9 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Plastic Injection Molder

9 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Plastic Injection Molder

With millions of mass production companies around the world, it makes wonder as to how one stays afloat in a very competitive industry. Hence, we reckon, that the key to being a stable and competitive mass producer is choosing a good plastic injection molder.

Choosing a plastic injection molder is important for very significant reasons. One of the most important reasons is that you would want a manufacturing partner who is reliable and outcomes-based enough to direct everything from design to manufacturing.

The choice of a plastic injection molder is also significant in waste reduction, cost-efficiency, accuracy, and faster lead time.

In this post, the factors to consider when choosing a partner plastic injection molder are laid down. These factors range from reliability, project completion, engineering expertise, advanced practices, product volume capacity, design, and material expertise.

9 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Plastic Injection Molder

9 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Plastic Injection Molder

If you are a startup mass producer, the most important question is what factors are there to consider in choosing a plastic injection molder?

Fortunately, you need not rummage the net and do extreme research for this. In this section, an overview of the most significant factors to consider are enumerated for your reference.

1. Reliable Production:

Reliable Production

A good plastic injection molder is one which can provide evidences that you can get your molds at the on or before your set deadline. For this matter, check the company’s profile.

You would very much benefit if some key evidences of reliable production are present. For example, does the plastic injection molder provide a blueprint of the manufacture flow?

Also, do they offer detailed updates in every phase of the manufacturing process, and compliance to the highest industry standards? If these are upfront in their website or reviews, then highly consider them.

2. Timely Project Completion:

Timely Project Completion

Time is always of the essence when it comes to manufacturing. According to Mordor Intelligence, plastic injection molding is a multi-billion industry which relies on timely project completion.

Thus, a plastic injection molder partner who can ensure fast lead time and with a reputation of timely project completion is a major plus in your choice.

In this respect, you can check out the finished projects of the plastic injection molder. Check their portfolio, ask for quotations, including an estimated timeframe depending on the quantity of your order.

3. Engineering-based Expertise:

Engineering-based Expertise

Note that mass production needs to be anchored in a strong engineering-based skills and expertise. A good plastic injection molder must have a skilled, pool of in-house experts that would work collaboratively in every detail of the mold order.

Through this, not only would you get assurance that there is a smooth-sailing production, but also one which meets quality standards.

4. Provider Dependability:

Provider Dependability

When it comes to provider dependability, you must look out for other subfactors. This includes ISO certification, and manufacturing capacity, among others.

It would also help if you could score client reviews and recommendations to attest that indeed, your partner plastic injection molder is a dependable one.

5. Science-backed, Advanced Practices:

5. Science-backed, Advanced Practices

You must remember that the choice of materials, and the combination of various plastics and metals must be science-backed. Along with this are evidences of advanced practices not only in the production flow but also the tools and equipment that they have.

Laszeray projects that by 2026, mass production shall become fully automated. Thus, plastic injection molder companies should now be at least 65% equipped with advanced practices integrating science-backed, approaches and technologies.

Taking this all in, you should choose a plastic injection molder with sufficient expertise in advanced practices. An evidence of which is their use of high-end technologies.

6. Quality Control and Inspection:

Quality Control and Inspection

Secondary processes are as important as the production process itself. Some of the most important secondary processes are quality control and inspection.

This phase ensures that the quality standards are met and the accuracy of the product are kept in place. This gives you ease as to the products that shall be delivered to you.

7. Production Capacity:

Production Capacity

Fusing reliability, dependability, advanced practices, and others, would be production capacity.As a factor, the higher the production capacity, the more reliable the plastic injection molder is.

As such, you must look for a plastic injection molder who is equipped enough to meet your demands and professional enough to have a business approach that is pro high production capacity and high quality.

For example, working on a 10,000-unit project must be best left with a manufacturer with an on-place tool, pool of experts, and high-end work environment to begin with.

You should rather spend highly upfront than compromise the whole project if you are to choose low-cost manufacturer with questionable product capacity.

8. Material Selection and Procurement:

Material Selection and Procurement

Most of the time, material selection is a great game changer in mass production. You should always check the material range of the plastic injection molders which you are considering. Their procurement approach is also something to consider.

Hence, choose a plastic injection molder with a wide range of materials for selection and at the same time, who is eco-friendly and systematic when it comes to procurement.

9. Design and Engineering Support:

Design and Engineering Support

Designing and developing the product design is one thing, but having a wide range and complete design and engineering support mechanism is a major plus.

Thus, make sure that the plastic injection molder you choose has capable and hands-on design and development team who will keep you abreast of all tweaks, modifications, and helpful add-ons in your design before production.

Engineering-based Expertise

A wide know-how and a stable pool of in-house engineering experts are a big plus for a plastic injection molding company. According to Wunder Mold, one of the upsides of having one is the presence of an optimized and systematic approach in maximizing plastic materials and crafting them using your desired features and specifications.

In making sure that you land on a plastic injection molder with engineering-based expertise, you should ask, can this company produce products using high-end production applications?

Do they have experienced and skilled technicians who will be there in every phase of the job? Do they have equipment engineers and who will oversee the production from design to packaging?

Quality Control and Inspection

Quality Control and Inspection

The need for quality control and inspection in mass production must always be overemphasized. It is imperative because it offers assurance that the highest quality standards in production are met.

It is also a voucher for the precision of the molds, the quality of the products, and the product value of the molds.

