum Part Size

The maximum part size we offer is 1800×1200×500 mm or 70.9×47.3×19.7 in.

Minimum Part Size

The minimum part size we offer is 1×1×1 mm or 0.039×0.039×0.039 in.

Part to Part Repeatability

The part-to-part repeatability we provide is +/- 0.05mm or +/- 0.002 in.

Mold Cavity Tolerances

We manage +/- 0.003 mm or +/- 0.0001 in mold cavity tolerances.

Available Mold Types

We offer premium steel and aluminum molds with the service life of 1000 cycles, 5000 cycles, 30,000 cycles, 300,000 cycles, and over 1000,000 cycles.

Machines Available

Our machines include single-cavity, multi-cavity, and family molds, with press tonnage ranging from 50 to 2800 tons.

Secondary Operations

We offer mold texturing, engraving, post-molding processing, threaded inserts, pad printing, silk printing, painting, chrome plating, ultrasonic welding, hot transfer printing, water transfer printing, and primary assembly for secondary operations.

Inspection and Certification Options

Our inspection and certification include First Article Inspection, ISO 13485, ISO 9001, and IATF 16949.

Class of Injection Molding Mold

Kemal is known for designing and manufacturing custom injection molds with top-grade materials. Our molding processes provide exceptional repeatability while ensuring rapid turnaround and affordability. We manufacture every plastic injection mold with precision to meet international standards. Whether it’s one-off projects, small batches, or production tooling, we do not compromise on the quality and reliability of mold tools.

Mold Class Purpose Shot Life Tolerance Cost Lead Time
Class 105
Prototype Testing
Under 5.000 ~10.000 shots
± 0.02mm
10-15 days
Class 104
Low-volume Production
Under 100.000 shots
± 0.02mm
15-25 days
Class 103
Low-volume Production
Under 500.000 shots
± 0.02mm
21-30 days
Class 102
Medium-volume Production
Medium to high production
± 0.02mm
25-40 days
Class 101
High-volume Production
Over 1,000,000 shots
± 0.02mm
25-45 days

Injection Molding Materials

We offer a wide range of materials for customer selection in order to ensure the best quality and performance of products. We are capable of sourcing thousands of materials on your specific request. We provide accurate machining quotes for over 50 metals and plastics.

Before starting injection molding for low or high-volume production, high-tolerance CNC machined tooling is requisite. The materials used for CNC tooling are:

With an extended range of plastic materials, you can choose what fits your needs perfectly. Each material has qualities that include heat resistance, impact strength, wear resistance, and many more.

We incorporate additives and fibers to enhance the quality and esthetics of standard plastic materials. The process increases the functionality and performance of the molded product.

Surface Finishes of Injection Molding

The process includes various steps, from injection mold tooling to entire plastic injection molding. Surface finishes of molds are processes typically carried out during production. At our company, we perform the specific surface treatment after the injection molding process according to customer requirements.

The SPI grade A1, A2, and A3 surface finishes are made with diamond buffing for a glossy and shiny surface finish.

The SPI standard B1, B2, and B3 grade surface treatment uses grit sandpaper paper to yield a semi-glossy surface finish.

The C1, C2, and C3 SPI grade surface treatments use grit sanding stones to achieve rough texture and uneven surface.

D1, D2, and D3 grade treatments use dry blast glass beads, and oxides for the surface finish to produce a very coarse and textured surface.

The Injection Mold Handbook

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From Rapid Prototyping to Production

Rapid Design Molds

Leverage our rapid design mold service to create efficient and accessible mold designs for your high-scale production. Our professional team of 180 experts with relevant expertise uses advanced technology to create mold designs that exactly meet your final product specifications. With less design complexity and production time, we offer cost-efficient molds that fit your requirements.

Injection Molding Prototypes

Revamp your product development process with our premium injection molding prototype tooling. Get easy design feedback and product validation from our experts. From small batches of molded parts to performing functional testing, our team provides fast manufacturing within days for market validation. Before full-scale production, Kemal offers cost-effective aluminum tooling to reduce financial stress on you.

Production Tooling

Our production tooling is the perfect choice for a high-volume plastic parts production process. With highly durable tool steel material, you can rest assured that hundreds of thousands of parts will be manufactured with great results. Invest in the strength and quality of our superior molds, and see how they revolutionize your manufacturing process.

