Why is Fictiv So Expensive? 7 Reasons You Must Know + More!

Why Is Fictiv So Expensive

One of the most well-known manufacturing platforms is Fictiv. It’s a marketplace that transforms your ideas into prototypes and then manufactures them into products.

As a buyer, you can source customized parts for assembling them at your place.

You can be a Fictiv buyer whether you are a beginner or already a 100 million-worth company. Yet, there is a huge problem with Fictiv, claimed by many buyers.

What’s that?

Most buyers have complained about how expensive it is, and it adds up to the total price of their complete project, making it difficult for them. If you are also planning to get your customized prototype or product manufactured by them, you may be curious about this thing too.

Looking at the facts of 2021, 84% of people love the on-demand manufacturing of products and parts. More people invest in companies like Fictiv, and still, they are

Let’s unveil why it is so expensive and whether you should choose it.

What is Fictiv?

Provides AI-generated algorithmic solutions for the manufacturing needs of customers. Whether you belong to hospitality or construction, you will always need Fictiv for manufacturing any product.

Fictiv makes the manufacturing and industrial use of material supply a huge customer category.

It’s the quickest and easiest operating system offering custom manufacturing to manufacturers.

The facts of Fictiv are worth considering because they have already manufactured 20 million parts. With 250 highly-rated manufacturing partners, it has a total investment of $192 million.

They started their company in 2013 after they noticed the issues with custom parts sourcing. The mission is to enhance the availability of separate parts for product manufacturing companies.

They claim manufacturers don’t have to invest in every tool before manufacturing a product.

You can contact them to get different parts manufactured quickly and start manufacturing your product.

They provide their solutions for a wide range of industries, including:

  • Robotics
  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Consumer Products
  • Enterprise
  • Automotive
  • NPD Acceleration
  • ETO Rapid Production
  • MRO Digital Inventory

Thousands of companies have already streamlined their business with custom parts sourcing from Fictiv. It helps to enhance product innovation and better production with advanced designs and features.

What is Fictiv Pricing?

Why Is Fictiv So Expensive

 Fictiv is based on the parts and products asked for by the customers. There are no fixed prices because they are not selling certain products. You have to provide your custom order to them to help them calculate the pricing.

You may be associated with the food and beverage industry or aerospace, with a particular demand for the product parts.

With their advanced custom production option, they have simplified sourcing the parts for manufacturing. Whether you are an individual or a company, you can benefit from different plans of Fictiv.

What Plans Do They Offer?

They offer plans for individuals and companies. You can choose either of them and start getting quotes.

1: Essentials

This free plan is designed for beginners who want to reduce the development cycles. You can sign up and directly start getting instant quotes without waiting.

Additionally, you can have free order tracking features, which help you know whether your product and parts are near delivery.

Chat support is another useful option because you will need expert help whenever you are stuck.

2: Premium

The premium plan by Fictiv is designed for companies looking to source parts to streamline their sourcing. You can create a team workspace bringing all your company members to one place.

The pricing of the premium plan depends on your needs. Plus, you’ll also get everything included in the Essential plan too.

Why is Fictiv So Expensive?

Why Is Fictiv So Expensive

Comprehensive Platform

What can be better than having an all-in-one manufacturing platform with a few clicks?

You stay in your home and still get the parts manufactured within days, and there is no need to step out of your home and visit each manufacturer separately only to get a quote.

 That’s why Fictiv charges you so much, as they provide you with all the manufacturing facilities in one place.

An Online Business Model

Manufacturing is a type of service that needs a lot of effort both for the manufacturer and the customer. However, Fictiv has made it easier for people like you to access them online.

You can choose a plan from their website and start working without further hurdles. Establishing an online business model requires a lot of effort.

Of course, everything is for you, so you have to pay extra for these services.

A Wide Selection of Products

You don’t have to confine yourself to a few products. There is a huge variety and options. You can choose between metal materials and plastics of various types for manufacturing your required parts.

You can give custom orders for your products, increasing the possibilities for your business without putting too much effort.

Wide Selection of Materials

Wide Selection of Materials

Checking on the website of Fictiv, you will find a range of plastic and metal materials. Depending on your product type, you can choose between different materials. For example, PVC, zinc, nylon, steel, titanium, copper, cast iron, etc.

A range of materials helps choose any material strengthening the parts and products. So quality is maintained.

Brand Reputation

Companies that have a good brand reputation usually charge more from their customers. Fictiv is a privately owned company many people prefer because of its high-end services.

Fictiv has a well-known brand reputation after years of effort and hard work.

So it’s obvious that you will have to pay more for such advanced services.

Outsourcing Products

Outsourcing Products

Fictiv is outsourcing products from companies to help their loyal customers. Sometimes they have to lose money on some deals because of certain delays and other reasons.

Using certain legal agreements, Fictiv predicts the total cost of a product. However, sometimes the predicted cost is less while the expense is more.

Hundreds of Specialized Manufacturers

 Fictiv has relations with highly specialized manufacturers. Importing parts and other materials from different manufacturers increases the total cost of a product.

