Top 10 Injection Molding Companies in Denmark

Top 10 Injection Molding Companies in Denmark

If you’re asking yourself about injection molding near me and you’re in Denmark, you’ve come across the right article. Denmark has its own collection of top-shelf injection molding companies to choose from.

It’s because 45 percent of the country’s GDP comes from exportation of goods and services.

About 14 percent of that are for services and 31 percent are for goods. In turn, one of Denmark’s top exports is plastic injection molding from their highly certified injection molding manufacturers.

Top 10 Injection Molding Companies in Denmark

If you’re searching for Denmark’s finest injection molding companies, here’s a list of the top 10 injection molding manufacturers from the country for you to choose from below.

1. Knudsen Plast

Knudsen Plast

  • Type of Business: Manufacturing
  • Location: Frederiksværk, Denmark
  • Year Established: 1980

Key Products & Services:

Injection molding for thermoplastics or healthcare as well as buying molding tools.

Founded back in 1980, Knudsen Plast serves as the premier representative of the top-shelf plastic injection molding companies in Denmark.

They employ about 200+ or so employees and their main products include molding tool purchases and injection molding for healthcare and thermoplastics.

Knudsen is primarily known for its healthcare contributions, delivering quality plastic injection molding finished products, assembly parts, machine parts, and materials. They work in a myriad of historical business areas in Denmark.

They do custom injection molding 24/7. This has allowed them to develop a comprehensive database on the subject as well as veteran experience that continues to expand as injection molding technology marches on.

They’re flexible and economical, plus their Slovakian factory achieves 15 percent savings.

2. Carina Plastics

Carina Plastics

  • Type of Business: Manufacturing
  • Location: Rødovre, Denmark
  • Year Established: 1985

Key Products & Services:

Plastic injection molding and medical equipment manufacturing.

As for Carina Plastics, they mainly do plastic injection molding for medical equipment. They have also between 200-300 workers under their umbrella.

Founded in 1985, they first produced plastic-based accessories and jewelry, which explains why they’re named as such.

They’ve since expanded their services and production to produce other products for different industries, with a focus on medical equipment in particular.

For more than thirty years, they’ve also covered other plastic injection molding industries such as automotive and home appliances.

Throughout the decades, their production facilities have grown to scale with their ever-widening range of industrial products under their belt. Additionally, they focus on carrying out contract manufacturing to a multitude of markets and industries.

3. AMP A/S


  • Type of Business: Manufacturing
  • Location: Stensved, Denmark
  • Year Established: 1991

Key Products & Services:

Plastic injection molding, 2K molding, and injection of metal components into plastic components.

Established only in the 1990s, AMP A/S and their under-200-workers workforce might be smaller than Carina Plastics and Knudset Plast, but they make up for their lack of seniority with a focus on innovation and more advanced injection molding tech.

The company also merged with the Rego Silicones Group back in 2016, resulting in larger-scale production since then and the backing of one of the leading injection mold manufacturing companies, Regoform A/S.

Through their experience, they’ve reached the pinnacle of the injection molding industry by developing their own set of principles and methodology for producing injection-molded plastic parts, particularly for the medical device and equipment market.



  • Type of Business: Manufacturing
  • Location: Glostrup, Denmark
  • Year Established: 1965

Key Products & Services:

Injection molding and industrial thermoplastic components manufacturing.

As for MOLYTEX or Molytex, it’s the Danish injection molding and industrial thermoplastic manufacturing company of note in terms of seniority and long-reaching experience.

It’s the oldest company on this list, being founded way back in 1965 when injection molding was still new tech.

Located in Glostrup, the company got established in the 1960s by its founder M.Sc. Jørgen Matzau (1938-1995) mainly to deal with the finish and trade of thermoplastic profiles and sheets.

However, once the company delved into the injection molding process industry, there was no turning back.

At present, Molytex is Denmark’s foremost injection molding supplier which specializes in making industrial thermoplastic components for a multitude of companies in Europe with a highly automated and gold-standard production.

5. SP Molding Co. Ltd.

SP Molding Co. Ltd.

  • Type of Business: Manufacturing
  • Location: Juelsminde, Denmark
  • Year Established: 1986

Key Products & Services:

Injection molding plastic procession components

The SP Moulding Co. Ltd. or SP Molding is a manufacturing company from the 1980s specializing in injection molding plastic procession components.

Aside from Denmark, SP Molding also has locations in Poland and China. The business has also been certified accordingly by the certificates of DS/EN ISO 9001 and DS/EN ISO 14001. Their Polish branch handles assembly work and technical plastics manufacturing.

