10 Best 3D Printing Companies in Denmark

10 Best 3D Printing Companies in Denmark

The Danish government is pushing for growth in the 3D printing industry to create more jobs, reduce transportation and production CO2 emissions, and help Denmark become a leader in innovation.

In this post, we list the 10 best 3D printing companies in Denmark. The largest company is Copenhagen-based SLM Solutions Group A/S which also operates globally.

Are you living in Denmark and looking for 3D printing companies near me? This list is for you.

List of 10 Best 3D Printing Companies in Denmark

  1.  3D Printhuset
  2. COBOD International A/S
  3.  DaVinci development a / s
  4.  3D Eksperten
  5. Damvig A/S | Prototal
  6.  Teccluster
  8.  Flashforge Denmark
  9.  Create it Real A/S
  10.  SimplyPrint

1. 3D Printhuset

3D Printhuset

  • Type of Business: Industrial Machinery Manufacturing
  • Location : Dronningens Tværgade 26, Copenhagen K, 1302, DK
  • Year Established: 2015
  • Key Products & Service: Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printing, networking, market research, communications, and hybrid manufacturing

Company Background and Advantage:

Danish 3D printing company 3D Printhuset has showrooms in Copenhagen and Aarhus. It offers a wide range of 3D printing equipment and accessories from leading manufacturers around the world.

They provide customers with technical support, insights into industry trends, and professional print service assistance for complex and unique 3D prints and 3D scanning projects.

In a rapidly growing industry such as 3D printing, they stand out for their commitment to customer satisfaction and technical excellence.

Their team of professionals is highly experienced in 3D printing and committed to providing excellent customer service and technical support, making them an ideal partner for any 3D printing needs.

Website: https://3dprinthuset.dk/

2. COBOD International A/S

COBOD International

  • Type of Business: Industrial Automation
  • Location : Skudehavnsvej 17A 2150 Nordhavn Denmark
  • Year Established: 2017
  • Key Products & Service : Robotics, material science, automation, engineering, advanced construction technology, and 3D construction printers

Company Background and Advantage:

The COBOD International A/S company offers a range of automation and robotics technology to disrupt the global construction industry through 3D printing solutions.

COBOD has achieved several milestones in the building construction industry, including 3D printing Europe’s first building in 2017 and subsequent 2- and 3-story buildings in Belgium, Germany, and Dubai.

Through their open-source strategy, they engage with customers, academic institutions, and suppliers around the world, enabling them to continue driving innovation and advancements in the construction industry.

By working together with its partners, COBOD has been able to push the boundaries of 3D printing in the building construction industry and truly revolutionize the way things are done.

Website: https://cobod.com/

3. DaVinci development a / s

DaVinci development

  • Type of Business: Manufacturing industry
  • Location : Hedegårdsvej 9, 7190 Billund
  • Year Established: 2015
  • Key Products & Service: Concept development, design, 3D printing, 3D scanning.

Company Background and Advantage:

Danish company DaVinci Development a/s specializes in 3D printing. Offering complete development solutions, from concept to finished product, they work on both complete and partial projects.

Engineers at DaVinci Development work either from their office in Billund, Denmark, or as integrated members of the customer’s development team. By doing this, they ensure high-quality and documented processes in everything they do.

The purpose of their work is to reflect the needs and identity of a client. This allows them to become the catalyst for change, stimulating investment and growth in both the private and public sectors. Their approach embraces the macro idea and executes it at the micro level.

Website: https://www.davinci.dk/

4. 3D Eksperten

3D Eksperten

  • Type of Business: Online shop and printing service and Printers.
  • Location : Amalienborgvej 57, 9400 Nørresundby
  • Year Established: Not Specified.
  • Key Products & Service: FDM, SLA, SLS, SLM/Metal, Vaccum cast, 3D printing services, 3D scanning, and online shop.

Company Background and Advantage:

3D Eksperten is a leading supplier of 3D printers and accessories in Denmark, offering a variety of brands including Creality3D, Ultimaker, PRUSA, Anycubic, and Raise3D.

They offer 3D printing services to individuals, small, medium, and large businesses, as well as public institutions such as schools and universities. The company stocks all the leading models and ensures that customers have a smooth 3D printing experience.

The printers and devices are pre-tested at several levels, and they deliver items on a daily basis. 3D Eksperten is one of Denmark’s most prominent 3D printing brands.

Furthermore, they are dedicated to providing the highest quality of customer service and ensuring that each customer is satisfied with their 3D printing project.

Website: https://3deksperten.dk/

5. Damvig A/S | Prototal

Damvig Prototal

  • Type of Business: Plastics Manufacturing
  • Location : Kuldyssen 6B, Taastrup, 2630, DK
  • Year Established: 1995
  • Key Products & Service : 3D-Print, Prototyper, and Additive Manufacturing

Company Background and Advantage:

Damvig A/S | Prototal belongs to Scandinavia’s strongest and most experienced 3D printing group. Over the last 25 years, Damvig A/S has assisted prominent companies at home and abroad with the innovative development of advanced 3D-printed items.

They offer a full-service solution, which means they are involved from concept to series production, with the industry’s most advanced production equipment.

Entrepreneurs, startups, public authorities, and Denmark’s largest companies trust their expertise, short delivery times, high quality, confidentiality, and precision in their work.

