Top 10 Injection Molding Companies in UK

Top 10 Injection Molding Companies in UK

Injection molding is used to create items from a variety of materials, such as plastics, metals, rubbers, and ceramics.

With many companies providing injection molding services in the UK, choosing which company to go with can take time and effort.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of the top 10 injection molding companies in the UK based on their reputation, services, and quality standards.

Each company has been carefully selected based on its history in the industry, customer service ratings, and price competitiveness. Here is our list:

  1. Malton Plastics (UK) Ltd
  2. Injection Mouldings Ltd
  3. Pentagon Plastics Ltd
  4. Maplan Rubber Injection Moulding
  5. Small Plastic Parts Ltd
  6. Ash Mouldings UK Ltd
  7. Rutland Plastics
  8. Essex Injection Mouldings Ltd
  9. Crown Plastic Mouldings Ltd
  10. BSA Mouldings Ltd

1. Malton Plastics (UK) Ltd

Malton Plastics (UK) Ltd

  • Type of Business: Expert in Injection molding.
  • Location: 29 Enterprise Way, Thornton Road Industrial Estate, North Yorkshire
  • Year Established: 2001
  • Key Products & Service: Plastic Injection Molding, Tool making, Mold tools, and component design.

Company Background and Advantage:

This one of the best injection molding companies in UK has several advantages that have enabled them to become so successful over the years. Thanks to modern machinery and technology, they can supply high-quality, cost-effective solutions with their extensive plastic product range.

They have also been able to invest in skillful staff who can manage and operate the machines efficiently for maximum productivity.

With their relocation to a larger facility, Malton Plastics can now provide an even higher level of service with the added benefit of an overhead crane for machine operations and tool changes, improved safety, and increased storage space.

This has resulted in greater efficiency and lower customer costs, helping them remain competitive in a highly competitive market.


2. Injection Mouldings Ltd

Injection Mouldings Ltd

  • Type of Business: Producing top-quality molded products for complex engineering and various industries.
  • Location: Staverton Connection, Cheltenham GL51 0TF
  • Year Established: 1995
  • Key Products & Service : Design, mold tools. Prototyping, 3D Printing.

Company Background and Advantage:

They have been providing reliable and quality injection molding services since their establishment, based on the outskirts of Cheltenham in Gloucestershire.

With state-of-the-art factories and equipment next to the M5 and a highly experienced team of professionals dedicated to customer satisfaction and growth, Injection Mouldings Ltd. is a UK leader in this field.

They provide excellent customer service from idea to finished product, ensuring clients are delighted with the result. Their commitment to high standards has led to continual growth year after year.


3. Pentagon Plastics Ltd

Pentagon Plastics Ltd

  • Type of Business: Injection molding.
  • Location: Unit 4, Blatchford Road, Horsham, West Sussex
  • Year Established: 1972
  • Key Products & Service: Mold design, Development, Tooling, Thermoplastic molding.

Company Background and Advantage:

Pentagon Plastics Ltd. has been delivering world-leading injection molding services for over 50 years. They offer a full plastic injection molding cycle from initial design to tooling, production, and post-production support utilizing the latest cutting-edge technology and tools.

Their highly experienced and dedicated team is committed to offering their customers unique solutions that exceed their expectations.


4. Maplan Rubber Injection Moulding

Maplan Rubber Injection Moulding

  • Type of Business: Expert in the Plastic and rubber industry.
  • Location: The Glenmore Centre, Waterwells Business Park, Gloucester,
  • Year Established: 1983
  • Key Products & Service: Injection molding machines and services.

Company Background and Advantage:

They have been in the injection molding of rubber and plastic industry for over 30 years. They specialize in horizontal, vertical, and compression presses and offer global marketing services.

They understand the importance of customer satisfaction and strive to create tailored solutions to meet each customer’s needs. Their machines feature easy operation, high production efficiency, higher output, better quality, excellent repeatability, and consistent product quality.

Furthermore, they offer a wide range of technical support through their worldwide network of experts and engineers.


5. Small Plastic Parts Ltd

Small Plastic Parts Ltd

  • Type of Business: Injection molding and plastic manufacturer company.
  • Location: Stafford Park 15, Telford, Shropshire, West Midlands,
  • Year Established: 1973
  • Key Products & Service: Plastic injection molding, design and tooling, plastic products.

Company Background and Advantage:

The dedication of Small Plastic Parts Ltd. to innovation, speed-to-market, and quality enables the company to confidently deliver a wide variety of goods to a variety of customers across the United Kingdom and Europe, including market leaders in those regions.

