Best 10 CNC Machining Service Companies in Germany

Best 10 CNC Machining Service Companies in Germany

If you are looking to manufacture a component or product with complex geometries, CNC machining is one of the ideal technologies for your purpose. This subtractive manufacturing process is best for producing parts with a high level of precision and accuracy.

Germany is one of the countries that’s at the forefront of advanced manufacturing technologies, and you have many options when it comes to precision CNC machining services.

But we want to make it easy for you with our list of the top 10 CNC machining companies in Germany.

Let’s dive in!

1. EMAG Group

EMAG Group

  • Type of Business: CNC machining manufacturer
  • Location: Walldorf, Germany
  • Year Established: 1952
  • Key Products and Services: Turning machines, grinding machines, milling machines, and gear cutting machines

Company Background and Advantage:

EMAG is another top company in the field of precision machining, offering a wide range of machine tools under different technologies, including turning, milling, power skiving, laser welding, and electrochemical machining. You can obtain the full-set up or individual machinery required for your specific purpose.

EMAG’s CNC tools cater to automotive, medical devices, transportation, aviation, and many other industries.

The company boasts quality and high efficiency, allowing firms to produce parts with complex geometries effectively. EMAG also promotes sustainability through energy-efficient practices (Source: EMAG website).


2. Norck


  • Type of Business: CNC machining services
  • Location: Mannheim, Germany
  • Year Established: N/A
  • Key Products and Services: CNC machining, CNC milling, CNC turning, CNC grinding, and wire EDM machining

Company Background and Advantage:

Headquartered in Germany, Norck is an on-demand CNC machining manufacturer of general and custom precision parts with offices in the U.S.A. and U.K.

It offers CNC machining services along with many other solutions like 3D printing and injection molding. Currently, the company serves firms in education, electronics, energy, robotics, and many other fields.

The company ensures every part to meet the expected quality and safety standards and provides quality control and inspection reports on parts produced. In addition, Norck also has a digital manufacturing platform through which customers can find reliable CNC manufacturers in Europe and the U.S.A (Source: Norck website)


3. CHIRON Group


  • Type of Business: CNC machining manufacturer
  • Location: Tuttlingen, Germany
  • Year Established: 1921
  • Key Products and Services: Mills series, 8 series, 831 series, baseline series, and AM coating

Company Background and Advantage:

CHIRON Group is a German-based company with a global presence and has a reputation for offering state-of-the-art vertical milling and mill turning machine centers. Besides milling, the company specializes in additive manufacturing, automation, turnkey, and digital solutions.

CHIRON’s products are renowned for their industry-grade quality, ease of use, versatility, and low maintenance. It primarily serves the automotive, medical technology, aerospace, mechanical engineering, tool manufacturing, and precision technology industries.

It is accredited with ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 50001, and VDA 6.4 certifications and follows sustainability practices (Source: CHIRON Group website).




  • Type of Business: CNC machining services
  • Location: Nürtingen, Germany
  • Year Established: 1894
  • Key Products and Services: 5-axis machining centers, 5-axis milling and turning centers, CNC ProfiTrainer, and crankshaft production systems

Company Background and Advantage:

HELLER is one of the oldest CNC machining companies in Germany and has production facilities in Europe, Asia, and North and South America.

From heavy-duty automotive parts to prototyping for educational and research purposes, the company offers many choices for its clientele. So, if you are looking for CNC machines custom-made for your industry, HELLER is a good option to consider.

The company also provides used machines in good working condition, training, and repair services (Source: HELLER website).


5. CNC-STEP GmbH & Co. KG


  • Type of Business: CNC machining manufacturer
  • Location: Geldern, Germany
  • Year Established: 2005
  • Key Products and Services: CNC milling machine, industrial milling machine, waterjet cutting system, and entry-level router and engraving machine

Company Background and Advantage:

CNC-STEP GmbH & Co. KG is a manufacturer and supplier of CNC machines for professionals as well as hobbyists. The company produces CNC-controlled portal milling machines, milling machines, and engraving machines in small and large-scale sizes for different industries.

