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Quality Control

How Kemal controls the quality of your parts

We’ve Re-invented Cross-docking for Quality Control

We’ve enhanced our cross-docking process to improve our clients’ shipping experience. Certified QC inspectors thoroughly inspect our cross-decks in China before your orders get to you. This optimizes the delivery processes and ensures your products arrive in perfect condition.

Quality Control From Design to Delivery

Our commitment to excellence ensures the implementation of quality control across every production stage. We provide in-house and on-site quality control (QC) procedures to ensure the quality of your custom parts. Our QC teams in Amsterdam or Chicago inspect all designs, enabling the distribution of premium-quality parts.

Quality checking

Verifying Qualifications of Raw Material Suppliers

New vendors are scrutinized and verified before approval, ensuring an excellent supply chain and smooth production of custom parts. We also track their activities to ensure they adhere to our quality standards.

Quality control-Mold Manufacturer - Plastic Injection molding - CNC Machining

Standardized In-Process Quality Control

We conduct routine, standardized checks on designs and operations before the manufacturing process is completed. This allows us to implement and monitor in-process controls for effective manufacturing processes.

Quality Checking

Finished Product Inspection

We test and examine finished products to ensure they meet our quality standards and clients’ expectations. We adopt a checklist to ensure we identify defective units and products that do not conform to our quality standards.

Meet Our Quality Control Experts

Located in China, our certified and dedicated team of quality control engineers and support staff work hand-in-hand to ensure high-quality products and positive experiences for our clients. They put their hearts into the job to ensure you are satisfied, from pre-production to post-production.

“I work to confirm that all parts and documentation meet our quality standards and policies, along with the requirements from our customers. Quality control is a complex puzzle, and I’m dedicated to keeping our processes streamlined.”


Quality Engineer

“Whenever I get a part in that’s not up to spec, I don’t just solve the part issue, I also help update processes with the team so that we don’t run into the same manufacturing problems in the future.”


Quality Control Inspector

“The team is always learning more and raising our benchmarks. Being a custom part manufacturer means that not every part fits existing standards, and it’s always a fun challenge to upgrade standards to fit our capabilities as they grow and improve.”


Quality Control Inspector

“I make sure that your parts go through rigorous checks here and with our manufacturing partners, so that all components are up to spec before shipping out to you.”

Sam Wu

Quality Control Inspector

Our Cross-docks Are Equipped To Inspect Any Part

Our dedicated cross-docking team examines the product’s quality, packaging, and threads, ensuring they are in optimal condition. We also adopt top-quality tools and effective inspection procedures to ensure your designs meet your requirements.

Quality control-Mold Manufacturer - Plastic Injection molding - CNC Machining

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