The partnership with Swedish Prototal Industries AB ensures synergies and strengthens their market-leading position in Scandinavia for 3D printing polymer materials.

Website: https://damvig.dk/

6. Teccluster


  • Type of Business: Industrial Machinery Manufacturing
  • Location : Egtved, Danmark
  • Year Established: 2003
  • Key Products & Service: Design, Engineering, Product development, Project management, 3D Medical, and CAD Modeling are some of the services that 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, Rapid Prototyping, and Manufacturing.

Company Background and Advantage:

Teccluster A/S is one of Scandinavia’s leading distributors of 3D technology. They offer 3D printers, scanners, software, and materials from the largest manufacturers on the market.

In addition, Teccluster provides a range of engineering solutions, from rapid prototyping to reverse engineering to scale models.

A state-of-the-art machine park and advanced technologies have enabled Teccluster to develop a revolutionary 3D wound scanner and supply parts for a space probe. Due to their extensive experience and expertise, they are able to offer customized solutions that meet the exact needs of their clients.

Website: https://teccluster.com/



  • Type of Business: Automation Machinery Manufacturing
  • Location : Jomfrustien 27, Haderslev, South Denmark 6100, DK
  • Year Established: 2010
  • Key Products & Service : 3D, 2D, Konstruktion, 3D-printing, R&D, LEAN, Prototyping, 0-series, Materialevag, Solidworks, FDM, SLA, Bearbejdning, Mekanik, Flow, 3D print, and Production

Company Background and Advantage:

DANMARK 3D PRINT ApS is Denmark’s leading company in the field of 3D printing. Depending on the client’s specifications and requirements, they produce custom-made items.

Their materials include bioplastics, PLA, TPU, PETG, PP, ABS, ASA, PBT+, Resin, Carbon Fiber, Nylon, PVA, PBA, Wood, and HIPS, in addition to hard, soft, flexible, impact-resistant, and heat-resistant.

Three to five thousand items can be produced per month with a tolerance of 0.1 mm using custom-built industrial printers. For each project, they choose the material that is most suitable.

Additionally, they have a team of experts on hand to ensure that their clients’ requests are met with the highest quality standards.

Website: https://3dprintdanmark.dk/3d-print-danmark/

8. Flashforge Denmark

Flashforge Denmark

  • Type of Business: Computers and Electronics Manufacturing
  • Location : Horsens, Jylland
  • Year Established: 2011
  • Key Products & Service: Filament 3D printers, Industrial 3D printers, Resin 3D printers, Filament, Resin, Spare parts, and Printing services.

Company Background and Advantage:

Flashforge Denmark is an authorized retailer of Flashforge 3D printers, a leading manufacturer of 3D printers worldwide.

They are owned and operated by the engineering company NILAS3D ApS, which specializes in 3D design and 3D printing. By testing and calibrating all printers before packaging, Flashforge Denmark ensures customer satisfaction with its high-quality 3D printers.

Furthermore, they offer service and troubleshooting via NILAS3D and provide excellent customer service by phone and email. Their commitment to customer satisfaction doesn’t stop at the product itself; Flashforge Denmark provides ongoing support for their 3D printers, ensuring a hassle-free 3D printing experience.

 Website: https://www.flashforge.dk/en-EU

9. Create it Real A/S

Create it Real

  • Type of Business: Automation Machinery Manufacturing
  • Location: Aalborg, North Jutland
  • Year Established: 2009
  • Key Products & Service: Development of 3D printing technology, Electronics, 3D graphics, additive manufacturing, Research & Development, FFF, FDM, SLA, 3D printers, augmented reality, precision mechanics, software, hardware, embedded electronics, 3D printing at high speeds, encryption, security, programming, consulting, metal, Slicer, and customization.

Company Background and Advantage:

Aalborg-based Create It REAL A/S specializes in 3D printing technologies. Whenever necessary, their engineering team will develop the necessary technology to provide the best solution, tailored to the specific needs of their customers.

Additive manufacturing requires deep knowledge of creating profiles for 3D printing materials. The company also developed the world’s first real-time processor dedicated to 3D printing and launched a powerful platform that reduces time to market by half.

For IP protection, the platform encrypts 3D files from the server to the printer itself. If you’re interested in getting a demo and launching your high-end 3D printer, contact them.

 Website: https://www.createitreal.com/

10. SimplyPrint


  • Type of Business: Software development.
  • Location : Dyssegård, 2870, DK
  • Year Established: 2020
  • Key Products & Service: Printing software.

Company Background and Advantage:

3D printing company SimplyPrint was founded in 2020 to make 3D printing easy and smart. It was founded by a group of students who designed an interface that made it easy for students and teachers to start printing, solving the underlying problem that 3D printers were difficult to use.

No matter how much experience a user has with 3D printers, SimplyPrint’s software makes 3D printing accessible to everyone.

Easy and hassle-free 3D printing is made possible by their user-friendly interface. It’s easier than ever to print 3D objects with SimplyPrint.

Website: https://simplyprint.io/


The Danish 3D printing industry is vibrant and innovative, with numerous companies offering cutting-edge technologies and services.

These companies are pushing the boundaries of what is possible with 3D printing technology, from custom-made 3D prints to high-performance industrial printers.

No matter what your needs are, there is a 3D printing company in Denmark that can meet them. In this exciting and rapidly evolving field, these 10 best 3D printing companies in Denmark offer quality, innovation, and excellent customer service.

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