10 Best 3D Printing Companies in Singapore

10 Best 3D Printing Companies in Singapore

Singapore has placed its mark and name in international markets in 3D printing. The companies grasped and inculcated the technology so quickly and efficiently. The companies in Singapore are well known for their innovations and quality services.

They strive to advance them and keep on improving their machinery and knowledge as well continuously. The companies will note down every requirement of you and try their best to provide the same.

Here is the complete list and details about what they are, where they are, and what they offer. Let’s check them out one by one.

10 Best 3D Printing Companies in Singapore

  1. iCreate.3D LLP
  2. 3D Print Singapore
  3. ZELTA3D
  4. Creatz3D
  5. 3D Matters Pte Ltd
  6. Additive3D Asia
  7. ECS (S) Pte ltd
  8. Siege Advanced Manufacturing
  9. Chemtron Pte Ltd
  10. 3D Generation Pte Ltd

1. iCreate.3D LLP

iCreate.3D LLP

  • Type of Business: 3D design, 3D printing, injection molding and product development company
  • Location: 38 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2 #03-34 Singapore 569511
  • Year Established: 2017
  • Key Products & Services: Injection molding, 3D printing, 3D design, and related services like reverse engineering and many more

Company Background and Advantage:

iCreate 3D LLP is one of Singapore’s best 3D printing service providers. The clients and the projects they finished with are among the best companies in different segments.

Whatever your idea or your objections in creating that idea you have, the company can help you and bring them into reality. With smooth and nice surfaces, high durability, and reliable quality, injection molding products, and 3D  printing services will be provided.

You can specify everything, including the design, material, and everything you want; the desired requirements will be reflected on your end just as you want.

The company is ready with different kinds of materials to print your product with whatever you choose.

Website: https://www.icreate3dprint.com/

2. 3D Print Singapore

3D Print Singapore

  • Type of Business: 3D printing and product design, related services offering company
  • Location: 970 Toa Payoh North, #01-18 Singapore 318992
  • Year Established: 2014
  • Key Products & Services: 3D printing, 3D scanning and design, PCB design, laser cutting, software development, industrial design, and prototype.

Company Background and Advantage:

3D Print Singapore provides the perfect professional 3D printing service. They provide 3D printing and custom manufacturing in different segments and different industrial standards, from research to medicine everywhere.

With the best 3D design manufacturing tools and the best technology, they will provide you with 3D printing beyond your expectations.

Along with the best prototype, the company also provides many services. You just need to upload your design and select the materials and specifications you do have; you will get the final 3D printing design soon.

Website: https://www.3dprintsingapore.com/



  • Type of Business: 3D printing and additive functional parts manufacturer
  • Location: 18 Boon Lay Way, 09-151 | 08-134, Singapore 609966
  • Year Established: 2017
  • Key Products & Services: 3D printing, functional parts manufacturing, prototyping, design, and cloud manufacturing

Company Background and Advantage:

With the help of proprietary software, hardware automation, and the most advanced technology, ZELTA3D provides the best industrial 3D printing service.

They can also produce high-quality parts in muli materials and automotive-grade finishing as fast as possible, even in a single day. There is no such thing as minimum or maximum; you can order at your requirement.

They will strive to provide you with the services as early as possible. The company intends to shape every design given to them into a full-fledged high-quality product. They also try to provide cost-effective methods with the same standard quality.

Website: https://www.zelta3d.com/

4. Creatz3D


  • Type of Business: 3D printing and printers manufacturing company
  • Location: 180 Paya Lebar Road Yi Guang Factory Building, #08-07 Singapore 409032
  • Year Established: 2012
  • Key Products & Services: plastic 3D printers, metal 3D printers, ceramic 3D printers, 3D printing, polishing, and other related services.

Company Background and Advantage:

Creatz3D can be easily called a one-stop solution for all your requirements. You can find advanced technology 3D printing for your requirements. Along with it, you can find many others solutions.

Whatever the industry or products you are dealing with, you can find related types of printers here.  The products offered are high quality, cost-effective, and accessible to everyone.

The company also provides the best consultation to integrate and develop your product. With more than 20 years of experience, they will utilize all the best resources and give you the required cost-effective end product.

Website: https://creatz3d.com.sg/

5. 3D Matters Pte Ltd

3D Matters Pte Ltd

  • Type of Business: 3D printing and related additive manufacturing services offering company
  • Location: Science Park HQ, 10 Science Park Road, The Alpha, #01-06, Singapore Science Park II Singapore 117684
  • Year Established: 2012
  • Key Products & Services: End-to-end integrated 3D printing, additive manufacturing services like consulting, design, optimization, finishing, testing, and others

Company Background and Advantage:

The dedicated team within the 3D Matters Pte Ltf provides high-quality products within the stipulated time. The team supports you in every process, from diagnostic, consulting, and design to the final product.