Small Plastic Parts Ltd. can make items with shot weights ranging from 0.1 grams to 4 kgs thanks to the 35 molding machines at their disposal. This allows them to cater to the requirements of its customers for small production runs, big production runs, and customized designs.


6. BSA Mouldings Ltd

BSA Mouldings Ltd

  • Type of Business: Plastic products and plastic injection molding company.
  • Location: Larch Road, Saddlebow Ind Est, King’s Lynn, Norfolk, UK
  • Year Established: 1960
  • Key Products & Service: Injection molding, Design, tooling, 3D Printing.

Company Background and Advantage:

BSA Mouldings Ltd has been in business for many years and has established a strong reputation in the industry as one of the leading plastic injection molding companies.

They offer a broad range of services, from design assistance to prototyping and secondary operations, to ensure that all their products are of the highest quality.

Their advanced plastic injection molding machines produce reliable and cost-effective products with precision and efficiency. They also have access to various raw materials, enabling them to create customized solutions for any customer’s demands.

As an experienced team, they take pride in delivering outstanding results every time and providing value-added services that exceed customer expectations.


7. Rutland Plastics

Rutland Plastics

  • Type of Business: Desing and developing products with injection molding service.
  • Location: Cold Overton Road, Oakham Rutland, LE15 6NU
  • Year Established: 1956
  • Key Products & Service: Product Design, Injection molding, Injection molded products.

Company Background and Advantage:

Custom injection molding services have been available on-site at Rutland Plastics since the company’s founding in 1956. Today, Rutland Plastics is privately held and operates out of a 6100 square meter facility home to more than 150 employees.

More than £14 million is brought in annually, and they’ve earned certifications like Investors in People (1995) and Quality Management ISO9001:202015. Their commitment to investing in areas that add value to their connections with customers and suppliers, combined with their focus on developing promising partnerships, makes them an excellent option for clients that require individualized products.


8. Essex Injection Mouldings Ltd

Essex Injection Mouldings Ltd

  • Type of Business: One-stop injection molding and design service.
  • Location: Unit 15, Craftsman Square  Temple Farm Ind Est, Southend-On-Sea, Essex
  • Year Established: 1987
  • Key Products & Service: Tool making, CAD & CAM design, mold making, injection molding.

Company Background and Advantage:

Essex Injection Mouldings Ltd has been providing quality molding services for companies across the UK since its establishment. They offer a range of services from tool design and production to short runs, high volume production, and mold trials, with their fully equipped Tool Room and experienced staff.

Their modern molding machines range from 25-250 tons, allowing for a wide selection of materials to be used in projects. The company prides itself on delivering top-tier results without compromising speed or employee health, making them one of the most reliable injection molding manufacturers.


9. Crown Plastic Mouldings Ltd

Crown Plastic Mouldings Ltd

  • Type of Business: Plastic injection company in UK.
  • Location: Unit 4 Wyeside Enterprise Park, Llanelwedd, Builth Wells, UK
  • Year Established: 1979
  • Key Products & Service: Design, Tooling, Injection molding, testing.

Company Background and Advantage:

They at Crown Plastic Mouldings Ltd. strive to ensure minimal waste and maximum efficiency in their production processes. They employ the latest hot runner systems and work closely with the Carbon Trust and the Welsh government to minimize waste from existing tooling.

Furthermore, they have cutting-edge technology such as robotics, measuring capabilities, and regular servicing for optimum performance. As a result, they can produce a wide variety of high-quality injection-molded products with superior precision and accuracy.


10. Ash Mouldings UK Ltd

Ash Mouldings UK Ltd

  • Type of Business: Custom plastics and polyurethanes production
  • Location: Unit 8, Crigglestone Industrial Estate, High Street, Crigglestone, Wakefield
  • Year Established: 1998
  • Key Products & Service: marine oil, Automotive, Moulding, and components.

Company Background and Advantage:

They have been operating for many years and are experts in casting polyurethanes and injection molding plastics. They provide excellent service and quick turnaround times for quality products.

With the use of CAD and CNC technology, their tooling is highly competitive, allowing them to produce a wide range of products. Moreover, they assist in design throughout the manufacturing process, helping customers with old and new projects.


Wrapping Up

These injection molding companies provide a wide range of services, including mold design and construction, plastic product design, prototype manufacturing, and even post-molding services.

With their experience and expertise, these companies can deliver high-quality products at competitive prices within a short time frame.

For people looking for “injection molding near me”, most of these companies offer local delivery services or may even be willing to arrange an appointment with the customers.

So if you are looking for an injection molding manufacturer in the UK, one of these top 10 can help your business expand quickly and cost-effectively.

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