They feature modern production facilities as well as a technological area that deals with finishing treatment for compression, surface treatment, and ultrasound welding.

Thusly, it’s one of Denmark’s leading makers of such parts for a multitude of industries, including automotive, factory equipment, and medical machines.

6. A Tech Supply APS

A Tech Supply APS

  • Type of Business: Manufacturing
  • Location: Randers, Denmark
  • Year Established: 2020

Key Products & Services:

Plastic injection molding tools and solutions and plastic parts optimization

A Tech Supply is the New Kid on the Block, essentially. Established only in 2020, it’s barely 3 years old going on 4 years old. There are certain advantages to its youth.

It’s known for its focus on European country plastic parts exports. Although they lack the experience of the 30-40-year-old injection molding companies on this list, they now have immediate access to newer injection molding tech developed for the 21st Century.

This means they were founded with state-of-the-art machinery and automated systems instead of legacy ones.

They thusly offer the latest in micro injection molds (they product parts of various sizes from less than 1 gram and beyond), standard injection molds, and insert tools.

7. Inmold


  • ​Type of Business: Manufacturing
  • Location: Nivå, Denmark
  • Year Established: 2007

Key Products & Services:

Plastic injection molding and extrusion coating.

Denmark’s Inmold A/S is a specialist when it comes to plastic-based surface structure control. It’s also a newer or younger company like A Tech, especially compared to the veterans at our top five. Inmold also benefits from being established with newer developing tech.

This has given them the ability to specialize in micro-structured and nano-structured plastics a la A Tech’s micro-molding tech.

They also offer high-volume production for roll-to-roll imprints and plastic injection molding.

They offer products and applications such as technical polymer films with structures, product-integrated holograms for counterfeit prevention, super-hydrophobic plastic surfaces, injection molded holograms, and an upscale option for high-volume plastic component production.

8. MP Plast

MP Plast

  • Type of Business: Manufacturing
  • Location: Ørstedsvej, Denmark
  • Year Established: 1986

Key Products & Services:

Plastic injection molding to create custom-made plastic parts, wheels, castors, and rims.

Although it’s a much smaller company compared to the others on this list, MP Plast made the cut because of its contributions to plastic castor exports for Denmark. Their product range includes rims, rollers, special castors, and castor series type of products.

The applications and industries for these injection-molded plastic parts are quite comprehensive as well, which includes complex client-specific personalized solutions to simple, standard solutions.

Their plastic products feature optimal functionality, good quality, and attractive design.

As industry veterans since 1986, they have experience and knowledge when it comes to design, development, and production of plastic components and products, covering even those beyond their best-selling wheels and rims production.

9. Rika Plast

Rika Plast

  • Type of Business: Manufacturing
  • Location: Hornbæk, Denmark
  • Year Established: 1961

Key Products & Services:

Plastic injection molding, fabricated plastic units and components, and fabricated metal products.

Rika Plast is another industry veteran from the 1960s like Molytex. For over 60 years, they’ve been delivering quality injection molded plastic units for export through their own propriety assistance tech products.

They also produce the Rika nozzle that can rotate 360° and comes with extensions, adapter and cap as well as joint fillers for the construction industry and plastic medical aids for patients undergoing assisted living situations.

They also manufacture tools and fabricated metal products and components except machinery and equipment. Through the years, they’ve produced high-quality products with ISO 9001 certification and the highest of Danish quality standards.

10. Berima A/S

Berima AS

  • Type of Business: Manufacturing
  • Location: Ribe, Denmark
  • Year Established: 1950

Key Products & Services:

Plastic injection molding, mold construction, and supplier of center rings and plugs.

Last but not least is Berima A/S. It’s the oldest company on this list, with it being around since 1950. From the start, they were primarily known for injection-molded, ready-made district heating pipes.

They’re among the pioneers of Denmark’s flourishing export economy. Berima is renowned for being a dependable and fast supplier of a multitude of plastic injection molding products and components.

This includes center rings, pipe caps, wire clips, plugs, and splash barriers.

Aside from being a plastics exporter and national supplier, you can also depend on them for product development and design, mold construction, production, quality assurance, form storage and maintenance, and parts recycling.


As part of Northern Europe, Denmark borders Germany at its south and lies at the egress of the North Sea and Baltic Sea, across the Scandinavian countries of Sweden to Norway.

It’s also the central hub or nationwide bridge between Northern and Western Europe.

As the central Euro land bridge, its economy is fueled by foreign trade, with 75 percent of its exported goods being manufactured products (made by injection molding and the like).

Meanwhile, 27 percent of its exports are equipment and machinery while 12 percent of its exports are chemical products.

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