Gallery of Injection Molding Parts

Are still confused whether we can design and produce injection molded parts according to your specifications, get down to our gallery featuring our sophisticated design and production of various injection molded parts.

2K injection molding

Cordless Drill Body




Insert Molding


ENGEL Injection Molding Machine


Manufacturing cordless drill body using impact resistant ABS and PVC material.


Expertise in insert molding and developing top-quality products for industrial items.

Medical part

Medical Hemostasis Valve




Injection Molding


Husky Injection Molding Machine


High volume injection molding using PC and Silicone material.


Our medical products are manufactured with bio-compatible materials.

Micro Injection Mold

Plastic Gears




Injection Molding


ENGEL Injection Molding Machine


High volume plastic gear production with Tier-2 mold using Nylon material.


Manufacture high-quality durable plastic gears for a toy manufacturer

Automotive part

Automotive Head Lamp




Injection Molding


Husky Injection Molding Machine


Medium volume production with tool steel mold using Polypropylene


Manufacturing wear-resistant and cost-efficient automotive head lamps.

Automotive Part

Automobile Bumper Grill




Precision Injection Molding


Husky Injection Molding Machine


Medium volume injection molding using Polypropylene material.


Expertise in manufacturing custom automotive parts by injection

Injection Mold Part

Medical Needle Valve








Large volume production using chemical resistant PE material.


Experienced in injection molding medical products.

Why Choose Kemal for Custom Injection Molding Services


With our no MOQ policy, increase the production efficiency of your plastic molded parts. We offer accelerated production and on-demand injection molding services while ensuring low injection molding costs.

High Efficiency

Kemal features a systematic supply chain and certified domestic factories. We make sure to swiftly bridge the gap between product development and product manufacturing promptly with the fastest delivery.

Consistency and High Quality

At our factories, we conduct an automated dimensional inspection after the production phase to ensure the consistency of custom-molded products regardless of design complexity.

Injection Molding Specialists

Our product developers and engineers have 20+ years of experience in the industry. Under expert surveillance, we ensure your product prototyping and production turnaround are error-free.  

Strong Manufacturing Capacity

We provide robust manufacturing capacity in our domestic factories in China, offering quality injection molding project solutions with diverse options for surface finishes and flexible materials. We fulfill low-volume and high-volume production demands.

Fast Online Quotation

We offer warranty and post-sale service on injection molded products. Our warranty and after-sales service cover defects and repairs/replacements of molded products. We offer 24/7 customer support in case of issues.

See What Our Customers Say About Us

A customer’s words have a more substantial impact than a company’s claims – and see what our satisfied customers have said regarding how we fulfilled their requirements.

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Injection molding is a unique process of manufacturing products by injecting molten plastic resins in the mold cavity to produce desired products. This process is widely used in the plastic product manufacturing industry for the high-volume production of complex parts with precision. It offers high repeatability, efficiency, and low cost throughout the process.

With the injection molding process, you can typically manufacture products with complex geometrics and tight tolerance consistently. It is consistent with a diverse range of resin materials and colors, offering flexible and fast production.

However, it demands careful operating and handling, such as temperature and pressure setting of molten material, to ensure premium quality and reliability of final products.

Since it is a versatile and advantageous process for many applications, several high-grade industries use it to produce high-quality and durable molded products.

Some of the common industries that leverage injection molding are as follows;

  • Automotive Industry:Injection molding is the ideal option for the automotive industry as it offers precision for highly-complex parts. The automotive industry uses injection molding to craft specific car parts such as bumpers, grills, dashboards, car panels, and door handles.
  • Aerospace Industry:It is another common industry that widely utilizes the injection molding for precise parts manufacturing. The process is used explicitly for making lightweight and functional parts. It manufactures aircraft parts, like enclosures, winglets, structural components, turbine housing, and panels.
  • Medical Industry:Medical industry demands accurate manufacturing of small and high-grade sensitive parts. From complex medical devices to small equipment such as syringes, drip valves, and containers are constantly made with injection molding process for enhanced durability and sensitivity of medical products.
  • Consumer Product Industry:The injection molding method for manufacturing plastic products is also common in the consumer product industry. It is used for manufacturing kitchen gadgets, toys, household device enclosures, and musical instruments. The process is compatible with thermoplastics and thermoset material; thus, a cost-effective option for the consumer product industry.