To enhance the supply chain and increase the quality of products, you take risks with multiple manufacturers, and it requires financial security to work with different manufacturers.

Pros & Cons: Are Fictiv Parts Worth It?

Pros & Cons- Are Fictiv Parts Worth It

 Since 2013, Fictiv has been offering its online services to customers globally. The years of experience raise a question: whether its parts are worth it or not? Until now, they’ve provided 20M + parts, which explains there’s potential.

However, checking the pros and cons will help us know the truth.


Online Quotes

Online Quotes

One of the best things about Fictiv is the online quoting system. You can visit their website, subscribe to a plan and get a quote. Adding up your requirements, the number of parts, and materials will help them generate estimated quotes for you.

It is helpful as you can clearly understand the price of the parts.

Wide Selection of Products & Materials

A wide selection of materials allows you to have the opportunity of selecting materials according to your needs. Companies that need to provide more materials affect the quality of parts.

Whatever industry you are associated with, you will get the parts and products from Fictiv. From automotive to robotics, Fictiv has its hands in every industry.

No MOQ: Instant Quotes for 1-1,000 Parts

No MOQ- Instant Quotes for 1-1,000 Parts

Most manufacturing companies have a fixed minimum order quantity, limiting them to companies with greater product and parts demand.

However, smaller or beginning companies can work with Fictiv freely. They allow you to order even a single part to 1000 or above. It has made things easier for smaller businesses, especially the ones choosing the Essential Plan of Fictiv.

Fast Delivery – Lead Times From 1 Business Day

 The basic reason behind ordering parts from Fictiv is to reduce the manufacturing time. It will onbe useduse in paying Fictiv if it delivers quickly.

With Fictiv, you get minimum lead times of up to 1 business day, effectively reducing the production time of the full product as you get the parts earlier.


Outsourcing From Different Manufacturers

Fictiv outsources from different manufacturers, increasing the risks at times. This may affect the production time as one manufacturer may supply a part while others might delay it.

It also reduces the trust of some clients. Most people prefer to get their parts from one manufacturer instead of a bunch of them working differently.

Difficult to Do Quality Control Because Outsourcing

Difficult to Do Quality Control Because Outsourcing

Quality is the biggest issue when ordering from different manufacturers, and it is challenging to trust each one regarding quality. Additionally, there will be a difference in the overall product as each part would be made by a different manufacturer.

It’s one of the most considered drawbacks of working with Fictiv.

Trading Company, the Price Should Be High Than the Manufacturer

 Because of trading and outsourcing their parts from different manufacturers, there is a chance of higher costs. It can be one of the reasons why Fictiv is so expensive.

The manufacturer charges his price from Fictiv, and then Fictiv charges a high price from you.

Where is Fictiv Located, and Where Do Its Products Come From?

Where is Fictiv Located, and Where Do Its Products Come From

 Fictiv has its headquarters in San Francisco, US. Yet the company operates with 250 partners and four plus locations. India, China, and the US are the supply regions of Fictiv.

Talking about where the products of Fictiv come from has its answer in the 250 partners.

The orders for different parts manufacturing are not fulfilled by Fictiv alone, and they divide the task among different manufacturers, which makes it easier for Fictiv and you.

The burden is reduced from Fictiv, and quick delivery is made possible.

Is Fictiv Good Quality?

 There is no doubt about this question. Yes, Fictiv is good quality, and look at the stats on their website and almost 10 + years of experience in manufacturing.

Different types of high-quality materials make it possible to provide you with the same quality you want. Anyone ever hears a single complaint about the company; many advanced and famous companies trust them for manufacturing needs.

 Some of them include:

  • Space X
  • Google
  • Ford
  • Medtronic
  • Honeywell

If you plan to manufacture your products with Fictiv, you can go for it. However, remember to consider the cons of working with them. If these negative points are highly bothersome, you should skip them.

Who Are Fictiv’s Competitors?

Who Are Fictiv's Competitors

 Fictiv is not the only manufacturing company that provides online services. Many other companies are offering almost similar services. Then which one to choose? Is Fictiv better than its competitors, or are others better?

 Xometry  VS. Fictiv

Comparing Xometry and Fictiv, the most common factor is that both are on-demand manufacturing services. Customers have complained about higher prices for Fictiv and Xometry equally.

Xometry offers more options for manufacturing, like 3D printing, CNC machining, water jet cutting, laser cutting, urethane casting, injection molding, and sheet metal. You can even buy materials from Xometry; that isn’t the case in Fictiv.

Famous companies like NASA and Dell have their trust in Xometry.

On Fictiv, you must subscribe to a plan before asking for quotes. Xometry allows you to ask for direct quotes without subscribing to any plans.

Xometry has various investors who have an interest in the development of the company. However, Fictiv is a private company with no external investors.

One of the biggest factors differentiating both is the go green step of Xometry, which plays a role in stabilizing the environment.