In choosing a plastic injection molder, you should keep in mind the following considerations: do they have a systematic and up-to-date quality control methods pursuant to international standards? Does the company have trained validation and quality control personnel who does the inspection?

Whenever there are defects in the product, what interventions do the quality control and inspection team do to attend to the situation? Are there risk analyses employed in their quality control and inspection?

If a plastic injection molder has these and more, then you have a landed a good mass production partner in them.

Production Capacity

Production Capacity

You must note that the high production capacity promise of a plastic injection molder is not always a fit to your product demand. As noted by NB Plastics, as a common practice, mass producers categorize plastic injection molders into low-to-moderate producer and high-volume producer.

If you are working on 10,000 units and lower, the former is the better choice. If the demand is greater than 10,000 unites, choose a high-volume producer.

Production capacity is important because it determines not only the lead time for your orders but also their quality.

In ensuring that you get a highly reliable plastic injection molder with high production capacity, consider the following questions: do they have the capacity specialization in terms of manpower, tools, and equipment? What is their average production lead time for 10,000 units?

Do they have a wide range of material selection? How specialized are their team when it comes to the details and phases of the work?

Material Selection and Procurement

Material Selection and Procurement

Remember that not all plastic injection molders have the material range to fit all mold specifications. Material selection and procurement are very important in the production flow because they determine if a project is outrightly feasible or not.

You cannot compromise and choose alternatives for highly specific molds. Further, specific materials have specific machining needs. The lack or absence of these can derail the production in general.

As such, you need a plastic injection molder with high expertise when it comes to material selection and procurement.

In identifying which ones to trust, you need to ask the following: are their materials range all FDA-approved plastics?; what are the common plastic materials that they use?; do they have a specific mold categorization?; what type of plastic resins are available?; what plastic combinations are most feasible for the job?   

Design and Engineering Support

Design and Engineering Support

Design and product development is the heart and soul of mass production. It all starts with a good and feasible design, coupled with a hands-on team that will ensure that the product is not settled for less.

A hands-on design team with engineering support is imperative because of some valuable reasons. One, the efficiency and functionality of the product, from rough design to the final output is ensured.

Two, precision and cost-effectiveness are also maintained if you have a good design team who would know when to insert and discard a tweak or modification in the product design.

In your choice of plastic injection molder partner, you must ask, do they have up-to-date design applications to render your design? Do they have a skilled and involved design team that can work on complex geometries?

Do they offer precise design templates and concepts which are proven functional and cost-efficient? Do they offer a hassle-free design consultation with their clients? Do they offer a wide range of tooling options?

Do they include prototyping and testing in their design and product development?

Timely Project Completion

Timely Project Completion

The need for a plastic injection molder partner who can complete your orders at a fast lead time cannot be more emphasized. A timely project completion would ensure that there is a fast turnover of products and profit to your advantage.

To test and validate this aspect among the plastic injection molders that you are considering, you need to consider the following inquiries: Do they offer an open communication line for you to supervise the project phases?

Do they have the necessary tools, materials, and equipment to complete the project? Do they have a specialized manpower to take on the task? How efficient are they in managing their team and in keeping up with the timeline?

Some of the best evidences of a timely project completion is customer reviews, client recommendations, and project portfolio of the plastic injection molder.

Communication and Collaboration

Communication and Collaboration

Just because you have entrusted your order to a plastic injection molder would mean that you are out of the equation.

An open communication and collaboration lines where you could freely air your restrictions, specifications, and design suggestions, ensure a smooth sailing production and high value, high quality products.

In choosing a plastic injection molder, you should consider those with exemplary customer service, and hands-on, open, and consistent communication lines. They should allow you to give your inputs and suggestions in every phase of the production process.

As such, ask the plastic injection molder to give you a detailed walk through of how will the project commence and end. Do they have the skill to breakdown to you the various phases of the project in a language you can understand?

Do they offer platforms and services that would allow you to send your inputs and suggestions? If they do, then they are a plastic injection molder to consider. 

Science-backed, Advanced Practices

Science-backed, Advanced Practices

Plastic injection molding is an ever-evolving industry. A good plastic injection molder must have an up-to-date knowledge, skills, and equipment in boosting project completion, and in product manufacturing.

The most significant upside of a science-backed, advanced practices in plastic injection molding is precision and accuracy.

Using new ways to produce through automation and other skills ensure that you get high value, durable, and optimized products without high operations costs, product waste, and probable failures.

To score a good plastic injection molder, you must take note of the following: how advanced is their production practices? Do they use state of the art tools and equipment in their production?

Can their production flow keep up with high and uniform repetition at a maximum consistency level? What advanced practices have they incorporated in their production approach?

If you can answer these with ease, backed up with evidences, then hold on to that plastic injection molder.

Kemal: Your Leading Plastic Injection Molder in China

Kemal- Your Leading Plastic Injection Molder in China

Indeed, there are a lot of considerations to remember when it comes to choosing a plastic injection molder. But if you are looking for reputable ones that have stood the test of time and maintains empirical evidences of their reputability, you can start with Kemal Manufacturing.

Incorporating state of the art tools, equipment, production practices and skilled manpower, Kemal continues to be a leading plastic injection molder in China.

Collaborative, hands-on, and with stellar client network through the years, you can trust Kemal with your plastic injection molding needs.



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