Top 10 Injection Molding Companies in Switzerland

Top 10 Injection Molding Companies in Switzerland

Switzerland’s top 10 injection molding companies are one of the most advanced companies. Whatever the project they are picking up from anywhere in the world, they will provide you with the best prototype and the best solutions.

Those top 10 injection molding companies are able to stand in the international markets due to their flexibility and solutions to complex problems.

No worries about the size of the firm, or volume of the order, or the dimensions or sizes you are looking for, you can find answers for injection molding with these top 10 companies. Let’s see what they are.

List of Top 10 Injection Molding Companies in Finland

  1. pmTECH GmbH
  2. Vallotech
  3. Pamaco
  4. Stamixco Ag
  5. MCRC plastics GmbH
  6. Télast S.A.
  7. CVA Silicone
  8. Matriq AG
  9. Pierre Bercher S.A.
  10. Mecaplast S.A.

1. pmTECH GmbH


  • Type of Business: Injection molding, molding parts, and related services offering company
  • Location: Schwalbenstrasse 5, 9514 Wuppenau, Switzerland
  • Year Established: 2019
  • Key Products & Services: Injection molding, designing parts and molding, assembly services and other.

Company Background and Advantage:

The caption of pmTech GmbH itself says that “ we bring ideas into shape”. As the name suggests, it helps in bringing the best design according to your idea and specifications.

You can find a long list of injection molding-related services. They will help you and support you in tool selection, and they offer highly durable and effective solutions with trying to keep the same cost that you are planning for.

They believe customer success is their primary success. Hence they are customer-centric and try to provide maximum flexibility to you. The company processed with most renowned international companies due to their highly effective solutions.


2. Vallotech


  • Type of Business: Injection molding, over molding, and parts manufacturing company
  • Location: Plans-Praz 21, 1337 Vallorbe
  • Year Established: 1904
  • Key Products & Services: Injection molding, over molding, and manufacturing plastic parts and related services with molding processes.

Company Background and Advantage:

Vallotech is a worldwide manufacturer with multiple locations available and is one of the leading companies in the injection molding industry.

They offer highly precise and accurate solutions to your problems. They design fully automated assembly lines that make your process smoother. Their offer quality services after testing and training with multiple vision methods to test leakage and function testing.

The logistics services offered by them are the most comfortable and easy. The quality of the services offered by them is at a high level with cost-effective.


3. Parmaco


  • Type of Business: An injection molding and MIM products manufacturing and services offering company
  • Location: Fischingerstrasse 75 8376 Fischingen Switzerland
  • Year Established: 1992
  • Key Products & Services: Metal injection molding, MIM products, and services related to it

Company Background and Advantage:

Parmaco especially focuses on MIM components and produces complex components. The fields involved with Parmaco are multiple, like medical technology, the automotive industry, machine engineering, aeronautics, etc.

They offer different dimensions of metal injection molding. From medium to large level quantities, services can be offered. With extensive experience and further development, Parmaco offers solutions to any problem.

Additional services will be offered, like counseling, optimization, engineering, etc. They work with high-quality materials to design the perfect long-lasting product.


4. Stamixco Ag

Stamixco Ag

  • Type of Business: An injection molding company with mixer methods
  • Location: Samstagernstrasse 57, 8832 Wollerau, Switzerland
  • Year Established: 2003
  • Key Products & Services: Static mixing, injection molding and general mixing, and related services

Company Background and Advantage:

At Stamixco, you can find different mixing systems for different methods. You can notice static mixers for injection molding, static mixers for extrusion, general mixing technology, and disposable mixers.

Stamixco Ag offers and explains what exactly is happening in the mixing process. They will explain to you in detail and help you through the process. For injection molding, Stamixco Ag works with different tools, different polymers, and different formulations to bring the best product.

The equipment and machinery are totally designed and processed with unique methods.


5. MCRC plastics GmbH

MCRC plastics GmbH

  • Type of Business: Injection molding and services providing company
  • Location: Hurdnerstrasse 81, 8640 Hurden, Switzerland
  • Year Established: 2018
  • Key Products & Services: Injection molding and related services

Company Background and Advantage:

MCRC plastics GmbH is a mixture of several elements that can attract a customer easily. They give attractive prices and are cost-effective, and the company always tries to reduce the cost and provide the same desired specifications.

