China Injection Mold: Advantages and Risks

China Injection Mold Advantages and Risks

In these challenging economic times, you may have often sought various ways to increase your profit margin, which essentially comes down to increasing your sales and reducing your costs while maintaining a high-quality product.

When searching for a manufacturing service that can best help you with all your injection molding needs, your search probably yielded numerous suppliers, all of whom claim to offer the best services. But even after that, you may still be unsure.

In this article, we help your search by suggesting that you outsource your projects to a company specializing in injection molding in China. We will outline the pros of cons of doing so, and how this service differs from that available in the USA.

Finally, we will explain how Kemal fulfills all your criteria by producing high-quality injection molding products in China at affordable rates, and why you should choose our services and benefit from our vast experience in this field.

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Mold in China?

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Mold in China

The exact cost of plastic injection molding in China depends on the complexity of your part, the type of plastic to be used, the number of parts to be made, and any post-production processes that may need to be performed.

However, trends suggest that injection molding in China results in cost savings of around 30% to 50%.

In the following sections, you will learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing injection molding to China. This will help you to make an informed decision regarding your production choice.

China Injection Molding and Manufacturing Advantages

Cost Savings

Injection molding in China is a highly automated process. It requires minimal labor input, which decreases its labor costs. Moreover, larger production volumes result in less material wastage, saving on raw material costs.

These savings, in turn, are passed on to you, the customer, so the total production costs decrease. This makes it a cost-effective solution when you compare it to other production techniques.

High Output and Efficiency

High rates of output and turnover are hallmarks of injection molding services in China. The setups there are well-equipped to manufacture large orders within a few weeks.

You need not worry about product quality, as China-based injection molding services like Kemal offer high-quality finishes while maintaining the speed and efficiency of the process, from the initial prototyping to the actual production stage.

Complex Designs Are Achievable

Complex Designs Are Achievable

It does not matter how complex your part design is, as injection molding services in China use the material at high pressure to ensure intricate details of the design are accurately obtained in the product. Internal diameters and wall thicknesses are easily achieved using suitable tolerances.

The Flexibility of Material and Color

In China, injection molding services provide a wide array of materials and colors for your product. For example, Kemal offers materials such as ABS, PVC, PEEK, and HDPE that fit your every need, be it impact resistance, dimensional stability, or cosmetic appearance. This ensures your product has all the properties you require.

Easy Communication

Some China-based injection mold manufacturers, such as Kemal, offer ease of communication with their customers via their offices in the USA. These ensure that all aspects of the project, such as design specifications, customer service, and, interaction with the manufacturing staff in China are dealt with by an English-speaking manager.

Diverse Experience

Customers often trust manufacturers who have vast experience in injection molding to professionally handle their projects. Therefore, it is best to choose services like Kemal, which was founded in 1995.

In 28 years, we have served customers from over 80 countries while following industry standards. This is a sign of the trust that our clients have in us, as they understand that there is no substitute for experience.

Our thorough knowledge and expertise help us deliver at all stages of production, enabling you to attain high-quality molded products.

Production Support

Production Support

By investing in an injection molding company in China, not only do you gain a reliable production facility, but you also have a chance to take advantage of their resources, machinery, skills, and work culture.

This helps you build professional relationships to gain a long-term competitive edge. Together, you can use each other’s strengths to develop and expand your products and services.

Expansion Opportunities

China plastic injection molding services not only provide an answer to all your production needs, but they also enable you to pursue a market expansion strategy. Once you get your products manufactured in China, you can also choose to sell them locally.

With a population estimated to be 1.4 billion, it offers another market for you to target and generate revenue from. The cost of shipping, duties, and tariffs is reduced as well, increasing your profits.

China Injection Molding and Manufacturing Disadvantages

China Injection Molding and Manufacturing Disadvantages

Intellectual Property Risks

Customers often want to gain financial benefits from their unique product designs. To achieve this, they obtain patents for their property, which grant them exclusive rights to manufacture them.

However, these intellectual property (IP) rights may only cover your home country and not countries like China, where you might be considering outsourcing your production. This makes the enforcement of your IP rights harder and more expensive.

Therefore, it is best to invest in a lawyer who is well-versed in Chinese law and IP rights coverage. Doing so will protect your product, helping you maintain your competitive edge.

Finding the Right Factory

Finding the Right Factory

Once you have decided to hire a China-based manufacturer, your next step will be to select the right factory. This might turn out to be a complex process, as not every factory will have the production capacity, variety of injection molding materials, quality of finish, and customer service that you want.

Hence, choosing the right service might take more time and effort on your end.

Barriers to Communication

Barriers to Communication

Successful businesses are often built on long-lasting partnerships, and the key to forming one is communication. Not every customer can converse in Chinese, and not every plastic injection mold service in China is proficient in English.

This language barrier often necessitates the use of a translator when engaging in business with such manufacturers. The time zone differences also affect the periods during which you can exchange information with each other.

Furthermore, cultural barriers also exist between Chinese and Western business settings. These need careful study to be overcome, which often hinders the development of strong business relationships.

A Higher Minimum Order Amount

In China, plastic injection molders often face lower profits due to cheaper production processes. To counter this, they set high minimum order limits to make it financially feasible for them.

This makes them unsuitable for your needs if you want to order only a few parts. You are then forced to choose another manufacturer, who charges more for low-volume production. Your costs go up as a result, which reduces your profits.

However, with Kemal, you do not have to go through all that since we have no minimum order quantity (MOQ) policy, ensuring that you receive efficient, high-quality service regardless of your order size.