It is a process used for manufacturing plastic products. We heat the plastic material to change it into molten and then pour it around the mold. Molten plastic then solidifies and transforms into the required plastic product. It is quite a convenient method for making complex plastic parts that demand high precision and detailing.  

Injection molding is commonly used for mass production as it is a cost-efficient and relatively faster process than other plastic molding methods. Once the mold is set up, it can be reused up to millions of times to produce identical parts with consistency.

It has been widely used in industries aiming to achieve high repeatability and accurate plastic products.

At Kemal, we follow the 6 fundamental steps for injection mold making;

1: Requirements Analysis Planning

In the first step, we understand the client’s requirements and design the blueprints accordingly. We analyze the requirements, such as mold design, material to use, production capacity, and resources, to plan the entire production process.

2: DFM Report Analysis

We provide free detailed DFM reports enabling clients to understand mold design feasibility in the production phase. Design for manufacturability report allows the clients to determine if the final product meets their requirements.

3:  Mold Production

After the approval of the DFM report, the next step is mold production. Initially, during mold production, a Tooling Schedule form is provided to them for monitoring the production cycle at any time.

4: Free Sample Testing

The fourth step is the testing phase, where we provide free sample testing to the clients with a detailed report of the production phase. The testing phase allows us to cater to any issues we encounter during production at an early stage.

5: Mass Production:

After a successful testing phase and satisfactory client remarks, we began the mass production of plastic molded products. Our expert teams inspect the process comprehensively to ensure the standard quality of products.

6: Inspection and Mold Saving:

We conduct a thorough inspection of produced parts to make sure every part is error-free and perfectly functional. For future production, we clean and preserve the molds in a safe environment.

One thing that is closely considered during the injection molding process is tolerance. However, there is no standard tolerance range specified for molded products. It entirely depends on the mold design, geometric complexity, and part size. Here is a typical tolerance range of common molded parts;

Parts Types

Tolerance (Inches)

Simple Injection Molded Parts

+/- 0.002 to 0.005

Geometrically Complex Parts

+/- 0.001 to 0.003

Large molded parts

+/- 0.005 to 0.010


There is no MOQ at Kemal. Whether you need a single part or mass production, we accommodate customers on all order quantities. However, pricing may vary on order quantity. It will be cost-effective in case of bulk orders.

The injection molding process cycle depends on the product’s size, design complexity, and specifications. Manufacturing molded parts in advanced injection molding machinery typically take a few seconds to two minutes. However, complex parts take demand longer cycle time than simple parts. Moreover, the required manufacturing time also depends on the complexity of the finishing and assembling process.

The injection molding process cycle depends on the product’s size, design complexity, and specifications. Manufacturing molded parts in advanced injection molding machinery typically take a few seconds to two minutes. However, complex parts take demand longer cycle time than simple parts. Moreover, the required manufacturing time also depends on the complexity of the finishing and assembling process.

There are several types of processes that injection molding solution companies use for a wide range of applications. Here are some common types of injection molding processes;

  • Plastic Injection Molding (Cold-shot & Hot-shot)
  • Metal Injection Molding
  • Overmolding
  • Die-Casting Molding
  • Insert Molding
  • Gas-assisted Molding
  • Micro Injection Molding
  • Multi-Shot Injection Molding

An injection mold lasts hundreds of cycles to millions without repair and replacement. It mainly depends on the maintenance, cleanliness, SPI rating, and quality of the mold. If the mold is cleaned and stored under favorable conditions, its lifespan will be extended.

At Kemal, we follow a rigorous process for cleaning and preserving molds to ensure longevity and reusability. We store molds under ambient conditions for future production cycles.

Plastic injection molding service is achievable in a suitable manufacturing facility with advanced machinery and expert designers. Chinese injection molding companies like Kemal are known for fast production and precision molded parts.

With our own factory, we provide complete injection molding services from mold manufacturing to mass production in one place. For free quotes and rapid prototyping, contact us.

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