Top 10 Injection Molding Companies in Iran

Top 10 Injection Molding Companies in Iran

Iran’s plastic industry is one of the most advanced in the Middle East region. The injection molding sector has multiplied over the past several years. Iran is home to some of the finest injection molding companies in the world.

This article will explore the top 10 injection molding companies in Iran and their contributions to the industry.

We will also look at their history and achievements that have made them a leader in this field. This is an essential read for anyone interested in learning more about the Iranian injection molding manufacturers in Iran!

List of Top 10 Injection Molding Companies in Iran

  1. Khorshid Daryaye Shargh
  2. Karan Sima Fam ( Krauss maffei iran )
  3. Iran mold industry
  4. Sepid Darb Tehran
  5. Aria Polymer Pishgam
  6. Poolad Injection Moulding Machine Co.
  7. Artak machine
  8. Jahadin Parand
  9. Baspar Plastics Pars
  10. Iran Plast

1. Khorshid Daryaye Shargh

Khorshid Daryaye Shargh

  • Type of Business: Injection molding machines
  • Location: Abali Road, Tehran N.O.20, Sazmane Ab (Shahid Nashveh), Iran
  • Year Established: 1959
  • Key Products & Service: Tedrick, KDS, and Tick Injection molding machines

Company Background and Advantage:

They have a long history in the plastic industry, and their management team has a vast knowledge of the various stages of manufacturing different parts in Iran and abroad.

This experience gives them a unique advantage, allowing them to produce injection machines with domestic and imported parts (CKD and SKD). They have access to a wide range of resources and capabilities, giving them the ability to provide customers with quality products that meet their specific requirements.

Furthermore, their extensive expertise allows them to quickly and efficiently respond to customer needs while meeting tight deadlines.


2. Karan Sima Fam ( Krauss maffei Iran )

Karan Sima Fam ( Krauss maffei Iran )

  • Type of Business: Machine manufacturing.
  • Location: Bali Road, Tehran, N.O.12, Sazmane Ab (Shahid Nashveh) St
  • Year Established: 1964
  • Key Products & Service: Injection molding machines, Reaction Process machines, Automotion.

Company Background and Advantage:

Karan Sima Fam (Krauss Maffei Iran) is a well-known family business owned and managed by the Yarijanian family. They have extensive experience in the plastic industry, specifically injection molding machines, and have been importing these machines for over 30 years.

As one of the most established companies in this sector in Iran, Karan Sima Fam has a competitive advantage due to its deep knowledge of the plastic market and access to advanced technologies across various countries that are not under sanctions. This allows them to provide quality machinery at reasonable prices for their clients.


3. Iran mold industry

Iran mold industry

  • Type of Business: Mold industry company.
  • Location: Yaftabad Street, Ebrahimabad Blvd, Tehran, Iran.
  • Year Established: 1983
  • Key Products & Service: injection molding, Plastic parts design & molding, and Automotive Plastic parts

Company Background and Advantage:

Iran mold industry company, based in Tehran, has been in the business of injection mold making since 1983. They have an experienced team of engineers and support staff who specialize in designing and fabricating all kinds of molds for automotive parts, home appliances, medical equipment, ventilation and conditioning systems, industrial tools, vacuum cleaner parts, and sewing machine parts.

With their state-of-the-art technology and top-quality materials, they use to craft molds with precision and accuracy that ensure short production cycles and excellent durability.

Their advanced engineering and design capabilities enable them to produce molds tailored to their client’s specifications and ensure superior product quality.

Furthermore, they are committed to providing timely delivery at competitive prices. As such they offer customers a comprehensive solution that meets their highest standards.


4. Sepid Darb Tehran

Sepid Darb Tehran

  • Type of Business: molded cap producer.
  • Location : Unit32,No482,Mirdamad bldg.,3rd-floor East wing, Iran.
  • Year Established: 2000
  • Key Products & Service: Cap 28, Solid oil cap, Perform, Cap 30/25, Short neck, Cap 27

Company Background and Advantage:

Sepid Darb Tehran is a petrochemical company established in 2000. They specialize in producing caps with the latest technology and molds from top European companies.

They have earned a reputation for providing high-quality products and services, which has been key to their success. Their products are designed to meet customer needs and expectations. They are committed to delivering superior results, surpassing industry standards, and exceeding customer expectations.

With years of experience, they have developed strong relationships within the industry, allowing them to provide clients with customized solutions at competitive rates. Sepid Darb Tehran strives to offer innovative solutions through advanced technology, outstanding customer service, and reliable delivery systems.


5. Aria Polymer Pishgam

Aria Polymer Pishgam

  • Type of Business: Manufacturing polymer products. 
  • Location: Ishfan science and technology town Iran.
  • Year Established: 2009
  • Key Products & Service: Additive Masterbatches, Coupling Agent, Tie Layer Adhesive, Nano Additives

Company Background, and Advantage:

Aria Polymer Pishgam is a knowledge-based company dedicated to providing its partners with high-quality polymer products and services.