Transport Costs

Transport Costs

Once your product has been successfully molded in China, you then have to ship it to your home country. Depending on where you are based, this process can take a significant amount of time as well as money in the form of shipping costs, taxes, and tolls.

To reduce these long lead times, you may have to pay for costly air shipments, which further increases your costs.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Despite increasing globalization, you may have noticed that products made in China carry a reputation for being sub-par in quality. Sometimes, this is a result of choosing to save extra costs by selecting the most inexpensive option out of those available. This trade-off between costs and quality often results in an inferior-quality product.

To prevent this, you may have to invest in your quality control agent, who can visit the factory and inspect the molded product firsthand.

Packaging Issues

Injection molding services in China sometimes subcontract their packaging to other companies, which may use low-quality packaging materials. Your product may not be securely kept during transport, which can affect its quality by the time it reaches you.

Chinese Molds vs. U.S. Injection Molds

Chinese Molds vs. U.S. Injection Molds

If you are based in the USA, you may be considering a local injection molding company for your production needs.

While these setups may offer high-quality products, low minimum order quantities, fast responses on quotes, and high production volumes like China-based plastic injection molding services such as Kemal do, you should also consider several disadvantages of US injection molding services.

While such companies claim to offer superior-quality products, they also charge more for doing so.

Your initial tooling investment and prototyping cost may end up being two to three times greater than those offered by those companies that offer injection molding in China, which affects your profits.

How to Ship Injection Molds From China?

How to Ship Injection Molds From China

There are various modes of transportation from injection molding facilities in China to your desired destination. By using an instant quote service, you can easily compare and decide on your preferred option.

Your shipping costs depend primarily on your desired destination, the number of parts you order, and the size of your parts. As the number of parts and distance from your chosen injection molding company in China increase, so do your shipping costs.

Injection molding setups in China mainly use international courier services via air or sea to deliver your parts. The air route takes around three to five days, while the sea route takes three to five weeks.

However, the faster modes (air) may not be the most expensive since the costs also depend on the quantity and size of your order. Therefore, your preferred mode may change depending on your order specifications.

How to Find the Correct Injection Molds Manufacturer

How to Find the Correct Injection Molds Manufacturer

At first, choosing the right injection mold manufacturer for your company can seem like a daunting task, as there are many manufacturers in the business, both locally and internationally. To help you in your search, we list a few items you can consider in this regard:

Determine Your Order Specifications

It is important that you first decide on your project’s design, its operating conditions, and the number of parts you need to produce. Only then can you choose an injection molding manufacturer to fulfill your order.

This is because not all of them can produce large orders in a minimum amount of time, or are well-equipped to produce specialized parts with the material you want.

You may also want to choose a manufacturer that provides feedback and industry expertise throughout the process.

Investigate the Manufacturer’s Facilities

Investigate the Manufacturer’s Facilities

The more complex your order is, the more expertise you require from your manufacturer. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a service that has the experience, technical knowledge, and production facilities to fulfill your demands.

The factors most customers consider include the type of manufacturing equipment and machines that an injection molding company uses, qualified staff that can successfully execute and manage the project, industry standards followed by the manufacturer, sustainability steps taken to minimize wastage of resources, ability to procure and handle the materials, number of production lines in operation, quality control steps undertaken, and after-sales service.

Check the Manufacturer’s Industrial Certifications

Industrial Certifications

All across the world, even in China, injection mold companies vary in their quality of service. What you need is a reliable manufacturer who possesses the relevant industrial certifications from bodies such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

While it is not easy for a manufacturer to obtain such distinctions, those who acquire it do so after committing to high standards of quality and product.

Experience in the Field Matters

Injection molding manufacturers who have a long history of providing service have faced a variety of different challenges when executing their projects. This puts them in a unique position of being able to deal with different scenarios in terms of equipment required, order size, raw material procurement, and after-sales service.

Companies that have served clients from diverse industries are often preferred due to their professional skills and knowledge.

Decide on the Type of Relationship You Want to Develop

The business relationship you want to pursue often depends on your order requirements. For complex projects, for example, you would want your partnership to be flexible enough to cater to the constantly changing project needs.

Communication is vital in this case, as it helps you work together throughout the process and fine-tune it to achieve excellent results as per the agreed standards.

Hence, you should also prioritize clear, honest communication with your manufacturer. Stability in terms of the exchange of ideas and personnel is also a significant factor.

How to Get a China Plastic Injection Mold Quote?

How to Get a China Plastic Injection Mold Quote

By using Kemal’s instant quote service, you can upload your design online. It will then be inspected by our dedicated team of engineering experts to come up with the estimated costs of prototyping and production.

We guarantee the security and confidentiality of your designs while offering affordable rates.


Many companies, including Kemal, offer injection molding services in China. Kemal sets itself apart from its competition by covering everything from prototyping to mass production at high quality and reasonable costs.

Outsourcing injection molding to China offers several benefits, such as cost savings, high output and efficiency, complex design execution, the flexibility of material and color, easy communication, diverse experience, production support, and expansion opportunities.

In China, injection molding is cheaper due to the lower cost of labor (due to automation) and materials (due to less wastage).

Kemal: Your Leading Injection Molding Manufacturer in China

Kemal Precision Manufacturing Ltd. is dedicated to delivering superior quality, custom-made injection molding productions from its setup in China. Backed by a team of industry professionals, our highly-equipped manufacturing workshops guarantee perfect solutions for all your prototyping and mass production needs.

With an ISO9001:2015 certification, our 28-year experience has led us to successfully serve more than 2,000 companies across more than 80 countries, ranging from the aerospace, automotive, and medical device industries to the electronics, robotics, and energy sectors.

Do you still have any questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our website to find out more!

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