Top 10 Injection Molding Companies in Japan

Top 10 Injection Molding Companies in Japan

Japan is home to some of the world’s most innovative and advanced injection molding companies. These top 10 Japanese firms are renowned for their highly-precise manufacturing processes, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled expertise in plastics production.

These businesses offer various services, from small-scale operations to more significant industrial makers, including component design, tool production, quality control, and molding services. With years of experience and expertise, these Japanese companies have become leaders in the injection molding industry.

List of Top 10 Injection Molding Companies in Japan

  1. Matex Co., Ltd.
  2. YASUI Co., Ltd.
  5. Yasuda Mold Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
  6. Shibaura
  7. Tsutawa
  8. Shinwakogyo Co., Ltd.
  9. Juken Kogyo Co., Ltd.

1. Matex Co., Ltd.

Matex Co., Ltd.

  • Type of Business: Developing and producing Home appliances, electric actuators, and industrial facilities and providing injection molding service.
  • Location: 1-125 Mizukoshi Yao city, Osaka, 581-0856, Japan
  • Year Established: 1921
  • Key Products & Service: planetary gear. Injection molding and Designing, manufacturing, and selling mold.

Company Background and Advantage:

Matex Co., Ltd. has been a leader in designing and manufacturing planetary gears, gearboxes, and transmissions for many years. They have many achievements in developing custom solutions for appliances, machinery, automobile parts, and health equipment.

Their capabilities include contracted development and manufacturing mechanical components such as actuators, power units, pumps, and plastic injection molding and assembly.

Moreover, they have extensive experience with nylon resin and hearable and malleable resins. All these features make Matex Co., Ltd. a reliable partner to provide high-quality products while meeting all the customer’s requirements on time.


2. YASUI Co., Ltd.

YASUI Co., Ltd.

  • Type of Business: Manufacturing medical devices.
  • Location :
  • Address: 2725 Oazakakusa, Kadogawa-cho, Higashiusuki-gun, Miyazaki 889-0697, Japan
  • Year Established: 1930
  • Key Products & Service: Local production, Cooperative, Clinical oversight.

Company Background and Advantage:

Yasui Co., Ltd. has a long and illustrious history, tracing its origins back to 1930 in Osaka when it began as a printing company.

Over the years, they have become an integrated manufacturer of injection molding (mainly medical device parts), and medical products (original and OEM). They are ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified, which stresses their commitment to quality control and management to meet international standards.

In addition, they strive to bring Made in Japan quality to the world’s markets, assuring customers that their products are safe, effective, and comply with all applicable laws and regulations.




  • Type of Business: One-stop solution for plastic products.
  • Location: 1-6 Shinyahata, Yuki City, Ibaraki Prefecture 307-0029
  • Year Established: 1941
  • Key Products & Service: Mold design, Mold creating, plastic injection molding.

Company Background and Advantage:

FUJIGOUSEI Inc. has been producing precision plastic molded parts since 1941, providing reliable products that meet current societal expectations.

They specialize in mold design/manufacture, molding/assembly, and coating these parts for use in various industries such as communication, electronics, medical care, and automobiles.

By leveraging their accumulated experience and expertise over many years, they strive to provide superior quality products based on high-end technology while continuously investing in new technologies to stay ahead of the competition.

With a global outlook and presence, FUJIGOUSEI Inc. is well-equipped to remain at the forefront of the industry for many years.




  • Type of Business: Injection molding manufacturer.
  • Location: 651-1 Nishi-shinai, Shimoshidami, Moriyama-Ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Pref.
  • Year Established: 1967
  • Key Products & Services: Automotive dies, Electric partsdies, and custom injection molding services.

Company Background and Advantage:

Tanaka Die & Mold Works Co., Ltd. was founded in 1967 and has provided customers with high-quality, precise plastic mold manufacturing.

They combine traditional and new technologies to efficiently produce goods that satisfy customers’ needs.

Advantages: They continuously update their equipment, have cultivated expert skills through years of experience, and strive for absolute “quality”, “speed”, and “global perspective” when creating products. This makes them an ideal partner for customers seeking reliable and trustworthy services.


5. Yasuda Mold Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

Yasuda Mold Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

  • Type of Business: Mold manufacturing.
  • Location: 475 eba kuwana city mie pref. Japan
  • Year Established: 1947
  • Key Products & Service: Mold, die-cast products, Plastic products

Company Background and Advantage:

The Yasuda Mold Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Has a long history of faithful growth with the Japanese economy since the postwar era. They have developed into an international supplier of quality molds, working hard to meet tight deadlines, cost, and quality standards.

They have established a system of long-term results and experience-gained perception that ensures their success despite rapid technological development. With an efficient, focused team, they provide excellent results and knowledge that is highly valued in the industry.