 Fictiv VS. Hubs

Hubs don’t offer urethane casting; instead, it offers sheet metal fabrication service instead of this one from Fictiv. The rest of the services are similar in both companies.

Hubs have its manufacturers in the Netherlands, China, and many other countries, and Fictiv has 250 manufacturers, mostly in India, China, and the US. The possibilities and variabilities are more in Hubs as compared to Fictiv.

You can upload your cad file at Hubs and get the online quote within seconds. And additional quality control helps with quality assurance, which isn’t the case with Fictiv.

Almost 35,000 businesses have trusted Hubs for their requirements, and Fictiv has yet to reach 30,000 companies. Still, both companies have their way of working, and we cannot distinguish them with clear boundaries from each other.

 Fictiv VS. Shapeways

Shapeways is all about 3D printing and provides no other manufacturing services. Fictiv offers services like CNC machining, 3D printing, and more. That makes Fictiv a choice for most customers.

However, if someone is looking for professional services for 3D printing, then Shapeways is the best option.

Looking at the facts of Shapeways, you can see that they have served 1 million customers; however, Fictiv has served above 20 M customers. This explains that Fictiv is a more experienced manufacturing company than Shapeways.

One of the best things about Shapeways is that it provides 90 + materials for you to choose from. Even though they offer only a single service type, they still have more options.

Yet, Fictiv also offers a lot of materials. But the material count is comparably less than Shapeways.

 Fictiv VS. Proto Labs

Proto Labs resembles Fictiv in its services. They also provide injection molding, 3D printing, sheet metal, and CNC machining.

Fictiv needs you to join a plan from the two they’re offering, and then you can get a quote for your products. Regarding Proto Labs, you can get instant quotes without waiting to subscribe to any plan.

Proto Labs and Hubs have been interlinked with each other since 2021. You can get their collective services for manufacturing your parts within a few business days.

Fictiv does not work concerning any other company, and it operates a privately owned manufacturing firm that works how its customers want it to.

 Fictiv VS. Kemal

 Fictiv VS. Kemal

 Kemal offers unique features and services. Die casting, metal stamping, insert molding, plastic injection molding, and other similar services that are not found in any other companies.

Fictiv is a high-end service-providing company, yet Kemal has been taking its place in the industry for a few years now.

More and more people are turning towards Kemal to achieve quicker manufacturing without losing quality. One of the biggest plus points of Kemal is that no other manufacturing company offers security.

Kemal claims to keep your submitted files and designs a secret to maintain their copyright to your company, and Fictiv does not make any similar claims.

Although Kemal is new in the industry compared to Fictiv, it’s still worth it.

Should I Manufacture Parts With Fictiv?

Should I Manufacture Parts With Fictiv

 Yes, you can get the parts and prototypes manufactured with Fictiv. They provide advanced online services that help you quicken your process.

They have their expertise in:

They help you save money by choosing the right procedure for your product. You can use different plastics and metals for your products with them, which will even help you enhance your products’ strength.

Everything depends on your specific needs and requirements. You can get your custom manufacturing from Fictiv. But we recommend properly researching the services before you start working with them.

It will help you make a better decision. You’ll save your time and quicken the process of manufacturing.


Fictiv has introduced the quote-on-demand method like many other manufacturing companies. It uses different methods like 3D Printing, CNC machining, injection molding, and cutting metal for fulfilling your orders. You can get your prototypes and parts ready quickly without delays.

The best thing is that you can have your supply chain from three countries: China, US, and India. It creates a relaxed feeling because you will never deal with late manufacturing.

The cost of Fictiv depends on what services you need from them. You may have to pay more or less if you choose additional services with high quality and different types of materials.

Before you place your order, you can get your quote from them, which helps you set your budget before the time.


Fictiv is a prototype, parts, and products manufacturing company. You can get on-demand and custom precision parts that help you with quick prototyping and production processes.

They use different prototyping processes, including CNC machining, 3D Printing, and other processes. With its headquarters in California, Fictiv is helping many manufacturers and customers to grow their brands with quicker productions.

With its headquarters in California, Fictiv is helping many manufacturers and customers to grow their brands with quicker productions.

The best thing is their global partners help people, and you can have low-volume manufacturing based on a single trusted partner.

They’ve three supply regions to reduce the risks and keep the supply chain up to the mark.

  • India
  • China
  • US

Fictiv is operated by its owners only with no international investors. Being a private company, Fictiv does not have any particular stocks in the market. That’s why it’s considered a low-stock company.

There’s no confined cost of Fictiv as it’s a quote-on-demand manufacturing company. When a customer asks for a quote, the website uses pre-set criteria for determining the price.

The total cost is determined by focusing on materials, quantity, and process. You can get the estimated cost for your quote on the Fictiv website.

The price target is usually related to the stocks of a company. However, Fictiv is held by private owners without the intervention of any external hands, and such companies don’t have any price targets. However, their total investment is $192 M.

There are countless alternatives or competitors of Fictiv. Some include Xometry, Hubs, Kemal, Protolabs, and many others. These alternatives are also expensive and cost more, like Fictiv.

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