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Custom Plastic Injection Molding Done Your Way

Kemal custom injection molding is the perfect solution for your quick-turn plastic production and prototyping demands. We provide top-quality injection molded parts at a cost-effective price with minimum lead time. 

Our designing and manufacturing experts manufacture top-notch economical custom injection molds using advanced equipment. We can manage different tolerances as per your demand.

To produce a standard quality thermoplastic part, our plastic injection molding process features precise machinery and operations to transform molten plastic resin into a tailored plastic part.

Our overmolding technique involves bonding plastics, metals, and rubber over each other with a resistant and durable chemical bond. With improved strength, we provided the fastest assembly time.

It is a custom injection molding process where thermoplastic is molded around the pre-built part, to produce a high-strength final product consists of multiple materials.

We Know and Satisfy Every Need of Your Business, From Design to Delivery.

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Get an instant quote for your custom 3D printing projects by simply uploading your CAD file to our online quoting platform.

Confirm specs

Set your part requirements and choose a lead time that fits your schedule by customizing your specifications.


We carefully choose your order's most suitable 3D printing technology and processes and immediately initiate production.

Quality control

We ensure that all parts are manufactured according to our standards and take full responsibility for the quality of the final product.


We offer reliable and efficient delivery services to ensure your parts arrive on time and in excellent condition.

Kemal Injection Molding Capabilities

We have incorporated cross-docking with top-notch quality control to streamline the efficient and safe shipping process. Our cross-docks conduct a thorough inspection at our offices in China before delivering orders to their final destinations. With a cross-dock facility, the QC inspectors also offer additional services to meet your standards.

Part to Part Repeatability

The part-to-part repeatability we provide is +/- 0.02 mm or +/- 0.0008 in.

Available Mold Types

We offer premium steel and aluminum molds with the service life of 1000 cycles, 5000 cycles, 30,000 cycles, and over 100,000 cycles.

Machines Available

Our machines include single-cavity, multi-cavity, and family molds, with press tonnage ranging from 30 to 1900 tons.

Inspection and Certification Options

Our inspection and certification include First Article Inspection, ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949, and ISO 13485.

Why Choose Kemal for Custom Injection Molding Services

Lower MOQ, More Flexibility.

With our no MOQ policy, increase the production efficiency of your plastic molded parts. We offer accelerated production and on-demand injection molding services while ensuring low injection molding costs.

Larger Capacity, Better Price.

We provide robust manufacturing capacity in our domestic factories in China, offering quality injection molding project solutions with diverse options for surface finishes and flexible materials. We fulfill low-volume and high-volume production demands.

Certified Products, Safety Guaranteed.

As renowned manufacturers of on-demand custom parts, we have a wide range of certifications from renowned organizations for quality control: ISO 9001:2015.Strictly production to guarantee quality.

On-Time Injection Molding Delivery

Kemal features a systematic supply chain and certified domestic factories. We make sure to swiftly bridge the gap between product development and product manufacturing promptly with the fastest delivery.

Experienced Injection Molding Team

Our product developers and engineers have 20+ years of experience in the industry. Under expert surveillance, we ensure your product prototyping and production turnaround are error-free.  

Professional Injection Molding Services

We offer warranty and post-sale service on injection molded products. Our warranty and after-sales service cover defects and repairs/replacements of molded products. We offer 24/7 customer support in case of issues.

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Know Kemal-Made Facts

Kemal delivers high-quality precision machining with an incredible range of manufacturing capabilities. From prototyping to mass production, we help manufacture products with complex geometries and high aesthetic demands. Our skilled experts and advanced technologies allow us to deliver an extensive range of on-demand manufacturing services.

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