Why is Fast Radius So Expensive? Some Main Reasons You Must Know Before Outsourcing

Why is Fast Radius So Expensive- Some Main Reasons You Must Know Before Outsourcing

Fast Radius is making new things possible with its innovation and highly skilled capabilities. So why is it considered expensive when comparing Fast radius pricing with other companies?

What benefits do customers get while outsourcing Fast Radius, and what qualities and services make it a better choice for parts manufacturing? Let’s try to find out some key reasons for this issue.

What is Fast Radius?

Fast Radius is a notorious and globally recognized digital supply chain and cloud manufacturing company. It was founded in 2017 and is now considered among the top-leading companies because of its excellent products and appreciable services.

Its main headquarters is located in Chicago, IL, 60607, US. It also has offices in Singapore, GA, Louisville, and Atlanta. Its various micro-factories are efficiently offering their services in Chicago.

About 201-500 employees are skillfully performing their duties to make this company competitive worldwide.

The machinery manufacturing company provides exceptional manufacturing capabilities that help customers achieve their business goals.

CNC machining

Its main manufacturing capabilities include CNC machining, injection molding, cast urethane, 3D printing, and several additive manufacturing capabilities such as Formlabs Stereolithography, HP Multi jet fusion, Carbon Digital Light Synthesis, etc. It widely manufactures automotive, aerospace, and robotic components, medical devices, and consumer goods.

Website: http://www.fastradius.com

Phone: 866-222-5458

What is Fast Radius Pricing?

What is Fast Radius Pricing

The pricing of the products manufactured by Fast Radius varies greatly from product to product. The prices of the products depend on several considerations. The following are the main considerations that affect the costs of this company’s products.

  • The manufacturing process of desired products
  • The total volume of the ordered product
  • Geometry and specific features of the products
  • Type of material used for the manufacturing of the product.

A complex manufacturing process, the increased ordered volume of products, complex geometries, and high-quality material increases the cost of the products and vice versa.

Why is Fast Radius So Expensive?

Why is Fast Radius So Expensive

Fast Radius is counted among the most expensive companies because of the below-discussed reasons.

1-The World’s Most Comprehensive Online Manufacturing Platform:

The World's Most Comprehensive Online Manufacturing Platform

Fast Radius is the most comprehensive online manufacturing platform around the world. Its digital services allow customers to contact them anywhere to get their desired products. The company offers a wide range of different products with varying specifications.

You can demand your desired product by contacting their workers online. The company gives the best response to its customers in no time.

They will provide you with every single detail of products along with their prices. This comprehensive online manufacturing platform is helping unlimited business people worldwide to get their demanded parts at their place without visiting the company.

2-An Online Business Model:

An Online Business Model

Another reason that makes Fast Radius company expensive is its online business model. It uses a unique business structure that allows the advertising and selling of manufactured parts or prototypes through online platforms.

It is an effective way to make people aware of this company. Effectively representing the company’s products urges more people to invest in them worldwide. It makes this company famous worldwide and creates long-term business relationships with many customers.

3-A Wide Selection of Products:

A Wide Selection of Products

Fast Radius is a notable company providing its customers with a wide selection of products. It manufactures numerous prototypes and other machinery products without compromising their quality.

Their specific software programs help in the production of accurate, high-quality products. It allows customers to purchase their particular products from a single place without contacting other companies.

You can also get those products that may not be manufactured by the different manufacturers making it a unique yet expensive Company.

4-Wide Selection of Materials:

Wide Selection of Materials

In addition to providing a wide selection of products, Fast Radius is also known for offering a wide selection of materials. The availability of many materials does not bother the customers in choosing materials for their products.

Commonly, the company uses different types of plastic and metallic materials for product manufacturing. You can ask the company to use specific materials for your demanded products to level up your business.

5-Brand Reputation:

Brand Reputation

A positive brand reputation is also considered a major reason behind the expense of Fast Radius Company. Its excellent products and services have won the trust of its customers and the public.

They know they will get the same products they demand with fast shipping. The company does not scam its customers, which builds trust between customers, employees, and other workers. In short, the company is getting many positive reviews, making it expensive.

6-Outsourcing Products:

Outsourcing Products

Fast Radius is an expensive company because of the outsourcing of products. As discussed above, the company is not only offering its services in its own country. But it also has its offices, found in other countries.

It automatically broadens the company’s business because of manufacturing and selling products on a larger scale in other areas. This outsourcing product also enhances the interaction of customers from different places with the company.

It proves profitable and improves and strengthens the company’s identity.

