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Medical Device Manufacturing Capabilities

Kemal custom injection molding is the perfect solution for your quick-turn plastic production and prototyping demands. We provide top-quality injection molded parts at a cost-effective price with minimum lead time. 

Our designing and manufacturing experts manufacture top-notch economical custom injection molds using advanced equipment. We can manage different tolerances as per your demand.

To produce a standard quality thermoplastic part, our plastic injection molding process features precise machinery and operations to transform molten plastic resin into a tailored plastic part.

Our overmolding technique involves bonding plastics, metals, and rubber over each other with a resistant and durable chemical bond. With improved strength, we provided the fastest assembly time.

It is a custom injection molding process where thermoplastic is molded around the pre-built part, to produce a high-strength final product consists of multiple materials.

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Constitutes, Which Makes Us The Best Company for Medical Device Parts Manufacturing

Automotive manufacturers can expect several benefits that can bolster business and increase profit margins when working with us.

Competitive Prices

We offer the most competitive rates for medical device prototyping and production in the global market. Our low MOQ is favorable for companies with a limited budget.

Professional Support

Whether it’s selecting the right material for your requirement or a customization request, our experienced team members can help you. We are ready to assist you any time of the day.

Precision Parts

With cutting-edge technology and decades of expertise, our team can deliver medical device parts with acute precision. We are capable of meeting tight tolerance requirements of the field.

Industry Leading Quality

We follow ISO-certified practices and use industry-grade materials to manufacture your products. Exceptional quality medical device prototypes and parts are a guarantee for our customers.

Fast Cycle

Our rapid prototyping capabilities help us deliver orders within a short turnaround time. From price quoting to delivery, our entire process is well-streamlined for fast and efficient service.

Worry-free After-sales Service

We are dedicated to offering you the best possible service, and it extends to post-purchase too. If you have any concerns regarding the order, get in touch with our customer support team.

Medical Device Injection Mold Manufacturing:Enjoy the Journey of Your Design From Idea to Product

Learn how Kemal manage the whole manufacturing process of Injection Mold and complete your order on budget and on time, batch after batch.

Custom Parts for Medical Devices Industry

We are experts at providing precision-machined prototypes and end-use parts for different segments in the medical industry. Leading companies worldwide utilize our services to benefit from high-quality medical devices for their clients. Kemal is your one-stop medical parts manufacturer for customized solutions.

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