A complete team of experts is needed to produce customized plastic parts with high quality, fast delivery, and competitive price. There will be many problems in internal production, and the efficiency is very inefficient. The actual production process is much more complicated than we see on the surface. And a lot of time, labor, and money have to be invested.

How to solve this problem? As long as we find a professional manufacturer to rely on and outsource the production of plastic injection parts, then the company will allow the company to make use of its own advantages to provide one-stop service for end customers, which can greatly reduce the pressure and investment cost of the company. and product quality will be better guaranteed. Then Kemal will be your best choice. Kemal can provide you with one-stop solutions for mold manufacturing, injection molding, and secondary processing and assembly.

Save Money

Usually, injection-molded parts with seemingly low manufacturing costs actually require a lot of investment in infrastructure to get the job done correctly, and all injection molding projects have a lot of requirements and challenges.

A complete injection plant requires the following configurations:
.Complete injection molding equipment.
.Maintenance procedures and personnel of injection molding equipment.
.Design, engineering, and mold personnel.
.Operators and equipment experts manage production.
.Production support staff.
.The workspace or commercial space of equipment and staff.

By delegating custom parts to outsource, your team can make full use of all these resources without additional internal management and labor costs. Professional injection molders have made the necessary equipment, maintenance, and personnel investment to provide these services to a large number of customers at a much lower cost than in-house molding operations dealing with a limited project pool.

Improving Quality and Added Value

By providing full-time managers, experienced project designers, and certified quality managers for final inspection, outsourced plastic injection molding projects ensure first-class quality and value at every step. In addition to the ISO 9001 2015 quality management certification, Kemal also conducts a comprehensive, multi-step quality inspection of each plastic part.

Since consistent quality is critical to every plastic injection molding project, full-service manufacturing facilities include dedicated state-of-the-art testing tools.

Our main tools include:

  • Three-coordinate measuring instrument.
  • Optical projection measuring instrument.
  • Material spectrometer.
  • Caliper.
  • Micrometer.
  • Microscope.
  • Digital Height Gauge.
  • Hardness tester.

We also have a strict quality control process for shipping packaging. This plays an important role in the protection and classification of product transportation and improving the efficiency of freight transportation.

We attach great importance to environmental protection, the use of non-toxic materials can ensure the safety of our employees and customers, and play an important role in environmental protection.

Fast Delivery Time and Simplify Inventory

Handing over the right number of parts at the right time is a challenge for every manufacturer, but manufacturers can greatly simplify and optimize the process. Optimized production capacity and large inventory resources enable manufacturers to help customers effectively speed up the production of new products so that products can be put on the market faster. Kemal maintains a safe inventory for all customers to ensure unforeseen market demand in the future. our system monitors the amount of inventory in real-time, which allows us to estimate future production plans and demand based on actual business.

Kemal uses the material planning system to control the whole process from beginning to end. From the start of the project to the final delivery, the planning system tracks every step in the process: cycle time, physical properties of raw materials, parts requirements, and even influencing factors of downstream suppliers. This control system can accurately and efficiently support our demand-driven planning and production capacity, thus enabling our just-in-time manufacturing capacity to reach 99.5%.

Rich Experience in the Industry

Kemal has been specializing in plastic injection molding and mold manufacturing since 1995, working with companies in almost most industries to create state-of-the-art customized plastic parts. This extensive expertise enables Kemal to provide high-quality, high-volume components at the lowest possible cost.

We provide services for the following applications and industries:

  • Automobile parts.
  • Food and beverage parts.
  • Medical and pharmaceutical parts.
  • Industrial Bearings and conveyor belts.
  • Furniture design components for bed frames and cabinets.
  • Toy projects.
  • household parts.
  • Power tools and light electrical appliances.
  • Shower, bathtub, and plumbing products.
  • Knobs and handles.
  • Crate box.
  • Pallet

Kemal occupies about 6500 square meters, with more than 180 staff, including 30 experienced engineers, 80 skilled toolmakers. Kemal has 43 injection molding machines and 25 years of experience, providing the highest quality and most reliable resources and equipment.

Kemal’s material knowledge and professional procurement, project strategy, custom design solutions and molds, state-of-the-art technology, and long-term investment in quality are all guaranteed by Kemal.