7-By Partnering With Hundreds of Specialized Manufacturers:

By Partnering With Hundreds of Specialized Manufacturers

Fast Radius makes many durable machinery products by partnering with well-recognized specialized manufacturers such as UPS. It provides more ideas and choices for the manufacturing of ideal products.

In addition, it strengthens the company’s business and ranks it among the most expensive companies in the world.

Pros & Cons: Are Fast Radius Parts Worth It?

Pros & Cons- Are Fast Radius Parts Worth It

Pros of Outsourcing With Fast Radius

Online Quotes

Online quoting is one of the main advantages of outsourcing with the company. Customers can easily get free project quotes and instant responses and insistence from Fast Radius.

Online Quotes

It saves customers time and money, and the quoting process transparency makes this manufacturing method more helpful and easier for everyone. Online quoting is an efficient way to boost business and streamline sales and inquiries.

A Wide Selection of Products & Materials

Fast Radius has a large array of material options, and it offers several advantages to its customers. The wide material selection provides design flexibility in product manufacturing and allows the company to create unique customized parts.

A wide selection of materials and products leads to better company performance, and they manufacture more durable and precise parts that meet the specific need of customers.

Fast turnout and More Selection 35+ Surface Finishes, 80+ Metals & Plastics

The customers can select from more than 35 surface finishes and more than 80 materials, such as metals and plastics, while they outsource Fast Radius. The wider selection of material and surface finishes saves customer time and money during product fabrication.

Surface finishes

They can efficiently use material and surface finishes, reducing their project costs. Fast turnout time and a wide selection of materials and surface finish can increase customer satisfaction and build a long-term working relationship with Fast Radius and its customers. Top of FormBottom of Form

No MOQ: Instant Quotes for 1-1,000 Parts

It is very assessable for other small manufacturing companies to contact and work with Fast Radius. The main reason behind this is the no requirement of MOQ, and these companies get free and instant quotes even if they have a small order.

No MOQ- Instant Quotes for 1-1,000 Parts

The company provides equal and quality services for all orders, whether it is a bulk or small production. So it is a great advantage to work with Fast Radius.

Fast Delivery and Short Lead Times

Fast delivery and short lead time are one of the company’s main pros, making it prominent from other companies. Along with large material options when customers find No MOQ with a short lead, it


1-Outsourcing From Different Manufacturers

Outsourcing is one drawback of Fast Radius as it severely impacts parts quality negatively.

It also may increase lead time, and clients must wait for their demanded parts. So outsourcing from different manufacturers becomes one potential drawback of the company while considering its pros and cons.

2-Difficult to Do Quality Control Because Outsourcing

2-Difficult to Do Quality Control Because Outsourcing

Different outsourcing makes it difficult for Fast Radius to maintain quality control. Due to multiple manufacturers, it can be guaranteed to maintain consistent high quality for all machined and metal parts. This lack of maintained quality may lead to customer dissatisfaction and additional cost.

3-Trading Company Price Should Be High Than the Manufacturer

Due to increased competition and less quality control increase, the price makes it difficult for customers and buyers. There is a chance of an increase in price because Fast Radius is trading with many other manufacturing companies; therefore, it can prove expensive for other people to outsource to the company.

Where is Fast Radius Located, and Where Do Its Products Come From?

Where is Fast Radius Located, and Where Do Its Products Come From

Fast Radius is a highly trusted manufacturing company located in many areas. The location of its main headquarter is Chicago, IL 60607, US. Along with the headquarters, Its micro factories also manufacture and provide many automotive, aerospace, robotic, etc., and other machinery products in Chicago.

It also offers remarkable services through its Singapore, GA, Louisville, and Atlanta offices. The company has a factory that is working in Louisville, KY. It is co-located with the UPS global distribution facility that facilitates the distribution of the company’s products.

Is Fast Radius Good Quality?

Is Fast Radius Good Quality

There is no denying that Fast Radius manufactures products with exceptional quality. All the prototypes and the products undergo continuous designing and testing before modifying them into a final product.

Skillful and expert engineers and employees use high-grade materials, the best manufacturing processes, and relevant software programs for manufacturing high-quality products with no errors.

The end products exhibit greater durability, ensuring their long-term performance. Moreover, the products are highly sustainable and safer for the environment.

Who Are Fast Radius’ Competitors?

Who Are Fast Radius' Competitors

Fast Radius vs. Fictiv:

Fast Radius and Fictiv are renowned manufacturing companies. Both offer exceptional services in CNC machining, Injection molding, 3D printing, and Urethane casting. Fast Radius provides more choices in the design’s flexibility for the production of cast urethane components.

It provides customers with more options for selecting products made with specific designs. It uses modern 3D printing technologies to create competitive and functional parts. The annual revenue of Fast Radius is $5.0 Million.

