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Kemal is a Top-end turnkey manufacturing company. We provide plastic injection mold making, Custom injection moulding products And help wholesalers and brand owners fulfill their products.

Our Injection Molds Manufacturing Capabilities

Just tell us your idea, Kemal can make it come true.

CAD Model Design

Molds Design

Mold design services to meet all your expectations regarding cost, materials and quality.

We use high-tech machines and techniques to achieve even the tightest tolerances in our molds.  

Our designing and manufacturing experts manufacture top-notch economical custom injection molds using advanced equipment. 

World class capabilities
Comprehensive tooling, Plastic mold making,Injection molding services & more

Why Choose Kemal for Injection Molds Making Services

Lower MOQ, More Flexibility.

With our no MOQ policy, increase the production efficiency of your plastic molded parts. We offer accelerated production and on-demand injection molding services while ensuring low injection molding costs.

Larger Capacity, Better Price.

We provide robust manufacturing capacity in our domestic factories in China, offering quality injection molding project solutions with diverse options for surface finishes and flexible materials. We fulfill low-volume and high-volume production demands.

Certified Products, Safety Guaranteed.

As renowned manufacturers of on-demand custom parts, we have a wide range of certifications from renowned organizations for quality control: ISO 9001:2015.Strictly production to guarantee quality.

On-Time Injection Molds Delivery

Kemal features a systematic supply chain and certified domestic factories. We make sure to swiftly bridge the gap between product development and product manufacturing promptly with the fastest delivery.

Experienced Injection Mold Making Team

Our product developers and engineers have 20+ years of experience in the industry. Under expert surveillance, we ensure your product prototyping and production turnaround are error-free.  

Professional Injection Mold Making Services

We offer warranty and post-sale service on injection molded products. Our warranty and after-sales service cover defects and repairs/replacements of molded products. We offer 24/7 customer support in case of issues.

Free Expert DFM Guidance on Every Submitted Quote

Our Mold Manufacturing Processes

Engineer and project management access every step of the way

Mold Manufacturing

Request Instant Quote

Use our instant quoting service to get a quote for your parts production. Within 24 hours, our team of dedicated engineers will send you the budgeted process for the whole plastic molding manufacturing process.

Mold Manufacturing

DFM Report

We also send an accompanying feasibility report containing suggestions for improvements to your design. This would make it easier to fulfill your production demands and increase the possibility of producing functional molds.

Mold Manufacturing

Mold Design & MoldFlow

We use computational software to predict how molten material will move in the produced mold. This helps us to offer even better suggestions regarding the mold design.

Mold Manufacturing

Mold Tooling Production

At this stage, we get to mold production using your desired material and manufacturing method. This ensures that we produce results suitable for your needed application.

Mold Manufacturing

T1 Sample Inspection

We deliver a sample of the produced parts so you can have a hands-on feel of the quality. This will help get any feedback that can finally be incorporated into the batch production phase.

Mold Manufacturing

Low Volume Production

After getting your input from the produced samples, we start the batch production phase. Here, we use our high-precision machines to ensure consistent quality and speedy production.

Mold Manufacturing

Strict Inspection

For quality control and assurance, we ensure all our manufacturing processes follow international tolerance standards.

Mold Manufacturing


We partner with trustworthy logistics companies to deliver the parts to you in excellent condition and within the scheduled lead time.

Mold Manufacturing:Enjoy the Journey of Your Design From Idea to Product

Learn how Kemal manage the whole manufacturing process of Injection Mold and complete your order on budget and on time, batch after batch.

Injection Mold Manufacturing

Follow the Process of Manufacturing from Design to Product.

CAD Model Design

Mold Design

Our plastic mold design services utilize advanced quality planning to meet all your expectations regarding cost, materials and quality.

Plastic Injection Molding

Injection Mold Making

We use high-tech machines and techniques to achieve even the tightest tolerances in our molds.  

Production Capacity

Casting (Metal Housing)

This process involves injecting molten metal (usually aluminum) into a mold cavity to make the housing for the parts. We ensure the pressure of injection as well as the time spent in the mold, is controlled. This helps prevent cracking or any other physical deformation of the cast.

Plastic Injection Molds

Injection Molding (Plastic Housing)

This also follows the same process as the metal housing.

To produce a standard quality thermoplastic part, our plastic injection molding process features precise machinery and operations to transform molten plastic resin into a tailored plastic part.

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