They have implemented advanced technologies in the polymer industry, producing various Coupling Agents, Adhesives, Additive Masterbatches, and Nano Compounds. APP has an effective consultation system and many advantages, such as excellent customer service and comprehensive industry knowledge.

They are constantly researching and developing new products to stay ahead of their competition while providing reliable materials and informed advice to help customers confidently manufacture the products they need.


6. Poolad Injection Moulding Machine Co.

Poolad Injection Moulding Machine Co.

  • Type of Business: Injection molding machine and injection molding provider.
  • Location: Tehran pars, Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran
  • Year Established: 1981
  • Key Products & Service:  Pet Preforms, IML, Thin Wall Containers, Injection Molding Machines, and Outdoor Plastic Furniture

Company Background and Advantage:

Poolad Industrial Group is a leading provider of injection molding machinery in Iran.

They offer exclusive authorized distributorships of Broche Machinery Co.’s injection molding machines, as well as manufacturing PET preforms, thin wall packaging containers with IML technology, and other heavy industrial plastic products such as pallets/skids, plastic furniture, and industrial boxes.

With over 500 employees across four subsidiaries, Poolad Industrial Group has been a trusted and reliable partner in the industry since its establishment in 1981 by Mr. Sirus Bakhtiari.

Their vast experience, technical expertise, and commitment to quality have enabled them to maintain their competitive edge in the market and provide superior service to their customers.


7. Artak machine

Artak machine

  • Type of Business: Injection molding and other machine manufacturing.
  • Location: Block 26 – Kar -o- Kargar St-Amirkabir Industrial zone – Esfahan – Iran
  • Year Established: 1991
  • Key Products & Service: Injection molding machines, Auxilary equipment, PET blowing machines.

Company Background and Advantage:

Artak Machine Vista has been active in the plastic industry since its inception in 1991, offering quality services and customized machines according to the needs of Iranian manufacturers.

With years of experience in production, they have developed innovative solutions and provided reliable after-sales service.

As an importer of plastic injection machines, Artak Machine offers competitive prices and a wide selection of products designed to meet their customers’ needs.

They provide a comprehensive range of services, including maintenance, installation, and technical support, making them the preferred choice for many customers across the country.


8. Jahadin Parand

Jahadin Parand

  • Type of Business: Molded parts manufacturer.
  • Location: No.1, Sanaat one Blvd, Esmaeel Abad Ind. City, Tehran, IRAN
  • Year Established: 2000
  • Key Products & Service: Automotive parts, Auxilary parts.

Company Background and Advantage:

Jahadim Parand was founded in the 2000s in Iran, specializing in blow molding and injection molding machines. They have a range of capabilities from 4 to 60 liters for blow molding products and 160 to 800 tons for injection molding products.

They also have an ISO9001 and TS16949 certifications for quality control and expertise in business, such as automotive parts, office equipment, sports equipment, home appliances, and transportation.

Their facilities help them meet customer design needs, while their experienced team helps them produce high-quality products.


9. Baspar Plastics Pars

Baspar Plastics Pars

  • Type of Business: Plastic packaging solution.
  • Location: No. 73, Ayatollah Kashani Avenue, Tehran, Iran
  • Year Established: 2001
  • Key Products & Service: packaging systems, bottles, closures, and injection-molded parts

Company Background and Advantage:

Baspar Plastics Pars is a world-class manufacturing company, established in 2001 to fulfill the packaging requirements of both local and international customers.

They have put effort into obtaining the latest know-how and technology to develop and produce plastic products that meet customer satisfaction. They also feature state-of-the-art, fully automated machinery and European molds.

They have attained several internationally recognized certifications, such as ISO 9001, ISO 22000, Sedex, and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) certificates. Through this, they can provide superior-quality plastic products with higher safety, reliability, and sustainability standards.


10. Iran Plast

Iran Plast

  • Type of Business: Petrochemical.
  • Location: international exhibition of Iran Plast headquarters
  • Year Established: 2002
  • Key Products & Service: Packaging Products, Laminated Products, Rubber Sheets, Industrial parts, and products.

Company Background and Advantage:

They have been a leader in the global plastics industry for over 18 years, offering quality products, competitive prices, and world-class service. Iran Plast has become known for its reliable supply chain, advanced technology, and production flexibility.

Their team of professionals provides technical expertise and knowledge to assist customers in making the best product decisions. With its strong distribution network, Iran Plast can offer an extensive range of products worldwide with short delivery times.

They have established a reputation as a trusted supplier, and their commitment to excellence has enabled them to build long-term relationships with customers worldwide. Their focus on innovation means developing new materials, processes, and solutions to meet ever-changing customer needs.


Final Words

All these companies have years of experience and expertise in injection molding technology and processes.

They offer services that cater to various industries, including automotive, electronics, and packaging materials. With their commitment to quality and customer service. They provide an excellent platform for customers looking to invest in injection molding technologies.

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