10 Best 3D Printing Companies in Saudi Arabia

10 Best 3D Printing Companies in Saudi Arabia

3D printing technology is replacing the traditional prototyping and manufacturing process, which is costly and time-consuming.

3D printing is a fast-growing market in Saudi Arabia, with more and more companies looking forward to using it to enhance their innovativeness and break barriers that otherwise seemed impossible before!

Are you looking for the best 3D printing companies near me? Take a look at our list to find the best additive manufacturing solutions provider for your needs!

1. Namthaja 3D Printing Manufacturing Solutions

Namthaja 3D Printing Manufacturing Solutions

  • Type of business: 3D printing service provider
  • Location: Dammam, Saudi Arabia
  • Year established: 2015
  • Key products and services: 3D design, 3D printing, prototyping, and 3D scanning

Company Background and Advantage:

Namthaja is a leading additive manufacturing service provider in Saudi Arabia and GCC regional union. The company offers its solutions under three major categories such as engineering and product development, direct manufacturing, and digital inventory.

The 3D printing company is equipped with more than 50 printers of 6 different classes and technologies to undertake any type of 3D printing-related project.

It offers high-quality parts in both metal and non-metal materials. Companies that are unable to find the required parts to manufacture their products can get them custom-made from Namthaja. They offer cost-effective and flexible solutions for producing innovative 3D models and end-use parts.

Website: https://namthaja.com/en/home/

2. NDigitec


  • Type of business: Digital service provider
  • Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Year established: 2005
  • Key products and services: 3D printing, textile printing, large format printing, and digital production

Company Background and Advantage:

Namma Int’l Digitec, known as NDigitec is a UAE-headquartered company with a facility in Saudi Arabia. It is an innovative creative media production company that offers an extensive range of solutions that includes but is not limited to digital production, photography, digital marketing, and 3D printing.

It’s a one-stop solution for clients in need of digital services.

The company is renowned for its digital flexo plate production, and it is the first in the region to introduce UV LED technology to increase its plate-making capabilities and meet its clients’ demands.

As for 3D printing, NDigitec offers ABS plastic-based and powder-based 3D printing solutions with the capability to print intricate model designs for its customers. They are available in different colors.

Website: https://www.ndigitec.com/

3. Xplorer 3D Global

Xplorer 3D Global

  • Type of business: 3D printer supplier
  • Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Year established: 2014
  • Key products and services: Flashforge Finder 3.0, CreatBot D600, XPLORER 3D Proto, and SHINING 3D Einscan-SP

Company Background and Advantage:

Xplorer 3D is one of the 3D printing manufacturers operating in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. The company specializes in manufacturing desktop and industrial 3D printers.

From compact portable 3D printers for home use to large build volume printers for businesses, you can find a wide range of choices. Xplorer 3D also offers a range of 3D scanners, 3D printing materials, and 3D software for sale.

In addition, the company also offers 3D printing services that include on-demand manufacturing for fast-turn prototyping and large-scale production of end-use parts.

Customers can also provide their 3D designs and get a model printed in their preferred material. Xplorer 3D is renowned for its high-quality affordable additive manufacturing solutions in the gulf region and Southeast Asia.

Website: http://xplorer3d.com/

4. CMYK Print Solutions Jeddah

CMYK Print Solutions Jeddah

  • Type of business: Digital printing supplier
  • Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Year established: 2002
  • Key products and services: Digital printers, materials, and inks

Company Background and Advantage:

CMYK is a company with branches in many Middle East countries, including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Sudan, and Syria. It supplies wide and super-wide format digital printing machines. In addition, it also supplies printing materials and inks from world-renowned brands.

Some of the global brands include SEIKO, Flora, Forni, Branson, and Graphtec. CMYK is the sole supplier of the reputed digital ink brand Triangle Inx. The company is headquartered in Cairo, Egypt.

Website: https://cmykme.com/

5. Khusheim 3D Solutions

Khusheim 3D Solutions

  • Type of business: Digital printing supplier and service provider
  • Location: Dammam, Saudi Arabia
  • Year established: 1954
  • Key products and services: 3D printers and materials

Company Background and Advantage:

Khusheim 3D Solutions is a division of Khusheim Co., a leading industrial equipment supplier in Saudi Arabia. The company supplies the latest and high-quality 3D printing equipment and related materials.

It also provides consultancy, training, and maintenance services to help its clients select the ideal additive manufacturing solutions for their requirements.

In addition, Khusheim 3D Solutions offers an extensive range of services, such as 3D printing, design, model making, product development, reverse engineering, and industrial fabrication.

