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R & D

Our Research & Development department was founded in August 2010.

Focus on the development, design and small batch production of electronic products based on embedded systems, communications technologies such as WIFI and BT

The core team members have rich experience in the development of handheld devices, including hardware design, software development, product testing, design of the whole structure. The core personnel background: SIEMENS, Flextronics, Jabil, BYD and so on.

Core members successfully developed and marketed some of the products

The head of the factory with electronic factory management and electronic products for 20 years. With the experience in the design of handheld electronic products the core team for many years, the design and development of electronic products from low-end to high-end customers, the optimization design of cost control. With a mature platform for customers with rapid completion of the product design. R & D and production.

Some of the products that have been produced

  • A. printer
  • B. medical follow-up package
  • C. baseball hit

conceptual design
Based on the company’s existing mature platform to complete the preliminary design of the product, including hardware solutions, software solutions and structural design
 technological development
Based on the company’s existing mature platform, complete product design, industrial production, detailed design and development, to provide products to meet customer requirements
Provide SMT, assembly, testing, product packaging, one-stop service to customers

The company is mainly based on the following technical platform and technical solutions to develop products
STM32 and STM8
Bluetooth platform
CC2541 and CC2540 (BLE)
CC2564 (Bluetooth 2.1 and BLE dual mode)
Zigbee scheme
WIFI scheme

Case:   Baseball head impact alarm system based on Zigbee

Alarm system working principle:

The baseball helmet consists of 9 sensors, when there is a baseball hit, the sensor will get the position of the head impact and impact strength. And then through the ZIGBEE sent to the coach or doctor handheld terminal. The terminal alarm will record the number of player baseball player, head impact position and impact strength.
 The communication distance between the helmet and terminal is at least 90 meters
 The alarm system is organized as follows:
 Helmet impact sensor system
 Impact alarm receiving terminal

The company is responsible for the development of the entire alarm system, including helmet sensor, structure, hardware, industrial production, development and mass production, Zigbee networking and so on

Mold design
Mold Manufacturing
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Plastic Parts
Die Casting
Metal Parts Machining
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