Fictiv offers more CNC machining and 3D printing processes for manufacturing parts with greater accuracy and functioning. Fictiv has wide options for material selection in Urethane casting to manufacture components exhibiting varying properties.

The production time of fiction is very fast. It takes 24 hours to produce high-quality 3D-printed parts. The annual revenue of Fictiv is $48,942,000.

Fast Radius vs. Hubs:

Fast Radius and Hubs are working competitively in manufacturing their products. The manufacturing capabilities of the Hub include CNC machining, Injection molding, 3D printing, and sheet metal. It provides more efficient 3D injection molding processes than Fast Radius.

Moreover, it is affordable, making it suitable for customers with tight budgets. Its Total number of employees is 140, with annual revenue of $25.0M.

The manufacturing capabilities of Fast Radius match with Hub, but it also offers Urethane casting services. It is also manufacturing more variety of industrial products, such as medical devices, etc., to provide more choices for the customers. Its total number of employees is 240, with annual revenue of $5.00M.

Fast Radius vs. Xeometry

Fast Radius is making it possible to make unique and safe parts manufacturing and trying for better logistics. The company’s mission is to make manufacturing easy and smart and create new possibilities for people and the world.

On the other side, Xometry helps people to help in online quoting and manufacturing facilities.

The company ensures to develop various high-quality parts production, including CNC Machining, 3D printing, casting, and sheet metal fabrication.

For effective parts fabrication and prototypes with multiple materials variations, you can choose Xometry; the company has more than 10,000 skilled and professional teams. The company headquarters is in North Bethesda, MD, specializing in CNC machining, SLS, DMLS, sheet metal, Injection molding, and much more.

Fast Radius vs. Protolabs

Both companies specialize in offering end-to-end manufacturing services and have some similarities and differences. Fast Radius is a prominent company providing design, on-demand, and supply chain services.

While the target of Protolabs is different from Fast Radius, and they have a wider range of customers, from individuals to startups and mid-sized companies.

The methodology of Protolabs and working is different as the company uses small cutters and owns its machines for fabricating parts and prototypes. If you are looking for high-quality parts and prototypes, it is great to contact Protolabs as they save time in drawing and other formalities.

You get quick responses and sheet metal fabrication, CNC Machining, and 3D printing services at cost-effective prices.

Fast Radius vs. Kemal

Fast Radius vs. Kemal

Fast Radius provides for various areas and has many parts manufacturing capabilities, such as testing, additive manufacturing, injection molding, and 3D printing.

The company is located in Chicago, Illinois, and its digital manufacturing allows customers and buyers to order metal and plastic parts for bulk and small orders.

Kemal is one of the newly emerging companies committed to the best quality products making it one of the best manufacturing companies.

The wide material options, No MOQ, quality product assurance, fewer rates compared to other companies, fast turnout, and delivery make Kemal a trusted and established company in the manufacturing market.      

Should I Manufacture Parts With Fast Radius?

Should I Manufacture Parts With Fast Radius

Fast Radius is known to manufacture high-quality parts using modern manufacturing techniques and excellent materials. It even effectively manufactures parts with complex geometries and tight tolerances. The parts exhibit high accuracy and precision.

The production of prototypes before the manufacturing of parts ensures the high performance of manufactured components. In short, Fast Radius company ensures the overall excellence of their products. Thus, manufacturing parts with FastRadius is beneficial as it only provides profit rather than loss.


Fast Radius is becoming the most-ranked manufacturing company because of its excellent services. Its wide range of software program-based manufacturing techniques, such as CNVC machining, injection molding, etc., allows the production of accurate, precise, high-quality prototypes and industrial parts.

Its customer services guarantee immediate response and on-time delivery of the ordered products. If you are searching for an authentic and reliable company to manufacture your desirable parts, investing in this company will assist you in accomplishing your business goals.


SyBridge Technologies is a global manufacturing company related to industrial technology. It is a winning bidder of Fast Radius assets, and the company announced that fast radius assets were acquired in a $15.9m deal.

Fast Radius is a company globally offering its manufacturing services in different areas. These areas include:

  1. Global fulfillment
  2. Designing and testing of products.
  3. Application discovery
  4. Production-grade manufacturing.

The answer is “Yes.” Fast Radius is currently providing its manufacturing services in CNC machining, Injection molding, 3D printing, Urethane casting, and additive manufacturing processes.

Immensa Labs, Frigate, and MacroFab are among the top manufacturing competitors of Fast Radius. Other competitors include Fictiv, Hubs, Xeometry, Protolabs, and Kemal.

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