They will try to provide the solutions faster than the provided date. They provide top-quality services that too in different dimensions and sizes.

The crucial thing is they will try to make the most sustainable methods for long life. The whole process of receiving you will be quick and easy,  support you all the time.


6. Télast S.A.

Télast S.A.

  • Type of Business: Injection molding and other molding services with related solutions
  • Location:  Rte de Genève 3, 1028 Préverenges, Switzerland
  • Year Established: 1982
  • Key Products & Services: Injection molding, injection of thermoplastics, and post-production management services

Company Background and Advantage:

Télast S.A. offers a wonderful service of receiving requests and replying to them at the right time. They will solve your query immediately and help you back to the next step.

They will help you in the development of your complete project. They will help you in rectifying your mistakes too. Within the same roof, you can find a wide range of services like injection molding, design, quality control, finishing, etc.

They will help you in analyzing your project and will design a much better prototype by considering your necessities. Then they will bring back the best product with advanced methodology and solutions.


7. CVA Silicone

CVA Silicone

  • Type of Business: Injection molding, Liquid silicon injection molding, and other molding services, project design and development company
  • Location: Schneckenmannstrasse, 8044 Zürich, Switzerland
  • Year Established: 1961
  • Key Products & Services: Injection molding, LSR molding, LSR over-molding, liquid silicon injection molding,

Company Background and Advantage:

CVA Silicone is one of the oldest and most innovative companies with diversified skilled teams. The company successfully emerged as one of the leading LSR injection molding technology. 

The company has its presence in multiple locations along with the main branch. The services are extended to health, baby care, cosmetics, and high-tech products. CVA Silicone also lets the customers know every specific material and has friendly conversations with flexible services throughout the process.

They work with international-level well-established companies and solve complicated problems too. You can find an amazing experience and well-established product with CVA Silicone.


8. matriq AG

matriq AG

  • Type of Business: Injection molding and molding services providing company
  • Location: Lerchenfeldstrasse 3, 9014 St. Gallen, Switzerland
  • Year Established: 2019
  • Key Products & Services: Injection molding, thermoforming, blow molding, and related services

Company Background and Advantage:

Matriq AG focuses on three main elements in every product: efficiency, counterfeit prof, and reliability. They implement dynamic molding technology for customized marking and coding during the process of injection molding.

The company accelerates production with different methods and innovations. They make sure that the product gives the best satisfaction to you with all the requirements and specifications you provide.

The company strives to achieve industrialization of dynamic mold to provide more efficient solutions.


9. Pierre Bercher S.A.

Pierre Bercher S.A.

  • Type of Business: An injection molding company
  • Location: Rue Comble Emine 15, 2053 Cernier, Switzerland
  • Year Established: 1992
  • Key Products & Services: plastic injection molding and precision mechanics manufacturing and related services

Company Background and Advantage:

Pierre Bercher S.A. has been in this field for more than 50 years and has strong experience. The company gives the latest technology and advanced methods to give you the best solutions.

This is one most reliable and efficient future partners. The newly expanded organization makes it more convenient and flexible services to the clients.

All the products are manufactured in an eco-friendly, cleanest environment with skilled hands. You can provide any idea; they will bring the product soon in front of you.


10. Mecaplast S.A.

Mecaplast S.A.

  • Type of Business: Injection molding, design, manufacturing, and related services company
  • Location: Villars 31, 1652 Botterens, Switzerland
  • Year Established: 1987
  • Key Products & Services: Injection molding, 3D prototyping, mold manufacturing, thermoplastics, micro-assembly, and sterilization.

Company Background and Advantage:

Mecaplast S.A. listens to what you need and is looking for. Then they will take charge of the designing process to till you receive the find end product.

The company offers a team with expert hands in every process like mechanics, material science, industrial automation, and others too. The company and experienced team offer you the best functional solutions at competitive prices.

They try to form a long-lasting bond with the customers with excellent services, high quality, and flexibility. The wide list of services can make you feel like a one-stop solution for all your requirements.


Wrapping Up

So these are the top 10 injection molding companies in Switzerland for your project. Even if you have just the theme or concept of the project and are willing forward to implement it, you can reach these companies.

They will provide you the services like creating the best idea, prototype, and what not everything. Most of them are like one-stop solutions under a single roof because they come with a wide list of services.

You will find an amazing team in every company who can communicate with you very well and will support you in creating your idea into existence.

Put your parts into production today

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