Top 6 Injection Molding Companies in Chile

Top 6 Injection Molding Companies in Chile

Chile has become a center for manufacturing and production, with a focus on high-quality and cost-effective solutions. These top 6 injection molding companies are pioneers in the industry, offering innovative goods and services to fulfill market expectations.

From the automobile industry to consumer goods, these companies have a track record of success and are recognized as experts in their respective fields.

In this post, I will examine each of these firms and their offerings in further detail so you may gain a better grasp of the leading injection molding companies in Chile.

If you live in Chile and searching for injection molding near me, you are in luck because this article is for you.

List of Top 6 Injection Molding Companies in Chile

  2. Bodega Soluplast
  3. Plasticos Dima Limitada
  4. Plasticos Eroflex S.A.
  5. Comberplast S.A.
  6. Vendortec



  • Type of Business: Manufacturing plastic and metal parts. 
  • Location : Abdon Cifuentes No. 230, Santiago de Chile
  • Year Established: 1999
  • Key Products & Service: Plastic injection, Cutting and Stamping metals, Coupling, Springs, Mold holders, and finishing.

Company Background and Advantage:

Totalmatrix is a company that was started in 1999 with the goal of helping the plastic injection molding, cutting, and stamping industries find standardized parts.

They focus on selling things that are used to make mass-produced items, metal mechanics, and home appliances. Their goal is to sell high-quality goods that come directly from the best manufacturers in Europe, the United States, Asia, and Latin America.

Totalmatrix is proud to offer high-tech products and to be dedicated to quality and good customer service. They want to offer their customers the best variety of products and keep their standards high.


2. Bodega Soluplast

Bodega Soluplast

  • Type of Business: Design Services
  • Location : Santiago, Metropolitana
  • Year Established: 2015
  • Key Products & Service: Plastics, tooling, Promotional, Industrial, and promotional

Company Background and Advantage:

Soluplast is a company that specializes in plastic solutions. The company offers a wide range of promotional products and industrial products. Moreover, they offer their clients exclusive products developed with the help of a team of die makers and state-of-the-art machines.

Through the design and creation of unique products, they aim to help their clients increase brand loyalty. Their commitment is to provide high-quality products and excellent service to their clients.

Soluplast is like an artist’s studio, creating unique and exclusive products that are designed to meet the needs and desires of their customers.

They provide the tools, machines, and materials to bring ideas to life, and use their expertise to create products that will help their clients gain an edge in the market. Their commitment to providing quality and service is the paintbrush they use to create success.


3. Plasticos Dima Limitada

Plasticos Dima Limitada

  • Type of Business: Plastic components manufacturing.
  • Location : Zañartu 2100, Ñuñoa, Región Metropolitana Chili
  • Year Established: 1988
  • Key Products & Service: 3D printing, injection molding, Caps, overcaps and dosing bases, reels and flanges, studs and buckles

Company Background and Advantage:

Plasticos Dima Limitada is committed to delivering high-quality plastic solutions, specializing in plastic injection manufacturing, 3D printing, and product development.

Their experience in materials, processes, and industrial manufacturing spans over 30 years. Their products are used in industries such as Food, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, and Security, and they bring their clients’ ideas, projects, and products to life.

With their extensive experience and knowledge, Plasticos Dima Limitada provides top-tier services to clients looking to bring their visions to reality, ensuring that quality is never compromised.

Their goal is always to add value to the projects of their clients by being trusted partners.


4. Plasticos Eroflex S.A.

Plasticos Eroflex

  • Type of Business: Retail Office Equipment
  • Location : Colina, Región Metropolitana de Santiago
  • Year Established: 1971
  • Key Products & Service : Flexible packaging, Doypack, Printed Bags, Food Bags, Printed Film, Pillow Bags, and Packaging

Company Background and Advantage:

Plasticos Eroflex S.A. provides flexible packaging and containers in Chile. The company manufactures flexible containers and packaging for a variety of industries.

Their excellence and sustainable processes in the packaging industry were recognized as one of the best Chilean companies in 2019. As part of their development strategy, they focus on improving products, providing exceptional customer service, and finding new opportunities for product development and market growth.

With a focus on eco-design, recyclable, reusable, compostable, or biodegradable packaging, they achieve sustainable, durable, and reliable packaging solutions. Recent moves to accommodate their growth demonstrate their continued commitment to improving their operations.

To ensure their success, they have also adopted a system of continual improvement and innovation, striving to use the most technologically advanced and environmentally sustainable materials possible.


5. Comberplast S.A.


  • Type of Business: Plastics Manufacturing
  • Location : Santiago, Metropolitana
  • Year Established: 1974
  • Key Products & Service: Plastic, Circular Economy, Recycling, REP Law, Innovation, Industrial Projects, Education, Post Industrial, Post Consumer, Household Items, and Logistics Elements

Company Background and Advantage:

Comberplast S.A. prioritizes recycling plastic and views it as an invaluable raw material. Their goal is to provide sustainable solutions and turn waste into a valuable resource.

With cutting-edge technology and engineering specialization, they aim to innovate the plastic industry and meet customer needs. There are 40 injection molding machines with clamping forces ranging from 50 to 2,800 tons at the 35,000 m2 facility.

Four production plants and over 180 employees are located within the same complex. Comberplast S.A. is a Spanish plastics manufacturer and recycler. To achieve its mission, Comberplast S.A. leverages its advanced technology, specialized engineering, and expansive facilities to create plastic products and innovate the industry.


6. Vendortec


  • Type of Business: Automation Machinery Manufacturing
  • Location: Maipu, Santiago Metropolitan Region
  • Year Established: 2008
  • Key Products & Service: Bridge cranes, cranes, cable chains, movement cables, industry, robotics, mining, cranes, technology, and automation

Company Background and Advantage:

Vendortec is the exclusive distributor of Igus in Chile and specializes in cable chains and movement cables. The company provides operational solutions for a wide variety of industries, including mining, overhead cranes, food factories, bottling plants, and wood processing.

It is well-known for its fast, cost-effective, and reliable solutions, making it the ideal partner for any business. Based on the expertise of their technical sellers, Vendortec creates customized projects tailored to the needs of their clients.

With a wealth of industry-specific knowledge, Vendortec is the perfect choice for businesses looking to optimize their operations through customized solutions that are both cost-effective and reliable.


Wrapping Up

The injection molding industry in Chile is constantly evolving to meet the demands of its clients. The injection molding manufacturers in Chili are recognized for their expertise in plastic injection molding, product development, and sustainability.

With a focus on continuous improvement and innovation, they deliver high-quality products and services that meet the unique needs of their customers.

They are well-positioned to continue leading the industry and providing innovative solutions to their clients with advanced technologies, skilled workforces, and years of experience. If you need any service pick one that suits your need.

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