While CNC-STEP GmbH & Co. KG is relatively new when compared with its competitors, it has expanded rapidly over the years owing to its growing client base.

The company delivers its products worldwide and offers remote maintenance support for its customers (Source: CNC-STEP GmbH & Co. KG website).


6. Schade Maschinenbau

Schade Maschinenbau

  • Type of Business: CNC machining services
  • Location: Wildeshausen, Germany
  • Year Established: 1969
  • Key Products and Services: CNC milling, CNC turning, and CNC drilling

Company Background and Advantage:

Schade Maschinenbau is a company specializing in the production of mechanical and plant engineering components, undertaking both small and large-size parts.

The company has aided in press construction, compressor construction, machine frames, shipbuilding, and many other leading projects so far.

With in-house production, the company ensures all the produced parts meet optimal quality standards. In addition to precision CNC machining services, Schade Maschinenbau engages in heavy steel construction and assembly (Source: Schade Maschinenbau website).


7. H & W Quadflieg GmbH

H & W Quadflieg GmbH

  • Type of Business: CNC machining services
  • Location: Aachen, Germany
  • Year Established: 1961
  • Key Products and Services: CNC turning and milling

Company Background and Advantage:

H & W Quadflieg GmbH is a popular CNC machining manufacturer catering to medicine, aerospace, robotics, optics, and many other industries. The company combines milling and turning technologies for better precision and tolerance rates.

With 16 machining centers equipped with the latest tools, H & W Quadflieg GmbH has the resources to complete orders within a short turnaround time.

The company offers a wide range of material options for its customers, ranging from plastics to non-ferrous metals. It undertakes the production of parts with a diameter of up to 700mm (Source: H & W Quadflieg GmbH).


8. Starrag Group

Starrag Group

  • Type of Business: CNC machine manufacturer
  • Location: Chemnitz, German
  • Year Established: 1862
  • Key Products and Services: Horizontal machining centers, vertical machining centers, vertical turning lathes, and faceting machines

Company Background and Advantage:

Starrag Group is another top CNC machine manufacturing company that primarily serves the aerospace, energy, industrial, micromechanics, and transportation sectors. Its products are geared towards working with metallic, composite, and ceramic materials.

Besides the range of machinery, Starrag Group also offers integrated technology and maintenance services for its customers.

The company is also actively engaged in research and development of production technologies (Source: Starrag website).




  • Type of Business: CNC machining manufacturer
  • Location: Eichenzell, Germany
  • Year Established: 1972
  • Key Products and Services: Custom CNC machines, CNC accessories, laser systems, and mechanical components

Company Background and Advantage:

ISEL Germany is a company engaged in the development and production of CNC systems, laser and waterjet systems, mechanical components, electronic components, software systems, and robotics. It has subsidiaries in Austria, China, Hungary, and the U.S.A. and distributors worldwide.

ISEL products are renowned for their cost-effectiveness and superior performance. It’s accredited with the  ISO 9001 certification and uses a range of high-tech tools in its quality control system.

Another benefit of choosing ISEL as your CNC machining manufacturer is you can get custom CNC machines tailored to your specific production requirements (Source: ISEL Germany website).


10. GROB


  • Type of Business: CNC machining manufacturer
  • Location: Mindelheim, Germany
  • Year Established: 1968
  • Key Products and Services: Machining centers for milling, machines for frame structure components, modular special machines, and turnkey plants

Company Background and Advantage:

With a history of over 90 years, GROB is a company engaged in the development of manufacturing systems and machine tools.

It’s renowned for its custom production systems excelling in quality and durability. The company’s milling centers boast extensive configurations, allowing users to customize the setup to suit their requirements easily.

GROB primarily serves automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering, medical, energy, and tool and mold-making companies.

Besides machining systems, it also provides assembly centers, additive manufacturing solutions, and electric components. Its products and services are available worldwide (Source: GROB website).




We hope our list helped you narrow down the options and find a CNC machining manufacturer catering to your industry. When choosing a company, make sure you read client testimonials or past projects to better understand its manufacturing capacity.

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