It undertakes product design and prototyping orders for companies in different industries. Other services provided by Khusheim Co. include welding solutions, chemical solutions, machine tools, and media solutions.

Website: https://khusheimstore.com/

6. Arkaki Trading Establishment

Arkaki Trading Establishment

  • Type of business: Digital printing supplier
  • Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Year established:  2020
  • Key products and services: Ender printer series, CR series, and fully enclosed printers

Company Background and Advantage:

Arkaki Trading Establishment is a supplier of 3D printing products and accessories. The company offers plastic filament printers, resin printers, scanners, 3D printer materials, and spare parts.

Customers also have the option of placing an appointment and getting their models printed at the company’s showrooms.

The Ark Foundation aims to educate and help companies further their innovative missions by incorporating additive manufacturing technology into their production process.

Arkaki Trading Establishment also offers aerial photography services and delivery robot rentals for their clients.

Website: https://arkaki1.com/

7. Maptec Technology Systems

Maptec Technology Systems

  • Type of business: Digital printing supplier
  • Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Year established: 2013
  • Key products and services: Professional printers, industrial printers, handheld scanners, and desktop scanners

Company Background and Advantage:

Maptec Technology Systems is a company specializing in providing digital and AM solutions for clients in different industries. Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, it is a renowned reseller of a wide range of 3D printers, 3D scanners, 3D software, printing materials, and other 3D-related equipment. 

As one of the best 3D printing suppliers, it offers a wide range of printers of different technologies, such as FDM, SLS, DLP, and SLA. They are available under the categories of plastic, composite, metal, high temp, and biocompatible materials.

Clients can choose the ideal printer for their rapid prototyping and manufacturing requirements based on the material used for their model design. In addition, the company also offers products for metal casting, UV curing, laser cutting, laser welding, and wax injection.

Website: https://www.maptec.ae/

8. Dynagraph


  • Type of business: 3D printing service provider
  • Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Year established: 1965
  • Key products and services: 3D printers, 3D design, 3D manufacturing, and 3D scanning

Company Background and Advantage:

Dynagraph is one of the oldest and leading 3D printing suppliers in the Middle East. Headquartered in Lebanon, the company has many branches in the gulf region, including in KSA.

Dynagraph started as an offset printing service provider and has expanded from digital printing to large format printing to 3D printing.

The company offers 3D printers as well as 3D printing services. It has both desktop and industrial 3D printers to suit the different needs of its customers.

Dynagraph’s on-demand printing services include functional prototyping, rapid prototyping, low-volume production, and appearance models. Customers can also get their idea designed into a 3D file or model using the expertise of the design team.

Website: https://www.dynagraph.net/

9. Make Real

Make Real

  • Type of business: 3D printing services
  • Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Year established: N/A
  • Key products and services: 3D design and 3D printing

Company Background and Advantage:

Make Real is a 3D printing service provider that caters to different industries. It is equipped with the equipment and resources to undertake any 3D design and printing project.

Make Real is specialized in 3D architectural design and prototyping. The 3D printing company has completed many public and private projects involving the development of models for new buildings, landmarks, and infrastructure.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/makerealco/

10. Design Station

Design Station

  • Type of business: Design agency
  • Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Year established: N/A
  • Key products and services: 3D design and printing

Company Background and Advantage:

Design Station is an upcoming agency that facilitates the 3D design and printing solutions for its clients. From architecture models to interior design to graphic projects, customers can get all of their 3D prototyping requirements done here.

Website: https://design-station-design-agency.business.site/

11. Kemal


  • Type of business: Manufacturer, exporter, and 3D printing supplier
  • Location: Dongguan City, China
  • Year established: 1995
  • Key products and services: Online 3D printing, rapid prototyping, rapid prototyping, and die casting

Company Background and Advantage:

Kemal is a highly reputed 3D printing company based in China with clients all over the world. It offers a comprehensive range of additive manufacturing solutions, from rapid prototyping to end-use parts production.

The company is driven by a team of creative and skilled engineers who are capable of undertaking any complex and critical 3D design and manufacturing project.

Some key services offered by Kemal include CNC machining, injection molding, sheet metal fabrication, and 3D printing. The company uses top-grade materials to deliver high-quality products, and the molds are ISO certified.

Its specialty is its capability to undertake both large and small-scale custom manufacturing requirements of its clients. In addition, the company also has a resource section that helps those new to the AM industry learn about its many opportunities and capabilities of 3D printing.

If you are looking for the best 3D printing companies near me in Saudi Arabia, we hope our list helps you. Kemal can cater to your 3D printing requirements wherever you are in the world!

Website: https://www.kemalmfg.com/

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