The company also can help you redesign the parts for better service or to resolve problems. 3D Matters company provides services based on the goal of increasing market mileage, cost, and time-effective products through their comprehensive scale models and replicas.

Whatever the industry segment you are from, the team will provide you with the best prototype and services.

Website: http://3dmatters.com.sg/

6. Additive3D Asia

Additive3D Asia

  • Type of Business: 3D printing and related services providing company
  • Location: 7 Kallang Pl, #02-05, Singapore 339153
  • Year Established: 2014
  • Key Products & Services: 3D printing, digital part analysis, and art vapor smoothing

Company Background and Advantage:

The company provides the best 3D printing services at the industrial level. They make 3D printing the most efficient way to bring the final end product so smoothly. They would try to make production management simpler and faster.

Additive 3D Asia provides digital manufacturing solutions with the help of the latest advanced technology. You can find a vast variety of industry segments the company works with, like automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, medical, electronics, shipping and marine, and many more.

They also believe that materials impact a lot in every process, and they ensure everything must be provided with the right material and process.

Website: https://additive3dasia.com/

7. ECS (S) Pte Ltd

ECS (S) Pte Ltd

  • Type of Business: 3D printing services and 3D printers and other solutions providing company
  • Location: BLK 19 #03-161/163, Kallang Avenue, Singapore 339410
  • Year Established: 1982
  • Key Products & Services: 3D printing and 3D printing solutions like printers, scanners and design software, business solutions, and cloud solutions.

Company Background and Advantage:

You can find a long services list inside the ECS(S) Pte Ltd in 3D printing. Their experience, combined with the specialized team, will design the best prototypes and services.

This company is the most reliable and authorized partner for many companies in many countries. Without worrying about the prototype costs, they will offer 3D printers to make your ideas exist in real.

With the help and presence of highly developed technology and software, you can find the most effective and cost-effective solutions to your specifications.

Website: https://ecss.sg/

8. Siege Advanced Manufacturing

Siege Advanced Manufacturing

  • Type of Business: 3D printing and services offering company
  • Location: 38 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2 Lobby A, #06-05, Singapore 569511
  • Year Established: 2017
  • Key Products & Services: 3D printing and services, including rapid prototyping, modeling, and print methods, design and modeling, post-processing services, as well

Company Background and Advantage:

There are many advantages of going with Siege Advanced manufacturing. The first advantage is its competitive price. They try to make the products and services economically affordable and cost-effective.

The next is its quality, they will provide the services with highly advanced printers to ensure the best quality and durability, The next is speed and quantity.

The company will try to provide the products and services in the provided time. They sound strong enough to handle small to large projects with their advanced growth and updates in both hardware and software.

Website: https://www.siegeadvancedmanufacturing.com/

9. Chemtron Pte Ltd

Chemtron Pte Ltd

  • Type of Business: 3D printing and printers manufacturing and related services providing company
  • Location: 203A Henderson Road, #02-03 Henderson Industrial Park, Singapore 159546
  • Year Established: 1995
  • Key Products & Services: 3D printing, 3D printers and printer rentals, robotics-related services and 3D printing materials

Company Background and Advantage:

You can find everything almost related to 3D printing. They provide 3D printing services and 3D printers that are manufactured to make sure to meet most of your applications.

You can find the latest 3D printers equipped with the latest printing technology equipped from professional to industrial level for any purpose.  They try to provide the client with the products and services as early as possible.

The company also helps you understand more about advanced and beneficial methods to provide the best product on an economically friendly budget. They also provide a good option for trying before buying their printer. They offer you the in-hand experience before committing to a particular printer.

Website: https://www.chemtron.asia/

10. 3D Generation Pte Ltd

3D Generation Pte Ltd

  • Type of Business: 3D printing and related services along with injection molding providing company
  • Location: 87 Defu Lane 10, #03-10, Singapore 539219.
  • Year Established: 2016
  • Key Products & Services: 3D printing, 3D consulting, 3D modeling, prototyping and mass production, injection molding, CNC, vacuum Casting

Company Background and Advantage:

3D Generation Pte Ltd offers different options for clients like you can provide digital files and physical parts, or you can just provide the concept that you are thinking about; the rest can be taken care of by the company.

Within 3D printing, there are different options available, and the company tries to provide different options and solutions, whether it’s small or big.

Along with the 3D printing and scanning services, they provide injection molding and many more advanced solutions. They developed their software to the maximum extent that could help them to provide solutions to any kind of problem.

Website: https://www.3dgeneration.sg/

Wrapping Up

Hence these are the top 10 best 3D printing companies in  Singapore. The companies provided above are equipped with advanced machinery and the latest technology to work on every project.

They provide outstanding services and try to provide their solutions as fast as possible. They will make you understand the advanced methods you can try for your product.

You don’t need to struggle much; all you need to do is provide a project file or just explain the concept. They will come back with high-quality products and services.

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