6. Shibaura


  • Type of Business: Manufacturing machine manufacturer.
  • Location: Minato ward. Tokyo, Japan
  • Year Established: 1875
  • Key Products & Service: Injection molding machines, CNC machines, Die casting machines, System robots.

Company Background and Advantage:

With multiple state-of-the-art facilities throughout Japan and global expansion initiatives, Shibaura provides customers with unbeatable quality and reliability.

Their team of experts in mechatronics engineering, machine design, and research and development is dedicated to finding the best solutions for each customer’s needs.

By leveraging its deep knowledge base of accumulated skill and knowledge, Shibaura can offer top-notch customer service and products that meet customer expectations.

In addition, Shibaura works closely with customers through every stage of their projects to ensure that the machines they create are optimized for maximum efficiency and productivity.


7. Tsutawa


  • Type of Business: Injection molding machines and auxiliary equipment manufacturer.
  • Location: O. T. M Bldg. 4/F, 1-13-44 Kamihigashi, Hirano-ku Osaka 547-0002 Japan
  • Year Established: 1989
  • Key Products & Service: Injection molding machines, Robots, Dryers, Loaders, Crusher.

Company Background and Advantage:

With a team of highly experienced professionals in the plastic industry, they have gained the trust of customers from around the globe.

They are constantly adapting to the changing technology and investing in training their younger members with the latest technological advancements.

Furthermore, Tsutawa’s commitment to globalization is evident from its overseas affiliates in Hong Kong. Their high-quality products and professional customer service have enabled them to become one of the most trusted names in the plastic machine industry.


8. Shinwakogyo Co., Ltd.

Shinwakogyo Co., Ltd.

  • Type of Business: Injection molding products for the medical industry.
  • Location: Nishikawaguchi Kawaguchi city Saitama prefecture, Japan
  • Year Established: 1974.
  • Key Products & Service: Mold design and manufacturing for the plastic industry.

Company Background and Advantage:

With a strong background in producing quality plastic molded products, Shinwakogyo Co., Ltd. is well-equipped to meet the demanding needs of customers in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

They have earned medical device marketing approval and ISO13485 certification.

Additionally, Shinwakogyo is one of the few plastic molding manufacturers that have acquired ISO13485 certification in Japan, making them an ideal choice for customers seeking reliable, high-quality products.


9. Juken Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Juken Kogyo Co., Ltd.

  • Type of Business: Injection molding of plastic business.
  • Location : 140-1 Komukai cho aza Kitakomukai, Toyohashi city, Aichi, Japan
  • Year Established: 1965
  • Key Products & Service: Design, injection molding,  Processing.

Company Background and Advantage:

Juken Kogyo Co., Ltd. has been a leader in plastic injection molding since its establishment in 1965. They have continuously developed new technologies and applications for their manufacturing processes, building on the state-of-the-art technology of the time.

Their Juken System can produce reliable micro parts for consumer electronics, cameras, watches, and automobile parts with precision and efficiency. Juken Kogyo Co., Ltd. boasts a wealth of experience in plastic injection molding that goes back over 50 years.

Their expertise is evident in their use of advanced technologies as well as their own unique production system. They are also committed to supplying products with higher value added to customers worldwide, creating innovative solutions to meet their needs.




  • Type of Business: Injection molding parts production.
  • Location : 2110 Minamijo, Sakaki-machi, Hanishina-gun, Nagano-ken 389-0693, Japan
  • Year Established: 1947
  • Key Products & Service: Horizontal, vertical, and Hybrid injection molding machine, Molding support system.

Company Background and Advantage:

With their motto of “Going Specific, Deeper, and Unlimited”, they have been continuously researching and developing state-of-the-art injection molding machines, molds, molding support systems, and mold processing technologies.

They prioritize the shop floor as the center of the molding business to provide customers with tailored solutions.

NISSEI PLASTIC INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD’s experience allows them to develop innovative processes and technologies that maximize customer efficiency and quality.

They also believe in providing individualized solutions for each customer, allowing them to find the most effective strategies for their specific needs. Additionally, they are continuously pushing the boundaries of technology to bring more value to their customers and the industry.


Wrapping Up

Japan is one of the leading countries in injection molding technology. Its top 10 injection molding companies are some of the most respected and innovative in the industry.

These companies offer a wide range of services, from design to production and quality assurance, ensuring that their customers receive high-quality products.

They also employ advanced technologies such as robotics, 3D printing, and Automated Visual Inspection (AVI) to ensure maximum efficiency in the manufacturing process.

These injection molding manufacturers in Japan are committed to providing excellent customer service with outstanding customer satisfaction. They continue to innovate and develop cutting-edge technologies to help them remain at the forefront of this growing sector.

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